सूक्ष्मजीव, Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, मित्र या दुश्मन ? Microorganisms friend or foe ?

Hello friends…Your most welcome in Reality & Facts I am microbiologist by occupation ..and today going to explain whether microbes good for us or not ! they are our friends our foe ? In 2016 I reviewed them in a research article to distinguished their significance (link is give in description box) Frankly, microbes share both relation with us they are friends in some way and enemies in other ways microbes usually not see by eyes directly, we need a microscopy to see them even some like viruses are smaller than bacteria and not visible in Microscopy too to detect the viruses we need an Electron microscopy, a big and heavy one friends, they can also detect by other techniques like chemical, media and molecular analysis They usually invisible to us..like Ghost ! but despite tiny micro entities they works very tremendously do you know, microbes killed more than 60% world population -during 13 to 18 century probably more than killed in both World War-1 and 2nd That was Plague or Black death the worst pandemic ever face the world It had killed just half population of world Plague was cause by yersinia pestis, spread by a tick that grown on mouse hairs others infections like cholera, tuberculosis, small pox, chicken pox, mumps, rubella etc did the same leprosy also was spreads by microorganism Today we have sufficient vaccines and antibiotic against these disease …but in that time we lack of proper treatment small pox was also a dangerous infectious diseases that even formed blisters into patients eyes more recently we have seen swine flue, Ebola, Zika, E. Coli, SARS outbreaks and most recent corona’s COVID-19 strain Corona is not a new one, however it had been highlighted in 1962 in China first time These outbreaks and pandemics comes to use time to time mild to severe form HIV and AIDS still thriving in the world it is also belong to the virus family and have no medicine and antibiotic like corona and may others why we are unable to find the vaccine/medicine against such microorganisms ? that is another interesting topic I promise in next video, I will explain why we are not able to make vaccine against certain pathogens, ever after a lot of efforts Now you have realised that how dangerous microbes can be to human In India, some peoples used to worshiped those infection like small Pox they called it Elder Mother It was also a common belief that plague was curse of GOD to humans for their wrong doing; by the way plague also originated from China We microbiologist works on these all microorganisms Now vaccines are availble for almost lethal infection like MMR, Rabies vaccine etc there are a lot of microorganisms that even impossible to describe here, we just talking about main and popular ones They cause such lethal infection in human and animals as well. than how can be microbes our companion ? but like they cause diseases and distress, they variety of things in our and nature favour we can see their goodness at daily how they good ? let me explain we create huge amount of wast everyday, in throw it where it goes actually we cant recycle all things in nature, but they do even they can degrade iron, litters, dead bodies, papers everything and yeas plastic too, but very slow they are world best scavengers and natural cleaner they balance the nature cycle by degrading waste the reduce the mass of waste on earth and convert it into soil component and makes a fertile land for us to grow fruits and cereals and maintain food cycle for any crop or plant they are the main source of nutrition they provide Nitrogen to plants and herbs so they are very important to plants as well they have maontained whole nature cycle they are nature cleaner and best helpers to produce food so microbes drive the whole cycle of nature other strange thing is that.. one side they makes us ill and other side they save us from many infections too for instance ..how they save us There is Tribe in a African country They practiced some thing against the science and hygiene when a woman in their tribe gives the birth to child they cut the placenta cord and apply old animal dungs to wound to prevent infection…..But how can this prevent the infection as itself contain a loads of microbes that’s is called Antagonism…means microbes fight again other microbes…similarly our body microorganisms works various good microbes lives at our skin and our body opening and protect us from ailments

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