⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat’s rudder!! 😱#117

⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat’s rudder!! 😱#117

Can you guess what we’re gonna talk
about this week? So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been
building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But, guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! This is actually the second episode about our rudder. So, if you didn’t watch the first episode… you should, I guess. Click somewhere around here. Because we don’t want to give you the entire explanation on this episode about how our rudder works and how it goes down, why it goes down, because we don’t have a keel we have a centerboard. And bla bla bla… It’s easier to just watch that one and then you come back and watch this one. So now that you already watched that one, that you understand that we have a rudder that needs to go down and it needs to lift up when you lift the centreboard. Confusing. And you know already that our main problem with the rudder was that we had a lot of corrosion on the shaft. So let’s start by fixing the shaft. Yeah. That’s how bad the shaft was corroded. It was so bad that we decided to cut the flange off… and to build a new one. Remember this? Check it out. So basically we built a new piece (flange) of this part and we cut this with the lathe and now we just need to position it in place, twist it to the right position and then we’re gonna weld this whole side. And then we have a brand new piece for a long time now. I hope so. This is gonna last for a long time. Definitely. Let’s try this in place and see if this fits in place. Just a few adjustments and we’ll be fine!! So basically we first, I mean he
first did one pass with the TIG with… Just a minute. Yeah, Just so you understand he first did one pass using TIG and the TIG was just to melt both materials together
without any additional metal. It was just to guarantee that it’s sealed on both ends of the pipe. And then now he’s finishing with the MIG welding just to fill up the whole gap and penetrate the whole thing. It’s gonna make sense. Intershield 300 So with the shaft ready it was time to…? Install the rudder back in place. But before that we needed to give a proper maintenance of the system: take off the grease, change screws for
new screws… Change the rubber for new rubbers. Change the rubber for new rubbers and you know… the whole maintenance of the system so we can install it. But we can show you that on a
video clip, right? So video clip it is. All the retainers and o-rings Well, there’s something wrong here. I don’t know if you guys saw but we just installed our rudder in place. You see the rudder, right? Right in place. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Everything went wrong. When I mean wrong I’m not trying to make a drama, but actually today everything went really wrong. What happened? Come on. This is our axis. How do you call it? Our shaft. Basically… do you remember that we took this flange apart… I mean the old flange and
built this new one? And in order to do that we create this entire piece new and we welded it here, right? When we did that we gave the turner the old flange, we gave the turner the shaft and we just asked him to consider that the disk that cut, the cutting disk has two millimeters. So, he needed to consider two millimeters the cut and he needed to make of course the same length. But… We didn’t measure it, that was our mistake, our part of the mistake, we didn’t measure when he gave us the shaft. And we didn’t measure it before. But today when we installed it in place it wouldn’t go to the right place because it’s a lot longer than it was supposed to be. I don’t know if you understood how bad is this, but basically… The shaft is almost one centimeter longer than it supposed to be. And that means that all the seals that are supposed to be here now they are like here. That means here the o-ring won’t seal and that means that the shaft won’t go to the right spot, and that means that the we cannot
install the rudder in place. That’s why the shaft is here and that’s why the rudder is there. So the solution now: Pedro is gonna cut
this weld again and he’s gonna cut the shaft in the
correct length and then we are gonna install it in place. You know when you
say that you are back to square zero? We are back to square zero 5 months ago. That’s the reality… I mean not to square zero let’s say square 1. It’s like 1 step in front and 2 back. I don’t know… Guys, sorry but this episode is not
gonna end on the end. It’s gonna end a little bit before the end because it’s just… There’s nothing we can do… I mean like… It’s the first time that we actually
started editing the episode before we finished it. Half of the episode was edited
until today already. And we were like it’s just install it in place, it’s no problem. We can edit half of the episode, we finish the episode and then we have a few days to finish editing. But didn’t work this way. But, positivity. There’s a way of fixing it. We are gonna fix it. At least we have Pedro and he is gonna fix this for us. I think it’s gonna be fine in the end. Of course we’re gonna lose some
days of work. But sometimes… Don’t criticize me by saying that again, but: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If we get sad because of that it’s not
gonna fix anything. So we need to be positive that at least there is a way of
fixing it. If it was shorter than was supposed to then we were screwed. At least it’s longer. So, longer is much much easier to fix. So, that means we need to cut short the episode and then we’re gonna show you the fixing of this in a future episode. I don’t know if next week or in a week
after. I’m not sure. We’ll see it. Hopefully next week. Hopefully next week. Let’s see if Pedro
is really busy or not to do that for us. Because we gave him a lot of work to do. We have a lot of stainless… Ops. That’s for the future. But for now… that’s it for today I guess. That’s it. We cannot do anything else for this episode. So, let’s welcome on board our new Patreons then. So, welcome on board, Gregory, Patricia, Blaz, Tim, Spatz, Phil, Oleg, Ernesto. And we also want to thank the donations through our PayPal. Thanks a lot Kylie, Sean, Jason and Paul. By the way… thanks a lot Ernesto, our new Patreon that just showed up here today with his wife and his friend and he gave us a French press. That’s so cool. We love coffee and this is
gonna be really cool for the boat. This is gonna be on the boat, Ernesto, for sure. Ee’re always gonna drink coffee from our French press. We really really appreciate it. And I guess
for this week that’s it, right? Yeah. We see you guys next week. We see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

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  1. Guys you have been very negative today, yes it is a snag, but it is an easy fix. You have been on the yard for months now, and this problem will make no impact whatsoever. the turner will measure, cut and then it will be re-welded in no time, and you will not notice the difference. Keep smiling

  2. Hay dos cosas básicas que la vida me enseñó: Los libros sólo te muestran, (en el mejor de los casos) un 10% de lo que realmente es la vida real. Y en la vida real, no hay ESPACIO para los errores, porque…se pagan!…y en su gran mayoría: ¡¡¡MUY CAROS…INCLUSO CON LA PROPIA VIDA!!!. Llendo al punto, el año pasado cuando sacaron ese eje, le dije(porque trabajo y sé NO sólo por haber estudiado, sino por EXPERIENCIA, que cuando se intenta reparar un eje, y más de ese tipo, simplemente genera MÄS problemas que soluciones…POR ENDE LA EXPERIENCIA ME ENSEÑÓ QUE LOS EJES JAMÁS SE SUELDAN…¡¡¡JA-MÁS!!!, 1) SE PIERDE EL TEMPLADO DEL MATERIAL…2)LAS UNIONES POR SOLDADURA, NUNCA, PERO NUNCA SUPLANTARÁN A LA PIEZA CONSTRUIDA EN UNA MATRIZ. Ahora, le van aplica MÁS CALOR al mismo eje, que obviamente: NO TIENE MÁS EL TEMPLADO y eso llevara a que su grado de elasticidad simplemente provocará….QUE SE QUIEBRE DONDE ABSORVA EL TORQUE DEL BARCO…
    (pero como dice el refrán: "el hombre…es el único ser, que se choca dos veces con la misma piedra…EN SU CASO..SERÁ 3 VECES!!!) Saludos desde Argentina!!!!…

  3. There are two basic things that life taught me: Books only show you, (at best) 10% of what real life really is. And in real life, there is NO SPACE for mistakes, because … they are paid! … and for the most part: VERY EXPENSIVE … EVEN WITH THE OWN LIFE !!! Getting to the point, last year when they got that axis, I said (because I work and I know NOT just for having studied, but for EXPERIENCE, that when you try to repair an axis, and more of that type, it simply generates more problems than solutions. … BECAUSE OF THE EXPERIENCE I WAS TAUGHT THAT THE AXES WILL NEVER BE SOUNDED … HA-MORE! TO THE PART BUILT IN A MATRIX. Now, they will apply MORE HEAT to the same axis, which obviously: DOES NOT HAVE THE TEMPERATE AND that will lead to their degree of elasticity will simply cause …. THAT BREAKS WHERE THE BOAT TORQUE ABSORVES …(But as the saying goes: "man … is the only being, who collides twice with the same stone … IN HIS CASE … IT WILL BE 3 TIMES !!!) Greetings from Argentina !!!!. ..

  4. This is great news!!! If this is the worst thing that happens on your epic rebuild then not only have you already 'crossed the bar' with major boat problems but it was a mostly annoying one at best! yay!!!!!
    … because things can get farFAR FAR FAR worse… oh yes….

  5. Will be watching next weeks video in Bali, sitting back enjoying a beverage or 2. Will think of you both while enjoying my shopping, swimming and touring…💖🇦🇺

  6. There is a saying here in the States: Measure twice , cut once. My friends, everything is for a reason, trust God and the Universe that all is as its suppose to be. We will see you sail yet! love you and many Blessings .

  7. There are 3 known sayings that cover this perfectly. First "Measure twice cut once" but how many of us are forced to measure 4 times and cut twice. Number 2 is "Shit happens" Enough said because it is just a fact. The last is important, "It is just a bump in the road" You will deal with it, you will learn from it and you will continue on. You guys are great! When you are on the water this will just be a memory and dealing with new adventures!

  8. Its not a mistake if you can fix it. Better to do it right then to have to do it over again later. Your in the right place to do it. It will be done. Really in the big picture not such a big deal in the long run.

  9. It's not to bad to fix 👍🏾 I'm doing the same with my car lol stuff I should have done at the time of having it apart but now pulling it apart again but not all to replace the oil pump it's now leaking 😞

  10. Well measuring the overall length before removing the shaft would have been difficult with the rudder shaft in place. As you have mentioned the Rudder shaft can be saved because it is simply too long. Not an ideal situation but easily remedied. Keep up that positive attitude and anything is possible. Great work on the boat I am loving the results!

  11. Boats will throw curves at you with almost everything you do with them. That is what makes them so interesting. Whether you are sailing, working on them, or anchoring. Expect the unexpected. Especially if your on the can or in the shower and some dink go by you and hits you with a 4 ft wake. i wonder if Roberta will still have that beautiful forever smile when she meets you covered in you know what lol. But for gods sake, don't laugh. life as you know it will never be the same. All kidding aside, you guys have the right personality and attitude to overcome all the problems

  12. Ah guys, don't stress, these things happen. What do they say, they are sent to try us. You've already don't more than most people would have managed so its just an opportunity to relax a bit and take a step back while you get the shaft shortened. Anyway, I'll still be here waiting for the next instalment so I'll see you then. Cheers for now… ;-}

  13. nossa! se doeu em mim, o fato de ter dado errado, imagina em vcs… o trabalho que deu ate chegar nesse momento e volta do começo, não é nada fácil continuar sorrindo. bola pra frente sigo aqui torcendo por vcs.

  14. So immensely impressive that you answer everyone's questions and thoughts. I enjoy your commitment to your new boat acquisition and hope to see all of you in the water soon for new adventures. Continue to inspire with your humble way of delivering great content – saudações da Suécia.

  15. A good practice with parts like this is to build a scale prototype out of repurposed pvc. It can serve as a reference model for the fabricator and help with tweaking the design. Takes a little extra time but can save a lot of heartache.

  16. Boa tarde Duca e Roberta, como estão ??? Olha, melhor parar, dar uma descansada, isso já é sinal de cansaço !!! Rsrsrs !!! Brincadeira !!! Essas coisas acontecem mesmo. O negócio é corrigir e colocar logo essa criança na água. Abraços e bjos e até a próxima !!!!

  17. Life's lessons are not always "smooth sailing". Learning absolutely requires mistakes, sometimes they can be edited out but they are essential. The boat looks great!

  18. It's a complex project, and the boat has some very well-built but rather unusual systems. This type of setback is to be expected. Hang in there; you're making good headway and you're insisting on high quality. Good for you!

  19. Good thing it was too long but still a bummer to have waisted all of that work. Perseverance. You two will have her on the water soon.

  20. I'm glad that you document the failures as well as the successes. I do the same. Keeping it real is what it is about and it makes for more content. I like your "Keep Calm and Cary On" attitude. "Back to square one" is the correct expression when referring to a setback that takes you back to the start. Keep on keeping on. You will get there in the end and you will have something good to show for it.

  21. Not the end of the world. When I was a home builder mistakes were made daily. It is unavoidable. Humans are not perfect so you just have to adapt. Frustrating but nothing to lose sleep over. You fix the problem and move on.

  22. Consideringing how much work you have done and how well up to now you have done it. Sure, its a bit of a screw up, but please don't beat your selves up. Learn the lesson, move on!! You are doing a great job. As long as I've been working on boats you learn to measure twice and even thrice and cut one!! Andiamo!!

  23. Hello as you said nothing is lost, you can correct the error, bad day, it will be better tomorrow, keep your optimism

  24. damn, that is setback, but better too long than too short, hey Roberta 🤪🤭 ,, it is extra work, but it will be all right, you have learned that again .. it was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

  25. Hey you guys are great and always a joy to watch I’ve rebuild / refurbished three boats and believe me s😞😞t happens keep smilin😃😃

  26. 😢We all have situations like this.
    When I was a boatbuilding apprentice, one of my teachers would say- "Sometimes, it isn't how perfect you can build that is important, it's how well you can fix mistakes- your own or someone else's."
    Don't worry, we all have been there!😊

  27. Think about it as a good test run at least the shaft was not too short. Everything looked like it was going so well. I can understand your disappointment and possible frustration, but just think of this as a test of your ability to overcome problems. Love the video.

  28. Not the end of the world,youve been quite lucky that nothing else has been bad luck.So you lose a week,nothing in the big scheme.

  29. Roberta, you say your name differently than I pronounce mine without the a of course. It sounds like you say Humbecta. It sounds really nice but is spelled almost just like my name. I find that interesting.

  30. Just glad you didnt have a piece of metal fly up and take your eyes out getting so close to the lathe , so everythings gonna be alright.

  31. Could you just make a "washer" that slips over the shaft to make it the right length? If that would work, there would be no need to cut the shaft at all.

  32. I wouldn't have altered the shaft to make it fit, I'd have fitted a packer under each bearing/seal to lift them to align with the seal surfaces on the shaft. It might have required a few new studs but it'd be simpler than recutting and remachining!

  33. we welders call that tig the root fill it out … 😀 back in the day before the mig gun was as good as it is now days it was tig the root stick it out but times change

  34. Boa tarde amigos do mar td bem com vcs parabéns belo trabalho metalúrgico de solda ficou show grande abraço ao casal bons ventos em breve veleiro catarina cabo frio RJ


  36. Your video introduction talks about taking a couple of months to finish the boat. How long do you think that it will take to complete now?

  37. Just a little oversight on your part. Nothing that will stop you guys. The rudder shaft will be retooled and reinstalled. The rudder will be reinstalled and you will be back in business. You guys rock, love your videos.

  38. Measure twice cut once! Not the first time we are all guilty of not following this!
    No big deal. At least it’s a somewhat easy fix.

  39. In Polish i will say F.U.C.K. – so many precission job drop in mud… ;/.
    But, what doesnt kill You makes You STRONGER !;)

  40. Well, it's better too long than too short. All you have to do is to cut e weld anew. If it was too short you could loose the whole piece. Regards from Santa Luzia MG.

  41. Oh you are such a wonderful couple and l just envy you. AIways so enthusiastic about things. I just wish l could visit you guys for a week long. With those facial expressions Roberta you could easy be a clown. I so enjoy it. Well good luck with the shaft and l know you will get it right with another task to be ticked off. Chow for now.

  42. 'We woke up hearing screams': 8 confirmed deaths in Alabama dock fire www.13newsnow.com/mobile/article/news/nation-world/dock-fire-fatalities-boats-destroyed-scottsboro-alabama/85-50c09ffc-2630-48ec-8c81-82451ed24ef8

  43. DON’T be so hard on yourselves! The best laid plans of mice and men (famous phrase), means “stuff happens”. You two are fantastic and an inspiration both at work and with your relationship. Best wishes, Geoff in Vancouver, Canada.

  44. Estas coisas acontecem principalmente na minha área a caldeiraria….. Sempre que vamos cortar vigas, chapas, cantoneiras entre outros, cortamos as maiores e depois as menores !!!! Existe uma "lei" na caldeiraria : Medir três vezes e cortar uma só…. Abraços e felicidades… Sempre.

  45. As architects you guys know measure twice cut and weld once the good learning curve you guys are doing great the boat is looking beautiful. And so are you two

  46. Duca, learning how to TIG weld could come in handy someday. Just sayin'. Not too hard, unless aluminum. Stick with it to the end! 👍

  47. Essas coisas acontecem, ainda tem tempo para consertar, pior seria fazer de qualquer jeito e acabar perdendo o leme em uma travessia, como esse barco é bem pesado, seria bem chato….Isso me lembra o problema que os meninos do Katoosh tiveram ano passado na Polinésia Francesa, foi um susto para todos nós povo do mar…..Abraços Duca e Roberta e sem desanimo. Ok?

  48. Não fiquem tristes. Às vezes as coisas acontecem por algum motivo, se calhar um dia vamos perceber. 😜🤪🤯
    Um abraço 😉

  49. Look at it this way it will give us another video to watch and yes we have the exact same saying in England love from Liverpool

  50. On a job as big as yours there is going to be the odd errors but they are all fixable, like your injured ankle one day you will look at this episode in your life and have a good laugh when reciting this story, I hope the rest of your restoration of your yacht is all plain sailing 👍👌

  51. Things like this are bound to happen when doing a project this big, fortunately the shaft is to long, it's not a big job to make it shorter. I was wondering how you were going to repair that flange when you removed it a while back, it looks like a very good repair, replacing the whole flange portion, it should last a very long time, (don't forget to align the bolt holes again before re-welding it to the shaft). The most important thing after making a mistake is how we react to it and then correct it, good job you two. Fair winds and safe travels.

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