🤩 RANDOM BEAUTY!? 🤩 - Sims 4 Random Genetics Challenge 💡 - (CAS!)

🤩 RANDOM BEAUTY!? 🤩 – Sims 4 Random Genetics Challenge 💡 – (CAS!)

I'm like eyebrows is so high angular that I look at my own nose and welcome back to a new video so as the title obviously suggests today we do the mystery genetics challenge I've done this challenge in a really long time I think I'm ready ever do this challenge once as well but I usually have like two two and a half hours to record a video it was really long time to get video for you guys but today's a little bit different so they ever only got 40 minutes so I'm like okay I need to do a challenge and it's no challenge I know I can get fully completed in 30 minute periods so I thought the mystery genetics challenge could be a pretty good one to do if you guys have never done this sugar challenge before the way it works is I am gonna create two sims but really I'm not gonna be doing much Corina I'm gonna be making a boy and a girl sim adults not children and what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be in the dice randomizer button I'm gonna do four times I think I did it five times last time I'd see what it lands on and I just have to keep whatever it lands on I'm glad you that for everybody par every clothing part and then I'm gonna combine it to it and genetics to create a bond thing you know I'm gonna do a girl for the child will she'll be a team if I'm gonna do years ago if I get time I'll do a boy as well but we're just gonna have to see how we go over time so hopefully you guys like this challenge if you check out the last time I did this challenge we got pretty beautiful so I'm kind of excited to do it again and see what we come up with so if you guys since we don't show me the challenge don't forget to like this video and also if you're not subscribed already subscribe to our notification balance you'll never miss a video and you could be in the notifications keeps your roomie a squad and they're all amazing and fantastic so that's why would you not want to be in the squad with them you know what I'm saying okay let's get intimate let's go ahead and make a mystery genetics em okay the parents are usually kind of hilarious because they'll just work out so hilarious I am grade you everything four times including randomizing my original sense of one two three four okay here's house dancin she is actually really really cool my daughter life you saw her you'd be like she is awesome she's gonna change completely though so don't get touched one two three four she's called Celeste one two three four a step a step I was like please don't London something that I can't pronounce obviously a Hudson okay let's go ahead and head up to her facing I can try to my skin details I color or skin colors I won't be doing these three unfortunately oh I can't do teeth one two three oh okay she's got a cute little Gump to you they're like oh they're kind of trendy I would say because in the UK at least it's kind of seen as like a Kate Moss and she's like supermodels so you know that kind of cool I don't know okay I can do head shape one two three four I was just kind of like I can't do individual eyebrows but I think I can do eyes so one two three four I'm kind of sad because I sort of liked her eyes before but never mind one two three top okay oh wow we've added a lot of cute single PI nose can I do cheeks I can one two three four ears one 6000k ellipse 23400 team it's an ellipse okay what about the chin one two three four and the jaw one two three four okay I think I prefer to look before but you know what she still is real cute I think that's it that's everything I can do there's nothing else on the face I think I can click so that's all well and good and I do like this no I can't do like a hot I can okay I'm not gonna have a heart but can I do like accessories like Eric I can't do earrings and necklaces how about makeup can I do render I can't even randomize the makeup so mean I can't do the hair those one two three four okay I was about to say like oh I want it's merely custom concert but it's London on custom concert so I'm kind of happy about that okay let's see what you are gonna be wearing let's start with you're wearing a top and bottoms combo so I'm not going to change that into a dress I'm gonna keep it talking bottle to calm down button tough and bad some combos they went to three oh wait sorry sorry it's stuck again I want it on custom concept just so it's more fun I believe okay so one two three four okay she's got the one shoulder thing I know this messes up and goes over the top with a lot of outfit so we could be seeing a superhero-style up for here one two three four you know what it has it got over the top it's not something I'd ever wear though okay let's move on to these little boots you've kind of got the saggy boots going on which I'm a fan of I like a sucky boot let's see one two three four okay it's it's not outfit I'd personally go for but I don't hate it I actually think it's kind of cute we can't do accessories man there's so much you can't randomize actually makes me sad I think the saddest thing for me is the makeup cuz I would love to randomize her maker could see what we come up with especially because my face paint does a lot of like eyes and stuff but I can't do it so we're gonna leave her right there here is a little Celeste enjoy her I actually think she's a really cool like mommy bear sim and we're gonna move on to making the dud but let's see what the dad is gonna look like okay so my name is your name is one two three four Brennan one two three four Brennan it Chumlee and let's do one see okay here is our daddy / Brennan let's go ahead and randomize everything about you Brennan hey shape 1cp thought they really know what's quite changed that he's gotta have any unusual nose so let's see how that changes one two three oh okay he's got like it still stayed very close to like the Sun these like face oh it's interesting I'm kind of enjoying these look let's do the eyes one two three four okay I definitely like his eyes more before but he's got their like the nice eye color what color does she have her like the brown random regular Sims one but he got the noodle doodles so my child could have the noodle noodle eyes okay so mom has smaller lips I've done has bigger lips it's gonna even up so let's do this one two three four okay dad got pretty big lips I'm happy about that because it's gonna even out between the two of them do our cheeks one two three four and our ears one two three four then like there's a chance that you can get these ears but they've all kind of been lucky so far nobody's got them let's do the jaw one two three four on the chin one one two three okay I think he's got a really nice jawline no one's got like extreme features I'd say his nose is a little unusual I feel like we've done okay so far so and I mean there's anything else on his face to change now we are on to he's always had and what about his brows like it really bugs me that it's not like me change his individual brows but let's do his hair let's keep it for custom content and let's go when teeth oh okay the hairstyle is like it's really meant to go with the bandana like this there's meant to be a combo so without it kinda just looks like a little I don't know like a little fairy on his head I would say it's given me very Pharisee vibes it's also for some reason changed the color of his eyebrows I guess they were set too much hair before interesting interesting stuff okay let's go on to the body let's keep it custom content for here's a top sorry one two three four he was very close to her in an alley I heard you then did you guys notice that I'm 23 okay it's not hateful but there's really not that many shoes to choose from he's kind of ended up with a very very normal outfit you know what they're not too much of a bad couple I actually quite like them is Brennan and Celeste but what will their child look like I'm actually quite excited for this let's go ahead just play with us some genetics we're gonna be creating a child that is a teenager Jukes I'm gonna start them off with the toddler so it could kind of like moving at a different since Brennan and Celeste and then I'm gonna go for a girl and then at this point I can't randomize my play of genetics I'm gonna like oh I can't it's here can I do it here as well one two three four I don't know I kind of feel like maybe I do maybe I don't I think I'm gonna stick with that I don't think I'm gonna use the randomize daughter bun because at this point like you do random genetics on the parents but you're not meant to do on the child's so I'm gonna keep the child exactly how she is and let's accept her and then let's age her up into its he did you look how cute she is there's a little girl by the way like she's got blonde hair as well I don't know where she got that from but let's go ahead and teeny buy her up Oh while were hair changes completely she gets a roo hair so this is our daughter okay I think we could have a little fun with her I'm just gonna take off like a hair and stuff then ciao she got her daddy bears the skin tone so let's go ahead and look at some skin details for her I'm not gonna have ones that like massively like drastically change your appearance I just think like people's skin isn't like a sim skin like no one just has like totally flat skin without any sort of like he tends to have little features don't use that's the reason I put the skin I overlays on and just to give them some like little feature riot's she's actually giving me kind of like a little tight tiny Selma vibes right now which I'm kind of enjoying she's already kind of got mouth corners as well so I don't need to do those for her I will be doing I bugs because that's just the way I roll although can you I can't really see them I can't like see the eye bugs very much with the skin color maybe maybe we don't do the eye bags on her ass own usual like I always want to do them but I think she suits better without okay and good I just have a look at these eyebrows because I feel like she benefits from a slightly fuller brow that's just the vibe I'm getting oh she's got kind of slightly like her eyebrow position is like this I get this so often with my sins they just kind of look real much it's like who owns you friend they're quite nice I'm liking those brows on it again though they're very like I'm like her eyebrows is so high angular and then I look at my own and a light glass over your hearts okay I definitely like those eyebrows the best ooh I forgot to put lashes on her okay beautiful beautiful eyelashes let's move on to you in Linux I know I want to give her a knife through it ooh then once I do I don't know if it suits her what you reckon you should quite like a knife lick but Nana's see sure she's gonna kind of unusually shaped eyes I guess cuz like this like if you look closely can you see like this bit of our eyelid it's kind of going down over her eyes a little bit which makes some of the eye stuff a little bit odd I think she can just about get away with a flick though I don't know I don't know but just keep them off for now III find makeup odd Irish at me I look at my own I'm just like I will put some pink on top of my eyes I don't really know what I'm doing with it so I just kind of like just wing it and I was the same with my Sims I'm just like I'll just click these buttons and see how they look also doesn't help but I don't really know what she's wearing yet which makes makeup a little bit hard I can't tell whether the red against her blue eyes as well looks good or scary oh my gosh I know that looks scary okay I can at least say that but I call it what and color makeup goes nice with blue like gold let me consult Google okay it's saying like pinks Browns and oranjee hues okay so I was kind of right I was kind of right I've like slightly greeny eyes I meant to put reddish makeup on whenever I do that I actually just looked like I've got some kind of eye infection what do we think of that makeup do we like it or do we hate it I don't know okay I've got some nice highlighter which kind of that little look it balances out I make up quite well I think I don't know literally literally just talking trash right now but in my head it kind of does let me know what you guys think and then I sort of feel like all the lip stuff I've got is really made for light skin don't like it or like I feel like there should be something that looks nicer on darker skin well I hate all my lip colors I'm so sorry I hate them all I don't think any of them looked great on darker skin I don't have to leave her lip so natural like that does that look good we can't even sell any more at this point I'm not great at this okay i'm shrining though okay and then I've got this little right to brighten up her face does that look good leave you like that I think that looks pretty I like that a lot okay okay I still don't like the lips but let's move on to her her she has blonde hair when I very first did the genetics thing on herb I don't know if I'm gonna go for blonde hair for a final look well we're getting very solver now aren't we her lips are so wrong I'm just gonna take them off in our boobs I just really don't like the lips I'm just gonna get rid of them for now and I might add them back on afterwards but I just can't seem to get the lips right then I'm kind of feeling hair like this for her I think that looks really pretty if you like even that color oh that seems to like I know it blends in with her skin tone a little bit but it's kind of suit in that look and I also like these ready vibes but that's very similar to a skin tone oh I don't know but I think this hair style really suits that I like that personally I think that looks really really cute I like that a lot I've got these what well well it's not doing it to your eyes that's kind of hilarious well I need to give you some ice a little glows don't know there you go very glowy and cute maybe a little bit more subtle maybe like less that's all dad that's more subtle I wanted to give her some piercings and stuff but it's kind of like it's kind of messing with her eyelashes quite a lot I think I'm just gonna give her a little no stood there and it's a very tiny one but it's kind of cute like oh she's gonna give us some little matching piercings on here cuz I think that's nice yeah it shifted me looks like she'd suit one that would match her nose to her ear I think that would look really cute unfortunately I just don't have it because otherwise I think I would put that Honor I think that see her a lot okay let's figure out some clothes these files she's very slim what kind of clothes would you wear though what about someone I know there's sort of hilarious but I also kind of love them look how cute is saving them off of Phoenix when she grows up those so get ready for that that beautiful explosion these as well I meant to be quite Phoenix II kind of digging these new tops that I've got it messing with the hair a little bit though I just think they're really cute I like the way that tops going with our hair color as well it's so pretty did you really want some new clothes think I need to do a little bit of like a CC clothing shop and that would be a good idea this is like such a spring outfit and like to be fair outside in the UK let you could probably tell for my luck behind me it's really really sunny does it really feel like winter and definitely doesn't feel like spring but for some reason I've got her in a very spring outfit by kind of don't why'd she keep the little Tinkerbell shoes I like her I think she looks real cool Oh see I think she's really cute guys what do you think I've not got a name for her I will do random names that's one two three four Leone I love the name Leone as well oh my gosh I think she looks nice about with a little headphones to finish it off – ok I like her a lot I'm really sad I couldn't get a good lip color 5 4 honestly I think Leone's really really cute this is mummy Bassem and this is daddy bear sim and somehow the two of them combined actually made a super beautiful girl I don't know how we've done that but I'm really really happy with that guys let me know what you think of her in the comments below I sort of want to make her brother let me see from good time no I don't I'm already late I'm sorry guys if you want me to do another one of these challenges let me know in the comments below I think she's so cute I'm gonna make her I think she looks like she'd be like a nature lover is a freelance protaras who is carefree look at her look like her freesia and also she is beloved everyone remembers her their relationships never fade oh look she got this for both of them so that's pretty good let me know what you guys think of Leon I think she's really really cute honestly I think she'd probably sue a different eye color something my like that looks gorgeous or even like a like that that looks really nice that looks really nice but that wasn't the eye color the sim God's gave her so we'll go back to her oh gee I color and you guys are gonna have to let me know what you think of Leon in the comments below and I hope you guys enjoyed this a mystery genetics challenge we've not done one in a while but I think this is probably like we've only ever done one or the one I think I prefer the final look at this one though I just think she's really really cute and I like her out there I like hello I like her I like her a lot I think she's super clean and I even made to join the series if you guys are like the comments below and I hope you enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to give it a pick chicken thumbs up and keep a low share I'll see you guys

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