3 Traits MOST Starseeds Have (and don’t even know it)

3 Traits MOST Starseeds Have (and don’t even know it)

This video, I’m going to be sharing with you
the three traits most star seeds have and don’t even know it. These are going to be
traits that I show you, how you can become aware of them and then how you can navigate
through having these traits in reality so that you’re able to show up more as who you
prefer to be. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now on this video we’re going to go down the rabbit hole a little
bit more with stars seats, which is an idea that I’ve been sharing with the channel, uh,
within the last couple months. Start seats have to do with understanding our multi-dimensional
nature, understanding that right now on the planet, there is this awakening that’s happening
and part of this awakening is many people coming to know that they go beyond just the
three d avatar body. What we’re made to believe we are as we grow
up, as we identify with our senses and what many people are becoming aware of is that
they have connections to different aspects of themselves beyond just this ego body. And
if you want more information on this, you can meditate and go with it and you’ll find
out and start to, to understand more about yourself. And other things you could do though
is uh, there’s some sources, the law of one very powerful books, um, Bashar or that of
Dolores cannon’s work. There’s many different, uh, different sources that you can look to
that can help give you more of this information. You kind of see what resonates with you. But
in general, going more within, um, when I went through my awakening, this was an aspect
of, is understanding the star seat aspect of it. What’d you even back then? For me it was so esoteric and so kind of out
there, but I became more and more comfortable with it. As time went on. And right now on
the planet, people are Waking Up to who they are now. First things first when we talk about
stars seats understand this because, um, I, I say this in the videos because the thing
I don’t want to see happen is sometimes people will really cling onto the idea of being a
star seat and the labels will always at prefaced videos, but saying that if you feel like you
are a star seed, understand that a star seat is somebody who’s waking up to who they are
and their connections to the stars, which are, which include other connections that
you have. However, every single person on the planet is a star seed. They just may not
know it because every person on the planet is multi-dimensional. Now there’s a certain context that we use
with star seeds and the idea is that somebody, we came here to remember who we are so that
we could then help other people remember who they are. So in a way we were seated and it’s
like almost sometimes I guess you could say some stars seats may not have as many earthly
experiences as some other people. But I think it just really depends. Um, I myself feel
like I’ve had probably, I don’t know, I know I’ve had different earth connections here.
It’s not like, you know, as a star seed you just come from higher dimensions into this
reality for this time and transitioning consciousness. Many of us have connections here and I think
that’s why in Dolores Cannon’s book she says that many of us, Dolores cannon, for those
of you that don’t know, she got to a deep level of people to a deep level hypnosis and
her processes called Q, h, h, t. And when people are in this deep level of
know cis, their higher self comes through. And one common thing that people say is that
they heard the call at the sole point of view. They heard the call, they decided that they
had to come here for this time on the planet right now and many, many, many different people
that she’s had in this state and their subconscious mind coming through. I said a similar thing
and a lot of these people are from all over the world. They don’t even know them, you
know, know each other. So you, my guest has also heard the call at a certain level, you
may have chosen to come back to help earth go through this shift in consciousness mode.
Most of the people awakening right now on the planet are people that wanted to wake
up first because as time goes on, more and more people are going to be waking up to who
they are. And like I said, that thing that I say don’t
get too attached to just the name of stars. Cause sometimes we almost make an identity
out of it. And then it’s like we identify with it. And some of the, the traits of being
a star seed sometimes is sometimes people feel lonely. Sometimes we feel like we don’t
leave, people don’t get us. Or I know when I went through my spiritual awakening, I was
sharing this information with everyone and a lot of people just thought it was crazy,
you know? But it’s something you only learn when she starts to experience it. Once you
start to go into meditation or you start to go even through a journey of just seeing what
resonates you with you and what doesn’t. If you start reading like the law of one or or
materials such as that. So in general, uh, being a star seat is being aware that you
are multidimensional and that right now on the planet there is what in the law one is
called a graduation and harvest. The harvest is where people have the opportunity
to go from the third density state of consciousness into a fourth density state of consciousness,
which is something we all have the ability to tap into. Right now it’s something that’s
happening, but us, I start seeds are bringing through energy from higher vibrational places.
So we’re all connected. We have these multidimensional existences every single night when we go to
bed, we connect to this level of consciousness, but we forget about it when we wake in the
morning. And a lot of it is because if we were to know that in the higher realms we
feel like unconditional love joint piece, we have flexibility with time and space and
all these things. If we knew that here one, it would distract us too. You would just want
to probably go there the whole time. It’d be hard for you to concentrate here. So we forget that and we start to have more
and more remembrance and that’s what’s happening right now on the planet is more and more star
seeds. More and more people are remembering this connection because then that’s helping
us to bring through more of our true information or more of our true vibration, which is then
helping the planet. And one of the reasons for this too, before I get into those those
traits is we had, we knew that in order to influence this reality, we had to incarnate
within itself. A lot of times we will say, why don’t you just eat cheese land and other
of this stuff will, the way that it works in our realities, we have free will as a society.
So the only way that it’s gonna happen is if it’s coming through us. If we allow it
to happen, if we’re actually ready for it. And a lot of people on the planet think they’re
ready for it, but they’re not in. The way that we become ready for it is we raise our
consciousness, we become more open minded. We become more loving to each other and while
being more loving to each other within more likely to perceive of something like that,
but at a higher level of consciousness. We knew that the way that we would influence
reality the most is by incarnating within the system for getting who we are completely,
which is a little bit dangerous for some of us. Some of us are scared to do that because
we knew that if there’s a chance that we have free will, there’s a chance we can get kind
of caught up. And if we get caught up, then maybe we go down and we start to accumulate
Karma or something like that if we’re unaware. So we knew there was a little bit of a risk,
but we were willing to take that. And if you’re here right now, that it’s a very powerful
time and it’s a very empowering thing. No, because you’re on the path, you’re in a higher
vibrational path to finding out more of who you are and open to this information. Now,
one of the most common traits that I see and have that mini star seats have is this double
edge sword. It’s a double edged sword between either one being a people pleaser, wanting
other people to, to be happy, wanting other people to feel happy. I know when I went to
my spiritual awakening, I wanted everyone else to feel the same thing I was going through
and I wanted everyone else to understand what it’s like to like tap into these deeper aspects
of ourselves. This whole star seat information. I want everyone to know and I went out and
I told everyone and a lot of people that couldn’t understand it, thought that I was crazy or
they’re like, what is he talking about? But it’s something that you only really know from
within and it’s something that you may have a desire to share all this information, but
the key is to not necessarily try to go out there and share it in that way. It’s to instead
embody the information because it’s funny now I just embody what I believe in and more
and more people find me than ever before and more people read more, more people resonate
because they see them so grounded. I don’t care what people think. I don’t care if people
believe in this whole idea of star seed. I don’t care. I a lot of people will look at
it and be like, oh, this is really weird, or they’ll have their own perspectives of
it, but I realized that my, my goal in life was not to come here just to like meekly put
out information like I want to, I want to be somebody that’s just always expressing
what I believe and what I feel. And that’s one aspect. Now the shadow ass,
there’s a different aspects, not really even shadow aspect. It’s either being a people
pleaser or being a rebel. I have a little bit of both. I’m actually very, um, I’m very
much a rebel to be honest with you. Uh, I think it may have also been because of my,
my past, many of you may have heard my story as I’ve talked about in a lot of youtube videos
is, um, my past with having a controlling next step mom in my life. Maybe I went through
a lot of control having like a military type, uh, grow way of growing up. Maybe I had some
of that because that led me to then eventually in a way rebelling against being told what
to believe and being told what to do. And many stars, he tagged this, this rebel like
mentality because they know that they didn’t come here to just abide by certain rules and
abide by a certain system. They knew that they came here to help change
the system, to challenge the status quo, to challenge a way that’s been going on for so
long, but felt like is something’s got to change. So have you felt like that? Have you
felt like a rebel in certain aspects? Maybe certain outcomes. You’ve been afraid to move
forward with that, but you kind of look around, you’re like, I don’t think reality is supposed
to be this way. Ella grounded the government. I look around certain things and I just feel
like I’m like, this doesn’t, it’s not, it’s not something I can even really relate to
to get charged up about being this way or this way. The political system, it’s just
like, to me it just seems like this, the whole system itself is just kind of a thing of its
own. It’s like a pendulum in of itself, but when it comes to us understanding more about
who we are and understanding that a lot of us came here to shake up things in the world,
it doesn’t mean we have to be resistant and we have to like tell people what to believe. It just means we have to be aware that, that
that’s a common trait that we have. I know a lot of star seeds also have the rebel trait
in school. I did two, I did decent ones. I did good in school. Uh, up to a certain point,
there was a certain point that I switched. I said, okay, I’m just gonna do this. And
I did it and I was good. But before that, complete rebel. And even then, even after,
even after school, I went to college for Awhile and then eventually I was like, you know what?
I want to own my own business. I don’t, I don’t want to do this just because I’m expected
to this because I have some family, people that are family members that want me to do
this. I want to do what I want to do. And many Starseeds will feel like they want to
rebel. It gets what they’re expected to do or what
society thinks they should do. You know? Um, going to the traditional healthcare system,
I’m a rebel. I’m a rebel just in many different ways. But I took common trait that a lot of
stars have is they rebel against the status quo. And it’s because at a deep level, many
of them know that they came here to make change. So this is something to be aware of. But what
I would suggest, the advice I would give with this is instead of trying to see it as like
change other people is what I’ve learned. Focus more on just being yourself. And I know
it sounds cheesy, I know it sounds Cliche, but just focus on living in the transformation
that you’ve experienced instead of trying to share it with everyone else and get everyone
else on board. When the of my spiritual waking, when I was trying so hard, people were more
resistant because I was trying to show them a better way, a better way of living. But instead what I did is a couple of years
later I learned I’m just going to embody what I teach. I’m just going to embody this way
of being. And I don’t care who comes on board and thinks that’s cool. And once I had that
mentality, the paradox is then more and more people are like, what? What is that all about?
Oh, you’re eating this kind of weight. What is that? How is that? I feel blah, blah, blah.
And now people want to know. So is like the idea of being Vegan. If someone’s Vegan and
they go around telling everyone like, you should be Vegan, you should be Vegan, everyone
should be Vegan. I’ve been in, people will feel resistant. They’re like, Bro, just let
me eat my food. Like just like let me do my thing. But if instead you were to lead by
example and just have a very high vibrational energy and you just feel really good and you’ve
never, you see some people get sick a lot and you’re just like, you never have to get
sick and you just feel so good and it’s because you don’t believe you get sick. Plus you eat very healthy and you have, and
you live by that example. Then many people will perceive of that and then they will say
something like, oh, what are you doing that’s allowed? You don’t live like that. You see,
it’s like then you allow them to come to you, but when you try to force it, people feel
the resistance. So that’s what I’ve learned with that. Now, the second trait that many
stars seats have, and they may not be aware of it, is a feeling of being empathic. Some
people may be aware of this, but some people don’t. Some people think they’re feeling their
own emotions, but what happens is they’re feeling the emotions of family members. They’ll
fill in emotions of their friends. They feel very, you know, if someone’s having a bad
day and like venting that to them, they’ll start to feel it and they’ll think it’s their
own. But if the keys to be aware of this, now I’m
going to share with you the advice for this as well, but being empathic. One of the reasons
a lot of SAR seeds are on path thick is because many of us came here to transmute energy.
So when we are able to transmute energy, we then sometimes they’ll try to take on other
people’s energy to transmute it because we’re all in a way conducting conductors of energy.
So what happens is we will take on other people’s problems. I know one of the faults in my life
is I’m a fixer. I like to fix fix people, which doesn’t really work. I feel good and
I want everyone else to feel good too. So what do I have to do to get you to feel good?
Let me take on your problems. Let me give you, let me give you abundance so that you
can figure this out. Let me help you out. Which actually it ends
up really enabling a lot of people and I learned that now more than ever. So I this conversation,
my dad the other day, cause my dad is very similar, my dad always been kind of that fixer
archetype, like the hero architect, the fixer. I realize in my own life that I’m kind of,
I, I have kind of control, like I try to control things a lot because I’m maybe I didn’t have
a lot of control growing up because of what I went through. So my goal was like, I want
to help, I want to help other people get ahold of their lives. But I tried to do it in way
that I had to do. I’d like take control of my own life. I’d have my own discipline and
because I know what to do, I’m like, oh, I know what everyone else needs to do. But a lot of people aren’t ready for that
or are there for that. But what I’ve realized is that I have to let go and allow other people
to be and to know that that’s part of their journey. That’s part of their process. But
I can be there and just being myself and that sometimes just being yourself. My Dad told
me on the phone the other day, he’s like, you know what I learned? You know, cause my
dad’s like 50 something years old now. It’s like sometimes it’s the keys not to fix it.
He’s just a listen. He’s just to be there and to just be, you doesn’t mean you have
to be there like, oh my goodness, you’re going through all this stuff. But just to be there
and just to be like a beacon of light. Star seats are beacons of light. That’s what they’re
called. Lightworkers lightworkers and stars. Seats
can be your mid. Many of them are both. Many of us are both and there are, once again,
they’re just labels but, but now more than ever, you may be aware that you’re transmuting
energy, but you feel like you’re taking on the energy of everyone around you. And the
key to this is having boundaries. It’s having boundaries and, and sometimes that can be
hard because you may have lived your whole life kind of being that people pleaser and
trying to get other people to like be happy, but having boundaries sometimes mean saying
no when people want to put their stuff on you or say no when someone’s asking you for
something like, can you do this for me? And uh, if you do it a number of times you’ve
realized that you’re enabling, um, it’s having boundaries with yourself and knowing that
you, you have to be in a high vibe for you to actually add value to other people. You know, I’ve had to increase my boundaries
over the years because now that I do what I do for a living with making videos and putting
out so much content, if something off puts my vibration for a day or two, that’s a day
or two of putting out energy that also helps other people. If my energy isn’t high, then
I don’t, I’m not able to add as much value to people. But if I keep my vibe high, then
I’m gonna keep my tribe. I don’t know. I’m trying to think something that rhymes. But
in general it’s about understanding. Yes, we’re on pathic. We, many people can feel
other people’s energy. Um, but it’s about learning how to navigate through it. It’s
not about, it’s not about putting us inside a little cave. I remember I saw a car ones,
he was like, like a little window thing and then we’d just like to sit here like this. You remember, you know, I remember seeing
that. That was funny. He says Eckhart Tolle, you know what I mean? And, uh, and when he,
it’s, it’s like we’re not meant to like lock ourselves in a room, but it’s, it’s being
aware of how we navigate through it. Like I was showing up powerfully in the world,
you know, and just being okay with being ourselves and being okay with other people being themselves.
You know, sometimes by allowing other people to just be themselves, a lot of times they’ll
transform anyways cause some people are used to people always expecting them to be different,
always having expectations. So being empathic. This is a common trait that many starts have.
Many don’t know they even have it and, and it’s something that people are becoming aware
of now and drawing better boundaries. Now the third many stars seats have is this desire
and it feeling that they have a great mission. This isn’t just an eagle. Like I am very special
in it up past live I was, I was a the Cup of Cleopatra or whatever. It’s about knowing
that we came here with a mission to help wake up the planet. If you’re watching this video,
especially this far into the video, then that includes you. You knew that at a deep level
you had a certain mission and you never maybe were able to put your finger on it, but you
knew that there was this some big mission there and you might not know what that is,
but you know that it’s there. And one of these traits includes feeling this urge, this willingness,
this, this desire to do more. Like there’s this speeding up where you have to do more,
you have to become more. And that urgency is because at a deep level you knew that this
lifetime is the lifetime of transformation on the planet. And you knew that deep down you had a great
purpose with that and you do have a great purpose with that. And you being yourself
as part of that star seed mission. And I know it sounds Cliche, but by you being yourself,
you will align yourself vibrationally to the things that allow you to express yourself
and maybe art and maybe through blogging and me, you know a lot of people that watch my
content don’t know this yet, but if you’re open to this content right now and you may
eventually be spreading this message via videos, via writing, via Instagram, via social media,
whatever they are, social media will be in the future because as time goes on, there
will be an explosion of people wanting to learn more and more about this. So in a way
it’s a uniting of lightworkers and uniting of star seeds. It’s happening right now on
the planet. I see it more and more every single day. Right. And you may have had this, you know, another
trait that I realized as well as you look around and sometimes I look around and I think
not in a judgmental way, this can be a dangerous judgmental perspective, but sometimes I look
around and I, it seems very barbaric here on earth because you may, you may know that
in higher realms, this whole war, separation control, you know at a higher level you don’t
have to deal with that and you don’t, and many of us don’t. Everyone on the planet is
whole tight dimensional. Everyone has existences where they don’t deal with that. Three d is
where there’s more of this type of stuff, more of these lower consciousness perspectives,
but that’s what makes this place so beautiful and the law of one. It explains that you can
learn so much in a dense place like earth because of the reality it is because we have
time, space, reality where we get to experience things in segments. We’re in high realities.
Immediately you think of something, you experience it here, you get to think about it, you get
to cultivate it, you get to change it. A little bit. You get to act it out. You get, there’s
different levels to it and you get to experience it in a deeper, more meaningful way. Hey, so, so looking around things may appear to be barbaric,
but realize you came here to help, to bring through more source energy, more light, more
vibration for maybe different extraterrestrial existences that you have. And as you bring
through this light, as you bring through this energy, it’s going to affect everything else
in your life. So the key to this is understanding that these traits you may have, you may identify
very strongly as being a star seat and you are, but understand it’s still a label. It’s
still a label. And understand that you came here to be bold. You came here to shine your
light. The other day I saw someone on one of my channels that was saying something about,
you know, they used to watch me, but then I started making stars seat videos and it’s
like, you know, it’s like I’m not credible anymore. And I thought to myself, I was like,
oh, you know, should I just stick to law of attraction videos and making personal development
content and it, and it made me the, what am I about? Am I credible? You know, like am I sharing
things from, from a deep place or am I just reading them in books? You know? But I really,
I got to my core and I was like, wait, I’ve been talking about this since 2012 and I learned
most of it isn’t meditation. It’s just books are an easy site. If I explained to you my
experience, some people are like, okay, that’s cool, but that’s one person’s experience.
Okay, where here’s my experience with what other than meditation, Meditation, here’s
also like five books you can reference from people that have met, you know, like Doris
Cannon has had thousands of of QA h h t sessions with people, all of which say something similar.
The law of one material is like, it’s like some of the most profound challenged material
all the time. It’s an easy Goto for people. So I quote books like that and it made me
realize like at the same time I didn’t come here to to be the credible person that’s still
giving personal development device, law of attraction device. That’s very, that’s very
believable. I came here to push the envelope. I came here to, to dive into these esoteric
ideas and I came here to be bold and one day I think this information will be more mainstream
and when it is, I won’t be looking back like, oh, I wish I would’ve played small and just
been exactly what everyone else expected me to be so that it can be credible. You see,
so be bold. Don’t be afraid. Be aware that some people are open, some people are not,
but just be yourself. Just be yourself and understand that by you and body in that vibration
and you embodying that light, things in your life will begin to appear to you in very magical
ways. Now, also, one of the most powerful meditations
I’ve created will help you to bring more of what is called your star seed DNA or activating
you in a very powerful way. Listen to this meditation for 21 days. I think it will absolutely
bring more of this information into you and you’ll have more and more synchronicity and
more and more of this kind of awareness within you. It’s in the top of the description box
below and read the comments to see what’s possible. There is a really powerful meditation.
Now, also, if you haven’t already hit the notification bell, the only way you can see
the daily bids on this channel is to hit that button. That’s the way youtube does it now.
So I’ve got a lot more good stuff coming in. I’m excited to share it with you. And other
than that, as always, peace, much love and namaste.

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    But you are young I suppose.
    Social media, Instagram, FB etc are the system. These social networks are the herd of cattle. It's exactly that and you don't see this obviousness. I don't have an Instagram account because I don't belong to this herd of cattle. Everybody says the same things, most of the time It's just bullshit. With a lot of sham. They just want to be seen and get likes. There's a lot of clowns, there's a lot of stupid women who echoe the same things in loop.
    No no , social media is not the best way to convey a strong message. How can you say that? Are you manipulated by stupid persons around you? Don't you think It would be better to convey a message with a physical interaction, exchange with people?
    Going into the street, speak to people, arranging a lecture for example in a venue. That's the best way. If not, It's just words after words, only words lost among other words.
    It's sometimes exhausting.
    To me, Instagram is the system that locks people in a big illusion, a big manipulation and It can be harmful, especially for very young people who could think that what you say is like a sci-fi movie.
    Perhaps It's in American culture, certainly not in French culture. There's too much youth who kill themselves or want to.
    Therefore, I would say beware of social media. There's too much morons there. It's necessary to be wakeful before so much sham.
    Greetings from Paris and I give you an advice ( you can turn it down of course and I don't care)
    tell youth not to believe in everything they see and hear in social media and to have their own feeling, what deeply resonates in them.

  12. I laughed at myself when you were talking about being keen to share with everybody. Your videos are among several which make me feel deeply understood and reassure me that yes, just by being here and being myself, I am waking up; in light of my awakening I spark others into awareness. By following my inner compass, really diving into things that ignite my passions (Reiki, Live Roleplaying and costume making, to name a few) I increase my light. By actively facing my challenges head-on (I was finally properly diagnosed with hEDS and Autism only recently, for which I had to be very proactive) I have encountered large new groups of people I never would have known otherwise. I feel like I'm doing – or rather, being – my 'mission'.

  13. We are to bring the traits of higher dimensions into this one in which to help others facilitate their awakening. Learning how to teach one to maintain ones higher dimension state is the purpose of those who are waking up first.

  14. In a recent video of yours, you mentioned synchronicity, how we will find more "meaningful coincidences" as we journey towards enlightenment. This video really resonated with me because I just completed a double certificate IV in Mental Health and Mental Health Peer Work where the key component in supporting people is 'active listening' and being authentic and real in our support.
    I never thought it would be possible where my being a 'star-seed' would enable me to support people to reach toward hope, reaching their own goals, and also support myself as I 'get my mind around' being a person journeying enlightenment.
    I have been watching your videos for months. Printing out slogans and affirmations that are stuck on my wall that I meditate on. These have been helping me. Thank you for continuing your 'job' of educating us to come online with other star-seeds around the world to help bring a higher vibration to the world.
    I have also chosen to feed my mind and soul less negativity from the 'news' and am far more discerning with what TV programs I stream from Netflix etc.

  15. You are such a liar and live in fantasy land. Everyone on this earth is either a descendant of Adam or offspring of the Anunnaki mixing with earth women who were the offspring of Adam. Star seeds do not exist. You love to make up lies to confuse and deceive people. You are a terrible person. You should be teaching the people about Jesus Christ if you want to do any good in this world. However you are a liar and as such you will burn in hell.

  16. higher realms have ONE phylosophy…
    there is no concept of winning or loosing…
    this concept is an earthly self identity…
    those who donnot vibrates from LOVE
    and constantly vibrate in lower frequencies, not only do they bring imbalance to themselves they are spreading this disease all around…
    performance is best achieved when u vibrate from a higher frequency level….
    on earth the definition of "LOVE" is very narrow….and I may say majority of the population is narrow minded ….

  17. Love all the information regarding Starseeds and Lightworkers, Aaron! Keep it coming. You inspire me every day. Thank you, ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  18. If i came here for a mission which I feel strongly, then why is it i cant find the ways to get my ass into gear and ground myself? I do not want to conform to this society and get a job when the only incentive to that is money…..and that doesn't bring you inner solace or PASSION, its the complete opposite. I'm almost 23 and I just don't want to be here anymore doing this, I don't connect to anything I see out there and it always has me on edge. Not knowing what I'm passionate about and not being able to grasp my purpose is the most lonesome fucking frustrating thing.

    I and millions of others deserve to feel a strong purpose and the strong incentive to live but here we are smoking weed, drinking alcohol because we're bored and lost in the moment. I literally cannot stand that this is my reality.

    and when I look at space I know inside that there is far more that outweighs this society and life journey, and I don't know how to incorporate it into my reality.

  19. I found your channel cause of starseed topics. The one with Bridget. Def need more vids and whatever else you feel. Still trying to become the light with in the dark.

  20. Aaron I've been going through spiritual awakening since about last November and I've been watching your YouTube off and on, I also found it in November and you have been a huge help in reminding me of who I really am. I wish you the best and highest vibrations, and infinite love. You reading this comment, feel loved taken care of, and abundant. Universe be with you!

  21. What is the significance of 3? I noticed on a lot of your videos you reference 3 things, 3 guides, etc. is it that our attention span wonโ€™t go paved 3?

  22. Great video Aaron, and please continue to make videos on exactly what your intuition tells you, doesn't matter what others comment, there are plenty of silent viewers who will get the info and find it valuable!

  23. Well described my thoughtful young friend. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’œ GREAT SHARES, Love your tubes dude๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Starseeds are the outcasts of the world but I prefer it that way๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜› it's more of a challenge!!!๐Ÿ’ช

  25. Being empathic can be ruff especially in large groups….thats why i hate large grocery stores like wallmart…it's packed to the brim with problems, it's a sea of emotions, and uncomfortable to say the least

  26. Bro I really see your good intentions, and I appreciate you trying to show others your perspective. I see that you seem semantically inclined to say 'I know' a lot, anything that we say is is not given the non-aristotelian nature of the subject to object reality. This type of behavior can really hinder a great deal of people to truly listen to what you are saying. The Matrix is playing its game. Think brother, think.

  27. Iโ€™ve been going through an awakening, I randomly went to a psychic she told me Iโ€™m going to be a huge influence in fashion and music, and that I can read for people and Iโ€™ve always had that feeling that I had a big mission, kimda scary, but I do all that I can from music, to tarot & vlogging (:

  28. So good! Love your energy & ease in describing this. For sure, being our authentic self without fear of putting ourselves out there…is huge in my opinion. We create a ripple effect in doing that in our little corner of the world. Thanks for the work youโ€™re doing!

  29. I really appreciate you. I've recently come across your channel, & really resonate with the material you share, which is elating, & makes me feel really comforted. I tend to feel lonely in my spirituality, but I don't when I watch your channel. It meant a lot to me to hear you tell us at the end of this video not to play small, & to be bold. This is exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm certainly meeting with resistance, & it's uncomfortable, & I feel like I'm losing very dear people in my life. But I'm also becoming myself. This feels better than almost anything I've ever experienced–right up there with the feeling of love, because I'm loving myself, finally. THANK YOU for what you do. Helps me do what I want to do.

  30. as an older star seed. 52, all 3 of these I am conscious of, very much… xx rebel, feeler, setting boundaries, not caring about what others think, my opinion. of myself is what sticks, and Mission not impossible. The world of matrix is barbaric though the multidimensional self reflective of the One infinite intelligence is endless loving light consciousness . We are alive and kicking, tearing down the walls, revealing . We are the New world, Galactic Beings xxx much love one and all. Thanks Aaron xx

  31. I sometimes want to give up on this world, & consequently my life's mission, because so many people don't seem to care about spiritual growth & transformation. Thanks for your words of reassurance Aaron ๐Ÿ’œ

  32. The deeper you go the more RELATIVE I FEEL๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ donโ€™t allow doubt shame fear or guilt change your mission!!

  33. I see barbarism in the general public more than I like to admit. Especially how animals and nature is so disrespected and used greedily. Yes, I totally agree

  34. Love your vids Aaron ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ youโ€™re always opening my eyes… my inner being … thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  35. You are credible, leading edge. Donโ€™t stop with the starseed material as itโ€™s pertinent info right now. Push that envelope, Aaron – all the great ones do ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Thank you Aaron..You made sense and I do resonate with you about being both a rebel and an empath..Yes we need to know when to avoid being too emphatic. People see me as a kind and loving person because I allowed them but it comes to a point when they kept asking for help and I don't have the time nor the resources and I made them clear to understand that..I always love your messages .They are helpful and wise..Thank you Aaron Doughty

  37. Arron I used to absolutely love your videos. I went through my spiritual awakening later in my life at 32 in 2016 and your videos have helped me immensely… You seem very angry in this video today. Be aware of the people you are surrounding yourself with.. Putting their hidden rage onto you and making you angry. Thanks for everything you have given me through sharing your knowledge (he is a male friend in your life who is not good for you. He is not what he seems)

  38. Thank you for sticking to your inner voice & inspiring us starseeds. So funny how true all that was from very very young. I'm sure it's true for most of us. Thank you, I'll be myself & shine my light and not worry what others think. This should be my mantra every day. Truly grateful Aaron. ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’—

  39. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝWell……you describe everything I have SELF- REALIZED since 2012. Everything you said happened to me, including the RH- blood….and all of what you say resonates! The desire to know and keep seeking and the strong intense force within to share is powerful and strong! Blessings to this awareness of who we are…..yes! the star seed is inside all ! After all, WE ARE THE UNIVERSE๐Ÿ˜‡! Just be still…silent……look within….and you will see that feeling…thought…emotion…..the energy…the vibration that created your world! For we have the freedom to choose ! And NOW, we are aware of the WHOLE painting created by one! ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐ŸŽฏ

  40. Iโ€™m currently spreading what I learned from you, myself, and a few more YouTubers. I just started like a month ago but itโ€™s on to a great start ๐Ÿค

  41. Thanks for this video!!! Please keep making Starseed Videos!! The reason I think this isn't mainstream is because most people are stuck in a low vibration unfortunately I. I talk about my knowledge with many people. I may not have a channel or a blog but I know someday the information I have will be spreading more and more. This one truly resonated with me especially with having boundaries with certain people. Sometimes I become so drained and then I kind of go into hibernation mode. It's not easy being awoken on this planet right now but I can sense that transformation is occurring. So keep doing what your doing and keep make more Starseed Videos!!!

  42. One of my fave vids by far. Empaths….know this…..You are so much more than most of you are yet aware. Miraculous healing abilities are hidden within this gift. In times of confusion and self doubt, always remember that you are divinely guided on your mission. Your guides are there to answer any questions, clear any path, keep you safe, and to bring you anything that you need. Utilize them.

  43. For one, I quite like the Starseed content. I'm in my fifties now and it's taken a while to find others and reconnect with real purpose. It's helpful, thankyou.

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