300 Gallon Update | How I Beat Dinoflagellates Naturally

300 Gallon Update | How I Beat Dinoflagellates Naturally

what's up guys welcome back to Fisher hecqs my name is Travis in today's video we're going to be doing an update here on the 300 down reef now over the last couple weeks have made some changes added some livestock so I figured be a perfect time to give you guys an update show you the coral growth and all the changes that are going on in the tank so right off the bat you guys can see a livestock wise we finally have a blue hippo tang which is about four and a half-ish inches and then right next to it we have the Fox face about five and a half roughly six inches and you really don't realize how big some of these fish are until you get something smaller in the tank for example this yellow eye Cole tang massive fish you really don't realize he's about I don't know maybe an inch thick probably around seven eight inches long it's a big fish and blue is right there with her being pretty much the same size and you really just don't get that perspective until you put something smaller in there now you guys are probably wondering how was the aggression adding two more fish to a tank that seems like it has quite a few when they're already um is pretty good they're not really going after any any one of those two fish specifically hence the reason why I added both of them at the same time just to kind of cut down on any of the aggression that might be in there now those two fish tend to kind of chill together they were in quarantine tanks next to each other so they seemed to be getting along quite well and other than blue chasing around the hippo and pissing off a fox face until he puts up the spikes that's pretty much it for the aggression there really isn't anything else going on which is good can't ask for anything else other than them getting along but there is a little bit of an issue when it comes to these black chrome is's I did have five let me start over I did have ten Reggie ate five of them and then now I have four so what happened to the other one well the day after I added these tanks I found him dead on the side basically at the bottom of the tank now it wasn't because they went after him just because there was other fish I think it was just a coincidence basically what happened is a couple weeks ago he ran into this I must have scared him I saw run into him get caught into that bird's nest which is the panic panic peepers nest it's very pointy and messed up his I basically doused up the whole side of his body I was debating on trying to get him out of course when they're healthy you're not catch them in this tank some of you guys were kind of like hey maybe you should catch a fish if they get too aggressive I I dare you to come in here and try to catch this catching of the fish in this tank it's just not gonna happen your net no it's not happening so I was like well hopefully he'll heal and things will get better but unfortunately he did not I think they just kind of finished him off because he was really weak so I pulled him out of the tank the other day so that's about it again I don't think it had anything to do with adding the other fish just kind of was his time to go with him being injured and that kind of brings me to the next thing if you guys are following me on instagram you know that I did have a ton of this green digit otta right here you kind of see this stump of him had two handfuls broken off by these fish they did in the middle the night I didn't see what fish did it but two huge handfuls of Digi it's now in the frag tank so I got about funnel 40 frags from the damn thing it was just a ton of it so that's a good side that's a good side of it and that's right what I'm trying to focus on bad side is the tank is kind of getting too small with the coral growth for some of these tanks and it's the reason why I'm not adding any more fish to this tank tangles or anything like Fox face anything that's gonna get large is not going into this tank it might add some clown fish or something very small I could go be down the road but when it comes to overall fish that take up real estate it's not gonna happen because they are destroying the a Kippur colonies literally every other day I come down here and I pull out chunks of coral that's why I have a frag tank full of coral and I have that sale going on with the yeah crows I just have a ton of coral that keeps getting fragged and it's it's good because it helps me sustain the Hobby and pay some damn bills but it sucks because I want the tank to grow and I wanted to become very full and just be overall beautiful kinda it doesn't happen when it's getting broke every other day but that's just part of the the hobby and it is what it is so we'll move on to other things now over the last I would say what when I get back to my vacation I get I lost track of it during my vacation I kind of neglected this tank you guys know that I didn't really do anything even though I didn't leave the house too much I stayed in Pennsylvania I still neglected the tank in the overall fish room basically I was if you guys remember I was testing nitrates and phosphate levels before I took my break and then when I was kind of mid break I started letting the levels come back down to normal now unfortunately I didn't test consistently I'm at basically I just stopped dosing the no.3 and the po4 and I stopped feeding as much just kind of was hoping the levels will come down naturally unfortunately they plummeted now if you know anything about nutrients when no.3 or nitrates and phosphates plummet to zero and they stay there for a while you get this thing called Dino and I got a little bit of it in this tank and it was kind of one of those things you gotta recognize it early on maybe maybe during the editing process I'll put a picture in but you've got to catch it early and that's exactly what I did so I will do an in-depth video on how to take care of Dino because it is a problem that a lot of people are having because they're using roll Foss and GFO and all this stuff that really keeps your nutrients low and people that are kind of messing around with the zeovit system and staying in those those ranges that are very low Dino is very very common in those systems so I end up getting it in this tank and was one of the reasons why I clean the back laughs not the main reason but one of them you guys have been bugging me in the comment section I swear to god every day some was like yo he's clean the bed glass looks like so I cleaned it but there was two reasons for one because it need to get done and two I had Dino on the back glass not a ton of it but enough to justify cleaning it so a quick overview of what I did to get rid of it I did zero water changes I stopped my free fuel my air power any supplements I stopped all those trace elements I again stopped doing water changes what I did is I elevated my nutrients through dosing nitrates and phosphates the same stuff I have on my website that I used to initially start the testing process all those levels went ahead and dosed those to appropriate range of three to five mostly I was staying around five ish to six ppm of nitrates and I stayed around at 0.10 of phosphates so I stayed there I tested every single day and that really helped a lot getting those levels back up really helped bring the biodiversity back in this tank which then helped to get back and track relatively quickly quickly now the next thing I did which is really tedious and you have to do it especially if you want to do it naturally you want two per tank alive you got to remove the Dino manually so I went in there ran a tube down into the filter socks and I siphoned out I spent an hour every single day when this stuff first came in and I was siphoning it out constantly constant constantly changed up the filter socks every day on top of that I did bubble scrubbing for three hours every single day which helped lift up the Dino getting up into the overflow again down in the filter socks I added a second UV sterilizer mainly because I have a video coming up where I'm testing the differences on doubling up your UV does it really make a big difference on how clear the tank is this is a kind of a future video so I went ahead and added another UV sterilizer anyways and that also helps so those are the methods I use Dino was probably in this tank for a week and a half again I caught it early and it was my own fault we all I mean we all make mistakes I got lazy I let the tank maintenance a lakh or better yet I didn't keep track of my nutrients the way I should and it happened it is what it is but the problems been solved it was a very minor I had no quarrel laughs no fish loss no invert loss it's something I got early and the tank looks as normal as it was the one thing that you will that I did realize is that my alkalinity consumption definitely did not stay the same I ended up spiking up my out because coral weren't growing as the way they were because of the stress from the Dino so I had to dial down my reactor end up getting up to about 11 D cage and I usually stay around 9 so that also aided with some of the stress for the coral but luckily I didn't lose anything other than what the fish have been breaking in the tank so if you guys want to end up video on that Dino let me know I will be happy to help you guys out with that but just because something is that everyone thinks is so drastic and bad and why could it ever happen to any you know anybody on YouTube happens guys and it is what it is but we fixed the issue because I knew the approach to take so we are what eight minutes eight and a half minutes out of a 10 minute video I might have to start this video over and kind of connected with editing but yeah that's about it that's about the only problems that I had with this tank Dino fixed it good to go a little bit of aggression nothing crazy news and levels are stable now I think I'm back down to the 0.08 PPM a phosphates in zero point our sorry 3 ppm of phosphates now that harding of nitrous now that we have everything back under control other than that yeah that the system is doing very well i'm see if i can get video of you guys that acro is almost out of the water i end up going in there the other day and breaking off a bunch of actors underneath that millie that were bleached out because that you're not getting any light so i went ahead and removed it all so you guys can see i put a piece of that cali tour back in it's almost original spot so I finally got cali tour back in here we'll see how that works out and that's what I want to tell you I'm gonna start this promo probably later today and might as well started now that I'm talking about it so if anybody for anybody who spends $300 on the website I'll give you a free Cali torque from the frag system basically I I fried out a ton of it it's there's so much of it in here get you some there's some right there and then I have 2 colonies you guys were wondering what happened to those colonies that will I took out of the 300 I just have them growing out on the bottom of this frag tank along with some other colonies and I knew it was going to reset I don't know why Tony does it in 10 minutes but it does so so anyways if you if you spend 300 bucks on the website from now until you know probably the next couple weeks I'll have to finalize a promo after the video but if you spend 300 bucks I'll give you a free county tour for your your support on the channel because a lot of you guys have been too asking about it and I got a ton of frags of a yield and ready to go so that's about it if you guys have any questions regarding this setup let me know everything seems to be good no major issues other than the dyno the brief dyno and really excited to get that logo back in the tank down here with those hammers are they're gonna go over here and we're gonna put that giant logo back in this tank because it's outgrowing my clients 75 which you guys will see an update that tank is beautiful for the year that has been up it's a gorgeous gorgeous tank and anyways that Lobo is too damn big so it has to go back in the 300 which I'm kind of happy I've had this about four years old him and he's just massive and awesome and pretty excited I'm gonna pick him up probably in a week or so we'll see when he gets back from his vacation but other than that that's it guys hope you enjoyed the video any question let me know don't forget to subscribe for more and I'll see you guys later probably Wednesday I'm doing some more QAS that I did the other day trying to clear out some of those emails so yeah alright so next time please

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    Limited time spend $300 or more get free shipping and a free frag of Cali Tort from the 300 gallon!

  2. I've been battling for over 2 years, trying many different option, none of which work. Might drive me out of the hobby.

  3. Hi Hex- do you have any plans for getting alk monitor/trident given the alkalinity spike you experienced? If yes which one would you want to try? Also given how packed your tank is any thoughts about upgrading soon and what size and manufacturer? Custom again or someone else? And how do you like your 300 now after all this time— likes/dislikes/changes you would make? Thanks and beautiful reef

  4. Tank looks amazing Travis!!!! I’m sure you got that question before, but where does the HEX come from?!?!?

  5. Definitely do the Dino video soooon. Just started to see it in my tank and it’s starting to worry me. Be interesting to hear your techniques. Will not have time to get on it till the weekend

  6. It may be possible that the alkalinity spiked due to the removal of all the coralline algae from the back glass. Has anyone else experienced this when giving their tanks a good clean?

  7. I had dino after 1 year into my reef tank. I added hair algae from the lfs and dose phosphate and fed like crazy. Took about a month and a half. Definitely not the best way to go about it but it work in the long run. Browned some sps temporarily though

  8. I decided to view this video on my TV and wow your tank looks amazing. Do you use a filter when filming? I love being able to see the beautiful colors of your coral

  9. Ever in upstate NY and want to see an absolute ball busting mystery, check out my reef. Some corals live, some die. I can’t keep the easiest of corals alive, yes somehow keep an acro alive. I’ve had a green birds nest from you alive for months, then it rtn’d and died. No growth, yet good numbers and lighting. I just don’t get it.

  10. I love your tank bro! Very well stocked and balanced. What do you do with all your frags? If you sell them, what does a subscriber have to do to get some of them?

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