A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut

♫ Hallelujah, hallelujah ♫ Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah ♫ – Want me to do it again? – Yes, please. One more clap, you guys. (clapperboard claps) Perfect. – Right. – Reintroduce yourselves. – My name is Jim Morel, I’m a rabbi. I’m here to experience
one of God’s creations. I have smoked marijuana many years ago, I haven’t done it for a while. – I’m Chris Schuler,
I’m an Episcopal priest. Never smoked it all that much,
probably more in high school. – My name’s Carlos Diller. I’m a conservative homosexual atheist. I grew up Southern Baptist, part of my life in my foster care and then I grew up part of my life adopted as like Roman Catholic, so, this is gonna be really interesting. – When’s the last time
you smoked marijuana? – Maybe like an hour or so. (laughter) – What does your religion
say about marijuana? Is it okay to smoke marijuana? – Yeah, I would say the majority of people who self-identify as Christians, they’re probably not too
down on smoking marijuana. There’s no biblical
precedent for this really, although I have to say I’ve
known thousands of Episcopalians and plenty of them smoke dope. – Call it weed now, like, smoking dope is like smoking, like dope. – Yeah. Okay. – They’re smoking dope. – We’re about weed here. – Okay. Let me change that to weed. – We cleaned it just for you. – I’d actually need some coaching, I, I. – I got you. – Put some of this in here? – No, no, no, you just kind of like wanna crunch that all up. – If it’s like everything else in life it won’t take much for me to be, you know, stoned out my gourd. – Hold it? – Hold it and then you’re gonna
light it at the same time, and pull, and… (laughter) Oh, this gon be fun. (coughing) – Okay, I’m on the coughing break now. (laughter) (coughing) Thank you. My lungs are not used to smoke. Now that was impressive. (clock ticks) – This kind of cool, I’m
smoking with some priests and a rabbi. Check off my bucket list. (clock ticks) – I definitely feel a little something. (laughter) – Like what? – Just a little slower. – A little slower, you just
get a little bit slower. – Yeah, I also feel burning right here where it’s so impossible to inhale ’cause I’m really not used to the smoke. – See, look, I like
that. He’s not a quitter. Take one for the team. (clock ticks) – You’ve come through
some challenges, right. Start off as a religious person. – Oh, yes, really
religious. Catholic school. – So what happened? – I was 14 years old and my
priest denied my confirmation, he actually said that the
diocese excommunicated me from the church because I openly had gay sex acts in our school, which I did. I’m like okay, so I
started doing more research on God and what is God, and no-one can’t deny that
someone brilliant did this. – Who did it? – But I don’t know who did it. Personally. I can’t depend on one person and that kind of God sounds insane. (clock ticks) – The truthfulness, the beauty,
and the palpability of God is actually stronger than
anything else in my life. I mean, it sounds corny
but all the stories say the same thing when you
boil all, trim all the fat. – No, there’s no story. Science outdone all of those stories. I believe in the original religion, which was pretty much astrology, and it was a way of
humans of understanding and that’s exactly what
you’re doing with religion. You’re trying to justify
a way to understand. (clock ticks) Why would God put me into the
life I was in for so long? (clock ticks) Why are there 37,000 kids dying every day? That’s not miraculous. (clock ticks) I’m really high, sorry. – Mm. – That was really strong,
I took a really big hit. – I’m feeling a little something. – You are not alone. – I like what you’re saying. But everything that you
say about who you are, what your life is like,
what you do, what you think, to me that speaks about a person of faith ’cause you have a basic faith in the world and the universe, you do. And you might not call that God but there’s something inside of you that really is a spiritual
person, I can tell. I just met you, but I
can love you because why? – We’re really happy. – Because I see you and the bible says when I see your face
I see the face of God. – I like that. – Jim, you’ve been holding
that joint for a while. Do you need a light? – Yeah, light it up. (laughter) – Light. – That is lit. (laughter) (clock ticks) – Maybe this would work for all of us. Just think of God as all things true, knowing that we don’t know all things. – Yeah, that’s good. (clock ticks) – Do you guys believe in
life outside of Earth? – If you look at the
vastness of the universe, mathematically there’s
no way that there aren’t other creatures in this universe. – I agree with you. – Gotta be.
– Gotta be. Every religion has something
coming out of the sky. Like, what’s the obsession with the sky? (clock ticks) – I like this guy. – I like this guy too. – And Carlos, I like you. Maybe we’ll, maybe this is
the beginning of a friendship. – Yeah, I’ll be your friend. I’m a rabbi’s friend. – Yeah. (clock ticks) – Is marijuana mentioned
in any holy books? – The anointing oil as
found in the book of Exodus had some qualities that
would elevate the person, and there is a theory that one of those was oil from the hemp plant. Historically, many people
have had mystical experiences. I think it’s very likely that they were under the influence of some
mind-altering substance. – Do you think more people should smoke? More religious people? – What I would definitely like to see are all the weed laws
changed to be just about the same exact thing as
what beer and liquor are. – If it helps you become a better person, if it lifts you up and
gives you something, a new view of life, it’s
a very positive thing. – God made dirt, dope don’t hurt. God made weed, weed don’t make you bleed. (laughter) (clock ticks) – Chris, what’s today? – Ash Wednesday. And the way many practice, they take ash and put a
cross on the forehead. We were talking about using
the ash from the weed. – I’m okay with it,
’cause, you know, like hey, I don’t care. – So, Carlos, you are dust
and to dust you shall return. Ooh, look, these ashes,
it’s like a cool blue. Come on, look at that, my goodness. Amen.
– Amen. – That came out alright, didn’t it? – Thanks, Chris. Okay, you want me to do this? I don’t know any prayers. – You just say your most loving thing, that’ll be good. – I just give out good
vibes on these to you. – Amen. – And to everyone that you love. (whispering) – Do you want me to give you a blessing? – Yes.
– Please. (He blesses him in Hebrew) – May God bless you and keep you. (He blesses him in Hebrew) May God lift up God’s spirit to you and may God always surround
you with shalom, with peace. – Amen. – I know that maybe for you the word God doesn’t have that much meaning
but it has meaning for me, so if you can accept
the blessing from God. – I sure can. (He blesses him in Hebrew) – God bless you and keep you. (He blesses him in Hebrew) And may God always surround
you and bless you with peace. Amen. – Thank you, thank you so
much. I appreciate that. – You know, Jim, when
you said the word shalom you gave me goosebumps, so. – It’s a powerful word. Shalom is a good word. I really enjoyed being with
you. It was a blessing. – I had, you guys are really cool. – The glow is happening. – Yeah, I’m gonna hit the bong again. – I’ll be the fire. (inhaling) That would kill me. (laughter) I’d be coughing for the next week. (laughter) Feels like a macho thing
that I just don’t have when it comes to dope. – It’s not dope! – I mean weed. ♫ Hallelujah ♫ – Did you guys know about my socks? – I saw weed on them earlier. – Come on.

99 thoughts on “A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together | Strange Buds | Cut”

  1. This is neat to see. I admire you you man (the atheist) to do this video. And be open to hearing them speak and bless you. It's very powerful of all 3 of them to do this together. 💜 we need more love, acceptance and choices such as this in the world. Less hate &judgement. 💚

  2. They are so nice to each other. This is so inspiring. Every person on Earth should be like them. Not with the same opinion, but with the same level of respect and love.

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  4. In Islam, we have countless smokers, there are people in my family and specifically in my country who do drugs and smoke every day of the week. However, if you're an Imam, it's different because you are a role model to everyone so you don't do any of that. I myself have a lot of friends who smoke weed and all that junk, but I myself have not been brought up to even be encouraged by any of it. This is a different way of living life, a way every one needs to live. You don't need weed or CBDs to wash out depression or any other crap you're going through, you just need a long time to relax, let your body heal itself the natural way, there is always a way.

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  8. Don’t call yourself a priest and do shit like that, to me he’s not a priest, he’s a dumbass. #WEEDISFORDEPRESSEDFUCKERS

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