Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel, I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant I am on reserve this month today is Monday So I thought it would be really fun to take you all along with me on a week in my life as a reserve flight Attendant right now. I am finishing packing for my standby shift So I have my toiletries right here tennis shoes right here my makeup right here makeup remover wipes lotion I have my hair straightener down here toothbrush right here some sandals and extra tights so far Packing for airport standby is literally so weird because you have zero clue where you could possibly be going when I’m on airport standby I pack everything from jeans tank tops shorts jackets pajamas bathing suits sports bras and Just anything I can think of I have also meal prepped just in case if I do get called for a trip tonight some snacks that I always bring with me on every trip are a jar of peanut butter some bagels some instant oatmeal that I can usually make for breakfast and I usually bring some granola bars and this is a protein cookie in here I’ve also meal prepped two servings of rice chicken bell pepper corn and broccoli It’s just all mixed together and I also have some apples over here and it is always a bit of a risk to bring fruit and vegetables and meat on a standby shift because if you get sent to another country more than likely you are gonna have to throw that Food away. However, I could also get sent somewhere domestically and I guess it’s a risk I’m willing to take that way. I can have my own food. I love this lunchbox I’ve been using it for probably a year and a half and I have brought it on Every single one of my flight attendant trips and I seriously love how much stuff you can fit into it and with it completely Packed like this it will close and zip up very easily. So I’ll definitely put a link to it in the description box below Alright, Ileana I gotta go to work I love you uniform is on and I am ready to head out the door this Standby shift is nice because I didn’t have to wake up at like the crack of time to be there but on the flip side I do have to stay late and also Eric will be driving home from work. Well, I am heading to work so we’re gonna miss each other which kind of stinks I Am just now leaving my house about to drive to the airport And I know that a lot of you have been following my channel for a while So, you know what airport standby is but for those of you who don’t the reason why we have airport standby is to cover last-minute scheduling hiccups So an example of that would be a flight attendant who calls in sick last-minute for their trip and they need someone within 15 minutes to be able to cover that flight what they would do is they would call someone like me and what I’m doing tonight Who is on airport standby to rush over to that gate and to work that flight? I’ve been feeling small Watch the clock ticking I’ve just got to the airport and now I am heading over to the D terminal where I will sit for my stamp I shift for six hours And I actually got here early because I thought there is going to be traffic and of course there wasn’t Some things that I like to do. Well on my standby shift are read take a nap I Usually call Eric most of the time I edit YouTube videos and I kind of just hang out and wait to see if scheduling will Call me for a trip So that is what I plan on doing And I will let you all know if I get called for a trip or if I don’t and I get to go home Well, you guys they got me about two hours into my standby shift I have been called for a san salvador all-nighter turn and as most of you know These are kind of like my least favorite flights to work. So I’m flying tonight from Dallas to San Salvador and Immediately turning around and flying from San Salvador back to Dallas and I will be back here tomorrow morning at 6 a.m Good morning everyone. It is 5:45 a.m I just got back into Dallas both flights were pretty easy It was a three-hour flight to San Salvador and it was a three and a half hour flight back I’m obviously pretty tired staying up all night but I’m really hoping that by the time I Get to the employee bus and then get to my car at the employee parking lot and drive home at that I will get to see Erik. Even if it’s just real quick before he heads off to work also I don’t think that I should have any other reserved assignments for today because I do believe that since I was assigned this overnight flight It does count as my reserved assignment from yesterday and today it is now 11:30 a.m When I came home Erik was actually still in bed So we did get to see each other before he had to go to work I fell asleep with my makeup on and so I feel super gross That’s something that I try to never do but I have this one that I got to cuddle with I Try to not sleep in past noon after working red-eye flight just because I don’t want to throw my sleep schedule off Even more and I know that if I just continue sleeping all day, then why not manners excuse you Then I won’t be able to sleep tonight. You need my breakfast now, and I’m about ready to Upload a new video onto YouTube and we have recently discovered that Luna loves to look out this window in our office She’ll seriously sit there all day and just stare out the window Honestly, I am feeling pretty lazy, but it is seriously such a beautiful day out in Dallas today And I don’t want to waste that so I go to the park I’m walking with Luna and I’m sorry this video is shaky Luna likes to pull on her leash She is such a great dog, but she is not the best at walking on her leash I can’t believe that I’m just now finding at this Park in bike trail. It is seriously so nice I feel like I’m gonna take lanai here all the time now I think Luna is a little bit worn out after our walk Erik is home now from work, and I think Luna might have missed him just a little bit. That was really cute. You guys really? cuddling and so now we’re gonna watch part 1 the season finale of The Bachelor if you’ve been watching The Bachelor This season, what are your thoughts personally? This hasn’t been my favorite season of the show But I’m excited to see how it ends Luna looks like a little kangaroo when she lays like this This secret, the following love is not going on a reality show Good morning everyone. It is Wednesday. It’s 9:30 a.m And I woke up at 7 when Erik was getting up for work, and then I fell back asleep because I’m just so tired I really needed to catch up on sleep. However, I have been on call from 2 a.m. Until 2 p.m Today and obviously so far. I have not been called and I do have Thursday and Friday off So if I don’t get called today? It’s like I had 3 full days off today is kind of a get my life together day I want to go to the gym. I want to clean. So yeah, that’s what I have going on today I am feeling very tired But I’m hoping that this pre-workout will give me some energy to go get in a good workout And this was a sample of the 1up nutrition green-apple that I really like, but I usually only do half a serving That’s all I usually need. I’m heading out the door. Hopefully I can go get in a really good workout I was talking on the phone with Erik during his lunch break and I have just been Exhausted and I like couldn’t figure out why I mean to the point where I didn’t even want to get out of bed I don’t want to be productive Like I literally don’t want to do anything and he was saying that it’s probably daylight savings. My body is still adjusting He also mentioned too that it’s real For your body to get up when it’s don’t really dark out and with daylight savings when he’s getting up for work It is still pitch-black out and it also doesn’t help that right after daylight savings. I immediately worked that all-nighter turned but i’m not gonna Push myself super hard at the gym today. I kind of just want to ease back into it So I think I’m just gonna do like a really good cardio day and stretch Just finished my workout and it went really well there’s a few other errands I want to run I really want to head to the post office and set up APO box because I really want to start doing giveaways on my channel Just to show you guys like how appreciative I really am for all of your support and for subscribing to my channel it really Really means the world to me and then I’m gonna go pick up a new frisbee for Luna because we lost her favorite one Oops, it is actually 1:11 p.m. Right now. I have an updated hood lock on my car yet. So technically I still have 49 minutes left on call However, I don’t think they’re gonna call me today for a trip because today is the last day that I am good on reserved So if they were to call me all they could give me it was a day trip right Luna Mommy has a brand new present for you. You see what this is See what it is. Oh you want I have to take the package off first though. What? All right There you go. You can have an L Luna. It’s actually Thursday afternoon Now last night was a bit of a weird and emotional night for me last night President Trump announced the travel restrictions on Europe I actually cried and I’m trying to not freak out and I’m feeling much more level-headed today I just went and worked out blew off some steam and pretty soon I’m gonna take Luna to the park and just relax outside since it is such a beautiful day the good thing about not like oh Thank you, Anna. It’s like to spend more time with this crazy girl It will definitely be interesting to see over these next few months what happens with the travel industry and my job as a flight attendant So I’ll do my best to keep you all updated and informed on everything going on. Alright I Think someone is tired laying down in the grass Luna don’t eat the grass No, don’t eat that. I need to get one of those doggie bowls that pop up So for now I just have a regular bowl from home and I’m gonna pour her some water. Are you tired Luna? Come here. Come drink some water Good girl Eric and I are gonna make these could die of a molten lava cake So we will see if these are good Riesling is one of my favorite white wines so we picked up this new one from Oregon and Eric really Really? Oh, it’s not it was like blurry on your face careful, babe Okay. All right and back to the regularly scheduled flog. Oh my gosh. Now that thing’s beeping. Okay anyways I got this wine because I thought the bottle was really pretty if it will focus Come on, focus focus. This is really not going. Well. Okay. There we go Okay, so this bottle I got because it was really pretty and it was only like $8 from Costco Let’s try it’s new at Riesling it’s good. It’s a little too sweet for me, but it’s Yeah No, yeah I think this tasted really sweet to me because I’ve been drinking a lot of bread lately and I have my head white in a While or Riesling so I think that’s why this was really sweet, but it’s still really good Morning everyone and happy Friday. I’m about to head out the door and go to Costco. So it is 9:57 right now and I just got to Costco they open in three minutes and the parking lot is Completely packed already. I just got into Costco and they said at the entrance that everyone was limited to I believe it was two cases of water and One pack of toilet paper. So I think that is pretty interesting gotta pick up the essentials first I mean if I’m getting quarantine then might as well have fun, right they are limiting everyone to two cases of water I just heard a worker Telling everyone not and this is where the toilet paper and paper towels usually are but I just found out they are Completely out of both just left Costco I’m gonna sit in my car and just take a breather for a minute before I drive home That was probably one of the most stressful shopping experiences. I have ever had It wasn’t really crowded when I first got into the store and then by the end it was so packed It was so hard to maneuver and just walk around However, the employees were amazing if you work at Costco Bravo I can’t even imagine how difficult of a time it is to work in a grocery store right now The employees did a great job of managing everyone and moving everyone around to where they needed to go Especially at the checkout line guys, the checkout line was so long I have never seen a checkout line for any store as long as it was today in Costco. It’s still pouring ran out So I’m just drive home slow and as carefully as I can Put all of these groceries away and then go get dog food for Luna because obviously Lunas gotta eat too So even though I went and bought a ton of food from Costco earlier today Eric and I are feeling lazy and so we’re kick. Okay, Domino’s Pizza for dinner I have a pizza delivery for. Mm-hmm. Yes. We eat pineapple on our pizza


  1. This vlog was filmed March 9-13 (well before everything in Dallas shut down/most travel restrictions). Thank you everyone for watching & coming along for a week in my life ✈️🤗 I hope everyone is coping well with everything going on. I’m sending you all my love & positivity. Xoxo – Jetting Julia ❤️ PS. I will be going LIVE for the first time here on YouTube this Saturday at 12:00 PM CT. Hope you all will join me!

  2. when you video through dallas airport i know it well ive flown into their dozens of times coming from socal its astop for sure if you fly american airlines when i have a long layover theres a great mexican restaurant there that sells bomb burritos the best and i will jump on the sky train just to look around lol stay safe JULIA with all this virus going around great video thanks for sharing STUDENT PILOT ED

  3. yall keep save i hope you find more toial paper are you at home or still flying i hear they close down the houston,tx airport ?? still praying 🙁

  4. Ha Ha ha ….

    Jif peanut butter … ????? Here in the UK Jif is kitchen cleaner … !!!! Ewwwww eating Kitchen cleaner … !!!!

    You probably know AA have started furloughing pilots …. Some of the older Pilots Broncolirio have actually said that they
    fear they have flown their last flights before retirement … really sad in aviation at the moment here in the UK all pub / Clubs nightclubs and most shops apart from Food shopping are closing … we've been told in the UK NOT to go out non essential work is cancelled and only essential Key workers are working … we've had 500,000 sign on to welfare in 9 days … Really sad and depressing … Lets hope Trump gets you all up working at easter .. Ha Ha Ha … "Not Gonna' Happen"

    Stay Safe … 😉

  5. Hi Julia
    I don't know why I watch your videos. But I love your energy and view on life. I hope you get through this current crisis in good health.

  6. Eric's microwave sound effects (and your reaction to it) cracked me up. (And pineapple on pizza is delicious. You do you! lol)

  7. Hi Julia,
    I am an aviation worker like you. I am maintenance auditor. Our airline cut off nearly %85 flights. How is your company? I hope you are fine. Take care yourself. Dont forget to take vitamins.

  8. Stay strong #Changi Airport Singapore which is a busy International airport has 96% traffic cut .Stay strong be positive be blessed

  9. Great video . I would like to share with you a liitle secret in grocery shopping in this trying time . Forget about the Costcos or the mainstream grocery stores . Try to find a medium size ETHNIC grocery store off the beaten track . I did, found a middle eastern one near me ( it used to be a bowling alley ) , and they had everything inculding TP ( I was there when he was stocking that item on the shelf ! ) . They don't care what nationality or religion you are and they have all the brands you are accustomed to. I'll eat Halal anyday – I don't care . Give it a try .

  10. Love your videos. Go to the pet store and get a "Gentle Lead" for Luna. She will walk much better on that. We have one for our lab and she doesnt pull as much. Good luck.

  11. Great to see you! I really enjoy watching your daily and weekly schedules. Kudos to you Julia for your self discipline! I think it's human nature to take the path of least resistance but we all know that sometimes we need to motivate ourselves to do what we need to do. No pain, no gain seems to be unfortunately true most of the time. LOL! Have you ever tried the German wine Liebfraumilch? I used to really love it. It's a nice tasting white wine great with fish or seafood. Sometimes you can get it with sweet woodruff in it. (usually in May wine. I am sure that Eric is probably familiar with it)Woodruff has the smell of newly mown hay. You might want to try it if you are adventurous. Take care , say hi to Eric and of course, give Luna a big hug! ♥️🛫🙏🏽🌎

  12. When you were saying how tired you were I was immediately dreading the worst for you but phew! You are ok. FA's are so brave to be working in these dangerous times. Much respect

  13. Just read your comment Julia. Fingers crossed I’m able to fly back to PITT from HNL to be with my children this Saturday.

  14. I'm also on temporary layoff at the airport so I have to stay home for now. It's amazing to see how much stuff you can pack in those bags. Even though many planes are still flying most around here are at about 20-40% capacity.

  15. Interesting vlog. You mentioned in your food prep having to ditch food on international flights. Since ur turn in San Salvador was so quick, did you get to keep your food? Also just FYI there is an app for wine that you can use that tells you about the wine and other wines that are similar to the wine you are drinking. As I understand it, as you build up your data base in the app, it makes recommendations on what other wines you might try. On a different note, if you have a Sam’s Club near you, you might want to check it out. One of the best things is they have an app which has a feature (patented) called “Scan & Go”. You scan each item as you added to you shopping cart and then you simply checkout on the app and SKIP the lines. I use it all the time. The only downside is you can’t use it for alcohol because of the age restriction on alcohol. Last time, about the time you were at Costco, I was at Sam’s and was able to bypass the long lines. Yea! Stay healthy; stay safe.

  16. Hi Julia you have a great boyfriend and Luna is a+ you're a 10 .Hope you get back to work soon i' been laid off from my hotel for a week been there 24 years. Good luck

  17. P. S.: the wine app is called Vivino. If/when you search for it, it has a red background with a white pic in the center that appears to be a bunch of grapes(according to my daughter you need to know what to look for because there are similarly named apps when you search that are misleading).

  18. Ha pineapple does not go on pizza. J/K I am surprise that Texas has not put a shelter in place. We can’t go outside in ca. Glad to hear airlines are getting money. I hope things turn around quickly. I’m in recruiting so we take a hit when stuff like this happens. Day 6 working remotely and I am going crazy. One day at a time.

  19. Dont worry julia everything will be ok! Congress will be sending a relief package to all the airlines and employees any day now so hopefully that will help everyone get back on there feet!

  20. Love your videos. Beautiful dog. I hope your all staying well with everything going on. I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Hang in there and God Bless always

  21. You young lady are inspiring so many other people to be able to see the life you have. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with us that enjoy your prestigous channel. Until next time thanks Julia.

  22. I hope that you and Eric and Miss Luna are surviving this junk that is going on in our world…Hoping you don't lose your job…LOVE ❤ Miss Luna for me!!! Y'all stay safe, well, and BLESSED!!!

  23. Love your vids. My wife is a flight attendant Las Vegas Based here is a link for Luna as these I have for my puppy Skatie.


  24. Hey Julia. Glad to see you got a flight in this video. I'm sure that has changed alot since you filmed this. Still wishing you the best, I can't imagine how hard it is when your job literally revolves around the world traveling. I really feel for everyone that provide a service as their job duties.

    But I was curious how Eric's job is being affected by all this. What is it he actually does?

    P.S. Trader Joe's has the best Lava cakes. If you have one close to where you live. I highly recommend. Also, smaller grocery stores that aren't Nationwide seen to be the hidden gems in all of this. They usually still have everything and people haven't really been mobbing them.

  25. Praying for you flight attendants!!! Please stay safe!! Hoping you can do more vids if you don’t get as many trips, random vlogs are great 👍🏼

  26. hi julia its STUDENT PILOT ED here i wanted to give you suggestion on building your channel most all the vlogging channels do a live qustion and answer i dont know if you do that im new but if you dont it would help you build your channrel you have the personality and smile to do it you would do great at it i hope this doesnt offend you but i really think your channel would explode if you do it

  27. Hi Julia! Did you get to keep the food you packed when you were called on that trip to San Salvador during standby? I was just curious..

    Also I’m a Costco employee and I’ve been on vacation the past few weeks or so since it’s my birthday month. Thank you for your kind words towards the employees. I go back soon and I’m a bit nervous about what to expect.

    I’m a little bummed with everything going on in your industry as well because I also want to become a flight attendant. I think it’s such an amazing career and I really hope things start looking better soon for y’all. Thank you for all that you do too. Stay healthy and safe. Blessings ✨

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