what is up you guys I am super excited
to announce 3d printed creations you see something I’m rich to be amazed oh I
love where’s his krabby patty does he eat
krabby patty I think so I can’t remember doesn’t
everyone need Krabby Patties I’ve never tried a krabby patty no no about the
gummy one those are good close enough yeah exactly a for effort I don’t
understand these pens and how they work I need a class so we can learn we can
learn together oh yeah and all print you and you can print me I
love it yeah me neither challenge maybe there’s a youtube video on how to do
this that shows them using the pen and we can watch it and maybe figure out how
do ya like what we’re watching right now you’re genius watch he looks like a big
pickle he does look like a I wish I’m kind of hungry
it also looks a little like I can’t really don’t sudden looks like that like
a giant pickle have you been to space I have I’m an
astronaut I don’t know if I believe that astronaut I would like to see that I
would like to see that this is my spacewalk look at all the amazingness this like
recreates I I think we’re losing we’re losing the fact that we’re supposed to
be amazed oh wow what’s happening forget about space this is amazing look
at that pickle or cucumber oh you come back to right yeah it looks like a
vegetable with an eyeball or toe kind of looks like a toe a green toe are your feet
okay by making myself laugh world laugh but when they sell out
oh that’s his mouth okay yeah it looks really scary right now that
looks like the mouth on my tongue you need to see a doctor Shivers look look
what’s happening now those are his toes are they’re gonna
have little mouths on them I don’t think Plankton has toes is that the color
of his eyeball remember that and they’re burning it still why do you have to burn
it I need to learn I’m gonna do this later I’m gonna be the most amazing 3d
printer me I agree I’m gonna make videos on how to do it and why they burn
everything you’ll be fantastic fantastic I can’t
wait I can’t wait for your videos where you’re making these little Shivers 3d
well I’ll I’ll let you try it out first and see how it goes for you I’ll make
breathe and keep perfect perfect everywhere Target Walmart included right
yeah yep that’s efficient okay we’ve got are those like antler whisker or antennas
what are those I think they’re antler whiskers for sure can you hear out of
those I can’t good point good point not so fast don’t look don’t look it’s still here
okay it’s gone and why would you ruin it like that you guys while Shivers is out
on a break make sure you subscribe to Reactory and give us some ideas in the
comments on what we should react to next I hope it’s not scary what its next I’m
excited I can’t tell what that is either oh it’s like connect to the dots have
you ever done little those are fools in the park that’s true they are know all
your numbers done them in a long time yeah they’re normally our numbers oh we
should react to people doing them connect the dots yeah I don’t know if
there’s any videos of that that would be fantastic very amazing another thing you
can do yeah yeah start the trends do we know what this is yet
it looks like a cape or it’s like superhero music yeah right
yeah maybe the guy doing it is a superhero that’s true and his little
Adidas tracksuit an adidas track – on a superhero no no this Aegis man
definitely not a superhero who has your favorite superhero my
favorite superhero I think Robin who Robin you know Oh is he a superhero sure
why not okay oh and little little tiny pants they’re great
can you wear little I choose not to oh no one look break away okay have we
figured out what he is creating it’s any help comment below if you know what this
is I think it’s like a helmet yeah that’s definitely a helmet is it Iron
Man this color Iron Man Iron Man course yeah brilliant thank where did we get
that I don’t know I don’t know but it also
looks like french fries so maybe it’s just that I’m hungry maybe maybe that’s
also his fridge fries we don’t know we should try to eat it
well should try to eat whatever it is well I got color it’s definitely right
this is Iron Man I like this color yeah it’s also McDonald’s colors I would
just like to point that out you are hungry aren’t you I’m very hungry
happy new I know me too this is the toy that comes in the box
brilliant this is very detailed like super detailed I think this is the most
fancy one fanciest the most fancy for sure the most fanciest one are we sure
what are your it’s definitely McDonald’s Oh yep that’s you
this is I know I’m a bit dodgy fair ah the ask your grandfather you know what
I’m talking about grand folks ran full that’s a fancy way
to say it that’s how we say it down here in Texas
I say grandpa that’s I know I I can’t help it I’m unique thank you all unique
way couldn’t have said it better myself can you put that on your head do you
think it fit your head and your ears I think it would fit my head yeah yeah are
you insinuating that I have a big head no I was gonna say it wouldn’t fit on
Preston’s head tell him it’s cuz he’s so smart he’s got a ton of hair it just
wouldn’t fit under there yeah it’s just the hair yep not not as real head dude
just the hair I really feel like you could snap this on your face unless it’s
becoming a ball I think it’s no suitable bounce around our own man’s head I don’t
think that would be very nice it’d be great I’d watch that
there’s ear holes all right it’s for me stick my ears right through there and I be
iron rat we’re on to something I think we’re onto something copyright you’re
your own rat hey my own rent I’m on my own iron rat can I get this in the mail like
I I would really like why do cats keep appearing i I don’t understand this
although back hats adorable it looks very soft maybe maybe you can 3d print
cats that’s why they’re always there yeah well I thought you meant I could 3d
print I know I’m not real cats do they come from a 3d printer is that
why they’re always there I hate to break it to you but no oh no rats yeah
they’re too fluffy to be whatever this is you can’t 3d print nothing this no I
don’t think so I’d like to see I would like that it looks like a skull wait
what what did he cover the year-old oh you can’t wear it anymore I don’t like
this now now I’m out forget it oh it’s a headphone it looks
like a headphone see it yeah he’s got beats right in there it’s beautiful
she’s very nice I love Kirby I love the song it’s a fun song I wish I could read
the subtitles but I can’t I’m not that talented we so the pen draws bubble gum
it’s like bubble gods I’m daddy’s I want to chew this it’s it looks like a basket
a basketball a basketball yeah or a ball in the article I am amazed by this it
looks like a ball of yarn I wonder if he’s gonna make it like clear coated and
shiny or if it’s gonna whoa nothing too much fun whoa are those ears no that’s
true you do have some some nice ears on you thank you so you oh it looks like
Saturn isn’t about the planet I think right look like Saturn I don’t see rings
is made out of bubblegum initially I’ll give you that one
okay okay thank you those shoes are probably your size we could print me
some shoes let’s do it oh I want that he just pulled his foot off don’t do that
at home kids no you need both your feet yeah or have a doctor do it have a
doctor pull your feet off says nurse Bri wait
Kirby is doing the splits did you notice that Kirby’s going double time what is
what the star oh hey I I think you should be my alarm clock that would wake
me up what a fantastic idea it’s on a star
oh yeah we’re watching a video what is it you forgot what I was thinking about
being being my second job is an alarm clock we’ll talk about it later later
that’s true he did what I said he made it all clear and glossy stuff yeah
there’s a store to go with the planets Saturn
see I was onto some big I think you were really really right is this a bar of
soap it kind of looks like soap Oh bubble gum
soap bubble gum soap well I’ve never eaten soap before but maybe I should try
it I’m kidding huh you should try a stick oh you’re trying to make use of
soap there is ah you know that creeps me out – he was like pulling out the
eyeballs so he could put a real eyeball in there oh I don’t huh don’t do that to
me don’t try that at home I won’t although a magnet for you could
be helpful because I could like pull you back and forth yeah yeah I’m glad you
like that idea I get stuck to your rings that’s very
true and I have a bunch of them and a necklace so you’d be all over the place
right yeah yeah I don’t have another you know Shivers hope that’s good imagination
I I appreciate that and see and seeing no we’re still going oh we’re doing it
Shivers keeps forgetting that we are reacting to a video you’re getting
distracted I know yeah you’re just so captivating oh I think I just want to
react to you reacting okay okay good let’s do it
is it working he’s so insightful he used a nail file you hear what she said
what did I say oh no I forgot what I said
yeah it’s getting weird let’s say just react to he’s looking all smooth now and
creepy like a snake yeah okay I need to see where they take it from here
what is that a lighter is that a lighter it looks like why is that his mouth
isn’t it that color oh there we go there we go is he sticking his tongue
out all right looks like it can you stick your tongue out good job good jobs
I’ve been working on that it’s Kirby the girl I don’t know looks like a girl
looks like a girl it was really big lips for a minute like lipstick all of it was
going on yes and she has some lip liner going on today he’s dancing oh that was
really good oh wow bobble there was a little bit of
a fail at the end there but I was amazed and that was amazing 3d printed creation
amazing yeah was amazing yeah like and subscribe
yeah enjoy the notification squad

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  1. Read to the magnet balls they’re really cool and I have some that you can build a lot out of them you can build butterflies you can build castles you can build anything just put your imagination on it

  2. You burn it to make it smooth for small parts or to help it bend into different positions, Bri. I love this channel cause it's funny ❤️ !

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