Anatomy of the Brain

Anatomy of the Brain

alright Ninja nerds to give you guys another view of the brain of some of the internal structures so first off if you remember from before we had this central sulcus here on the side and this little groove right here this little groove running right there this guy right there is actually called the central sulcus, so again the central sulcus is this little like groove right here running all the way up right there and what’s the purpose of it? the central sulcus seperates the frontal lobe from the parietal lobe so if i come up the central sulcus one more time if i go right in front of the sulcus to this gyrus right there cos remember a sulcus is like this divid)?) and then a gyrus is this big fat lumpy thing right there this gyrus in front of the central sulcus is called the precentral gyrus it’s also where the primary motor cortex is. and if i follow the central sulcus back up again and i go to this fat gyrus that’s right behind it that guy right there is called the post central gyrus and that’s where the primary somatosensory cortex is aight if i were to in front of the primary motor

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  1. awesome….i have a question though . Could u pls let me know what exactly is the isthmus of rhombencephali!!! i had this question come up in the internals … tried looking up but no luck . thanks 🙂

  2. I've been watching literally all your videos on biochemistry anatomy and physiology , I'm a first year med student and this is literally the best youtube channel I've come across , thanks so much

  3. ninja bro go for main disease coditions their pathogenesis ,differential diagnosis , pathophysiology etc …

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  6. Index:
    0:17 Central sulcus
    1:42 Parietal & occiptical lobe; Parietal -occiptical sulcus
    3:09 Latteral sulcus; temporal lobe
    4:19 Broca’s area
    4:46 Wernicke’s area
    5:15 Longitudinal Fissure; dural septa, sinuses & matter; falx cerebri
    6:08 Transverse fissure; tentorium cerebella
    7:00 White matter; myelinated axons
    7:32 Gray matter; Cerebral cortex

  7. Nice reference to Kate Upton.
    Thanks for uploading the video & made it super easy to understand a rough outline of the brain.

  8. My finals for my last year of university is next week. These videos are a big reason I’m finishing. When I have the opportunity I’m for sure going to support this team!

  9. In I.C.unit. Since brain die last. It is somehow electrical connection between hearth and the brain? Or that's true! Never think with your hearth. Some human brain,third ventricular on top got this kind of eagle eye. Do possible make any difference to the brain. Any reason for it?

  10. I could marry you, thank you for helping explain things in great detail. I look for your videos for each chapter. Thank you, thank you!!

  11. Hey! Thanks a lot for your videos. You have a knack for teaching,

    Can you post the sources you used to make these videos (textbooks, protocols, guidelines, etc)?

  12. I have watched many of these videos but i find your teaching very clear, you are the best, very brilliant teaching. Thank you

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  14. You are a living god; I want to thank you and your team very much. I want to encourage you all to continue the good work!

  15. Dear lecturer most of your descriptions especially about functions of parts are incorrect and this mean you will disturb the thoughts of students and audients,

  16. This lecture is very deficient in reginal anatomy of cranial nerves seven , nine , and ten the origin I think it is not good lecture.

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