Angelina Jolie - The Biology of Belief

Angelina Jolie – The Biology of Belief

hello dear friends and cultural creatives Bruce here it's May my god how the time goes fast especially when you're having a great time Margaret and I just spent five months overseas Australia New Zealand and the last month was an amazing adventure in India and upon my return of course I see the world is really moving through its evolutionary stages right now as we find a big issue with support of the government and the failure of the government making headlines every minute of the day here however there is one story I want to talk about for this May newsletter and that is a story of Angelina Jolie now she's made big waves across the country about informing the public that she went through a double mastectomy as a preventive surgery to prevent a future cancer condition now what do I think about stuff like that I know what she thinks about about what do I think about it well you already know what I think about it and that is we're dealing with something called the biology belief and the significance about the biology belief is that our thoughts and our consciousness are really shaping our genetic expression she comes to the public as a big representative of the Hollywood industry and a lot of people follow stars and their lives and so it was an unfortunate situation the way I see it that she stands up and advertised as her preventive surgery now let's let's clear the word right here mastectomy sounds so clinically sound and clean but the truth is this when one cuts off the breast for no reason at the current moment then that really accounts for what we might call here's the word very huge mutilation why would you cut yourself up and she says well because 87 percent of the women that have the particular gene are really liable to have breast cancer well let's talk about this 87% for a second actually I'd rather talk about the 13% how can thirteen percent of the people the exact same genes not get the cancer versus eighty seven percent with the gene that gets cancer we focus on those with the cancer but we fail to talk about hey there are many people out there that have the so-called cancer gene and do not express the breast cancer what is the difference between the two groups well the primary difference is the biology of belief it's really what your attitude and your perceptions are all about because this is what shapes our genetics and we know the new science is now called epigenetics and I'm really excited because in the last two years there's actually a new branch of epigenetics called behavioral epigenetics which is how our perceptions and our life experiences and our beliefs alter our genetic expression so hey the biology belief which was so far out to many scientists just in 2005 is now actually a field of science onto its own behavioral epigenetics well Angelina Jolie is a prime example of what is the consequence of behavioural epigenetics and that is your perceptions and beliefs are shaping her genetics well now she has a belief and this is really clear and it's very solid her belief is having the genes that she's talking about predisposes her to the cancer and her belief is I'm going to get the cancer if I don't eliminate my breast at this point so that my future is really clouded by the threat of this cancer which may take her life and separate her from her the wonderful children so over motivation was prevent that future death by taking her breast and removing the current time well let's understand something belief is profound would I suggest to Angelina that she not do that mastectomy well yes I would suggest it but I would also have to provide a bit of an educational background but let's look at where she's coming from her belief is so strong that she can get this cancer and die what would I do in that situation well she's not the first woman that I talk to about this I remember one in particular who was so set on the fact that she was going to get cancer her father's a doctor her brother's a doctor her mother died of the cancer her grandmother died of the cancer and she was so committed to the fact that she was going to get this cancer she didn't do a mastectomy that when I started to speak with her I realized that there was no changing her belief that was a solid and hard belief well I tried it first to suggest that she not do it I have to tell you the truth in the end of our conversation I said I do recommend that you are the one that should follow through on a mastectomy the reason is this her belief was unshakable she already knew she was going to get the cancer so if she's not going to change her belief or her attitude about this cancer then she must follow her belief Angelina followed her belief and this is necessary for her to do because if she's not going to change her mind then she's really opening herself up to the cancer my concern is this is that there are many women out there in the world that were looking at her story listening to her vision about the cancer and are buying into her resolution this is a little upsetting because what it basically does is it commits people to believe that cancer is inevitable in their lives and this is the only way out this is a belief issue we must change this and just to get an idea about how significant it is to change your beliefs there's a wonderful story that we should understand in regard to cancer breast cancer and Angelina's regarded and this is a story by a woman called Anita Moorjani and is published by Hay House and it's a book called dying to be me and very sick significantly is this Anita had cancer for four years and was in a state of dying and in her last days of life she was no longer eating her body had become emaciated as she was self detest insist enforcement and then she started to fall into Anna coma the coma then sent her to the hospital and her doctor for four years said to her husband yes this this is it this is the and there's nothing more we can do significant says Anita had a near-death experience found an afterlife reality and in an afterlife reality recognized the whole story of biology believe she found that the upbringing and through her Indu family actually challenged her life because she didn't really conform to her culture and this caused a lot of self deprecation and belief about her not being worthy in addition she also had two very close friends who were dying of cancer and the fear of their cancer in her life also promoted an illness in her so she ends up with cancer she goes through the out-of-body experience and in that point realizes yes programming and beliefs led to this cancer she had a choice in the story that she reveals about either staying in that afterlife are coming back and she chose to come back the most amazing part of the story is when she realized in her near-death experience that her cancer was really due to life experiences and programming she had the opportunity when she come back to change that belief what's the most amazing part of the story is when she came back from this totally near-death experience that actually her physician said that was final for her she did come back and within four days the cancer was completely gone from her body all of this really points to the emphasis of belief and programming and attitude and this is why it's so important for people to recognize yes Angelina has the belief and the programming that these genes are going to shape the future of her life if that's what her belief is then it's necessary for her to follow through however I would like to encourage people to consider other beliefs and consider other understandings about the nature of cancer and our psychology because once we empower ourselves that we do not have to be the victims of cancer then we can change our lives and we don't have to go through the mutilation of our body as a means of prevention or protection and so yes Angelina for herself did the right thing but I think she did a disservice for the general public because she's encouraging people on the fence about their own issues of cancer genes to follow through on the mastectomy idea as a way of saving her life it's unfortunate because what we really need are more spokespeople like Anita Moorjani to reveal that cancer is a belief and attitude and a story that we tell ourselves and that we do not have to go through the fate of our genes because we are masters of our genes we control our genetics and our heredity through epigenetic mechanisms and now pay thank God Sciences that come out with the field called behavioral epigenetics which I personally call the biology belief to reveal we are not victims unless our belief system says we are so I'm just leaving you with this story before you run into rash action consider the other possibilities about life consider how powerful you are in controlling the unfolding of your own life and if you have doubts about that please pick up the biology belief and the same story applies to the new book the honeymoon effect which is out May first and and people are loving it I'm so glad because yes I wanted the book to inform people about the nature of heaven on earth but I also wanted to entertain them and the early reports back are yes informative and entertaining and I appreciate that response and I hope you have an opportunity to get a copy of the book visit the website bruce lipton comm and perhaps you want to get an autographed copy I would love to sign one over for you and I look forward to seeing you again next month as we catch up on what's happening in our world today thank you

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  1. Reminds me of the scare tactic of the vaccine industry who market the cervical cancer vaccine to young girls just for the possibility of getting cervical cancer. I'll have to look up the stats for that propaganda, although they are probably skewed.

  2. Bruce, you are an amazing human! i just love everything you say and do! this is extremely empowering message and my life will never be the same.

  3. thanks Bruce …your a GOD send!!! constant work ,but I'm doing it , and like all other things its a daily process โ€ฆ.it gets easier though!!

  4. Angelina Jolie = paid fear propaganda spreader, working for the quack scammers of the status quo. That's been proven through investigative journalism AFAIK.

  5. Jolie's mutilation is pure NAZI propaganda : sowing FEAR and POWERLESSNESS is the Credo of her mentors… Lets resist and disobey the system !

  6. Why pharmaseutical industry is not acting against u… If you are talking against them they must take action. So I have doubt….

  7. I wonder where those tits go? I need to find it, I'm obsessed with it the first time I saw it on Original sin!

  8. It is sad to say that the Moives star 'Angelina Jolie' cause a very BAD BAD BAD negative built up for the social, don't take into her believe system that she is trying to drill it into you.

  9. Cancer?!?!?! it just words which is made and use by the higher control Groups as to psycho as many human/persons as much as possible. So as the medical group that was under their control are able to make big finance for them to enjoy their lux life of our hard earn Finance!!!

  10. What about the stories of the people who could get better without having Drs treatments, and died anyway or didn't recover. I know quite a few few personally. So sure you can tell me they didn't really believe it or they subconscious didn't believe it. But they believed it enough not to have treatment, so how do you know if you subconscious is ready. I also know stories of people who didn't believe things were going to improve and they did… Confusing world.

  11. Well. The big pharma makes to much money so they don't want people to talk about this. My aunt currently has pancreatic cancer and I've been getting her into raising her PH. Since cancer cells cannot live in a alkaline body. Wish she could come see you Dr Lipton. You're the best

  12. Dr.H. Lipton, you are the light at the end of the tunnel, you are intelligence, inspiring, positivity and beautiful scent of life in human form! Thank you!

  13. I had a mastectomy and a full hysterectomy in order to prevent cancer. BAD BAD MOVE. I wish to god that i wouldn't have done this

  14. We are gods we can heal our bodies, mind with the right thinking ๐Ÿค” get out the rat race learn about yourself and God works๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  15. I like everything you say Bruce, but the only words I donโ€™t like is when You pronounce the Lordโ€™s name in vain, this, very often in all Your video,

  16. Can anyone please help me I am hurting inside and out.My body was affected by cortisone shot – Epstein bar and my brain
    And body affected by Quantum Biofeedback. 8 sessions which didnโ€™t feel good but I thought that I was.dealing with cortisone side effects.Last session 2 hours brain felt fried and affected my vision. My brain function has been affected feels exhausted, numbness, a lot of pain brain and body. I was overweight but otherwise healthy before all this happened in
    September. Lost my job and house bound most of the time and Iโ€™m only 44 . I started seeing chiropractor who said my energy was low cortisone three to the extreme and made me sensitive to the Quantum Biofeedback which most people donโ€™t have a problem with. My mind is consumed with how my brain and body feels and function hard to believe or be positive as most people tell me to be. I even get shocked by plugging in my phone charger and body feeling electricity. Thank you and God bless ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  17. We are not victims unless we believe we are. I'm a survivor, I read your book and even before you wrote this out I also thought on very similar ways.

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