Anilah – Medicine Chant

Anilah – Medicine Chant

Footage courtesy of BBC Plant Earth

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  1. Anilah, i have a 4 month old very colicy baby, it started when he was around 2 weeks old and is still going. We have tried everything modern medicine has to offer with no avail. I stumbled across this song when trying to soothe him with music, it's astounding how well your medicine chant calms him and soothes him to sleep, he's mesmerized by it, it calms him every time. thank you so much for making this amazing music. Not only for him but for me as well, it helps with my stress and pain, it touches deep in my soul, thank you again. – Jacob Van De motter

  2. I am a member of the Miami tribe of Oklahoma. Thank you Creator for bestowing this gift upon the one who crafted this. Another divinely inspired piece. Beautiful and cleansing as well as uplifting and energizing!!!! A'ho

  3. Wow this is big feminine power right here. I am on a mission right now to reclaim my void and this song helps me so much more than I can put into words ❤️

  4. I listen this every day u created a masterpiece u created something so beautiful that mother nature smiles. This is my favorite meditation music. This is the only song that helps me balance and be grounded. Thank u from the very bottom of my heart for this magical creation. May the Gods and Goddesses forever bless u.

  5. Stand strong like a mountain and see with the eyes of an eagle quiet the mind and be a warrior of the heart 💚 thank you!! Love and light aho 🦅

  6. This is absolute magic and pure bliss. So beautiful, I had my drum and voice right there with you the whole time. Much gratitude. ❤❤🙏🏼❤❤

  7. 10 segundos antes de un temblor se escucha un sumbido como de abeja en los oidos son las hondas de aire. Tiempo suficiente para correr y protegerse. En la capital de Mexico un sistema de alto parlantes por toda la ciudad tambien advierte 10 segundos antes de un temblor o terremoto.

  8. This music makes me think of my Mexica ancestors, and how I so wish I could go back in time & warn them of the incoming evil that the europeans would bring upon our beautiful land & ppl🇲🇽

  9. I love this so much I sent the link to my daughter. This touches so many aspects of my soul I can't begin to explain it, I just don't have the words. I would play this through meditation, spell work and ceremony. I only ask that perhaps take out the ad in the middle of the song. At the beginning and end is fine, but to have the middle one really disrupts the flow of the song in a very jarring way. I understand wanting more ad revenue and more power to you on that, just a suggestion. I will look for this through itunes.

  10. I'm not Native American, or Egyptian. But, somehow these chants resonate with my soul. They are Universal, I think. Thank you for sharing them.


  12. i read carlos castaneda for almost 36 years at the end of the video you made very clear from where your music comes and where it goes you are warriors thank you you should also look at the magical passes the samans dance if you dont have already (i feel you have already) keep on brothers……..

  13. Lets recognize our errors.
    Ask for forgiveness.
    Undo the damage we've caused.
    Fix the damage we see.
    Let us come together as human beings.
    Not black.
    Not Native.
    Not asian.
    Not white.
    And those who oppose the peace shall learn real quick.
    Its time for permanent change.
    For this land does not belong to the government. It doesn't belong to you nor me.
    Never has. Never will.
    Empires rise and empires fall.

  14. The wonders of man
    Oh how devoted you may be
    Feel them my arms as you once scream in silence within me
    Seek the deep valleys
    Seek the the crusts of your bones
    Do you see me finally
    That powerful stroke of my heartbeat
    Familiarly from within me
    Sit down with your spine align with thee
    Close your eyes, rest your soul
    For as you sleep ….body is at plane
    Kissed by the frequency of the stars
    Elements will begin
    Subtle infinite interactions begin inside
    That is the sound that began it … all.

  15. Нельзя в таких видео включать посередине рекламу! Гроша цена в таком случае этому ролику

  16. A autoconfiança do guerreiro não é a mesma que a do homem comum. Este busca a certeza aos olhos do espectador e chama a isso autoconfiança. O guerreiro busca a impecabilidade a seus próprios olhos e chama a isso humildade. O homem comum está agarrado a seus semelhantes, enquanto o guerreiro só se agarra a si mesmo. Talvez você esteja perseguindo uma quimera. Busca a autoconfiança do homem comum, enquanto devia estar atrás da humildade do guerreiro. A diferença entre os dois é notável. A confiança em si significa saber algo com certeza; a humildade significa ser impecável em suas ações e sentimentos.

  17. I'm writing a novel that features Navajos prominently, and I listen to this beautiful song frequently. Thanks for the inspiration, as well as the amazing video.

  18. Totally amazing. Every time i listen to this something shifts and brings me to my third eye and divine chakra. It makes me feel so grateful, thankful, and appreciative of our beautiful mother earth and this medicine chant is so very healing. Thanks for bringing such a beautiful work of art for us to enjoy its astounding ………….

  19. Příroda FANTASTICKÁ KOUZELNÁ ÚŽASNÁ tolika krásy mám příroda dává a Hudba byla něžná líbezná milá prostě vynikající krásné hlasy Děkuji Vlasta!!!

  20. I got up this morning tired and numb towards everything I am aware of around me… I am not sure why I feel this way today… And I remembered to find me something to make me feel connected, and here I am listening to this yet again…. Thank you for putting this masterpiece out there for ppl like me to come back to, to remind ourselves and taste the wonder of our cosmos, our essence, which I felt I deviated much from, while trying to live in this world…. Much appreciation, love and most of all gratitude from India..

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  22. I like this song. It's a pity it was interrupted twice by ads. Thank you, YouTube, I had really a kind of experince today with your service.

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