32 thoughts on “Atlas Anatomy – Cervical Vertebrae Anatomy – Neck Anatomy”

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  2. Great video, thank you. I have been dealing with chronic, undiagnosed neck issues for the last four year and have just leaned about Atlas bone realignment. Your video has shown me the possible mechanical issues that can result from misalignment in this area.

  3. Very Nice. I'm trying to learn more about my body, because I have many problems with my neck, back, brain and the Eye.  I see the call of light do you know how do I get ready of it. I can't drive at night because of the way I see light.

  4. HI, if you should stick a needle from the back of someones head horizontally to reach the spinal cord. What does the needle penetrate. I get skin, but what's next?
    And would the needle not also penetrate cartilage first?

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  6. the altas……survived. trash and speed metal era of headbanging…although. tom araya singer bassist for SLLLLLAAAAAAAYER. HAS HAD surgery on his neck from 30 years of headbanging

  7. Wen I move my neck side to side sumtimes I get a crack going on inside my skull if feels like. It feels just like I'm releasing tension . just like a normal crack but feels like its in my head. Cud this be the atlas bone? I hear several other ppl have the samething happening 2 them

  8. Your video about the anatomy of atlas is overall good but the thing is that you must highlight the major parts like lateral masses and the things like that

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