Tiktakers! Quick, there’s no time! Put on
the thickest coat you have, a good pair of boots and a warm scarf, because we are going
to the arctic circle to see one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in the world:
the northern lights or aurora borealis. Actually, it would be more accurate to refer
to it as the polar aurora, given that depending on the hemisphere where it is produced it
can be either borealis or australis. Its name comes from Aurora, the goddess of dawn, who
in Roman mythology flies through the sky to announce the arrival of the sun. The aurora borealis is a phenomenon in which
many different lights and glows appear in the night sky. They are usually green, but
can also contain reddish and bluish tones. Besides its impressive colors, the aurora
also emits sounds at a particular distance from the ground! Wow, seems magical, right?
But in reality, these are caused by our favorite star: the sun. The sun is continually emitting particles
in a stream of energy known as solar wind. When the stream reaches the Earth it crashes
with the atmosphere, trapping the particles. Once there, the electromagnetic fields of
our planet shift the particles to the areas close to the poles. When many of these particles accumulate, they
crash with the wind and emit energy in the form of lights. Believe it or not, the polar
auroras form in the thermosphere, at a height of about 100 km. And they can be seen from
space! Unfortunately, observing them from Earth is
more complicated, and different factors need to be taken into account. The first one is
that the auroras are produced in areas close to the polar circles: Canada, Iceland, Norway,
Sweden or Finland in the northern hemisphere, or New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica in
the south. The second one is that they can only be enjoyed
at particular times of the year: From September to March in the north, and from March to September
in the south. This is because they can only be seen at night, and because in winter the
nights are longer in those parts of the world, it’s easier to observe the auroras then. We
also have to get away from the big cities in order to avoid light pollution, and finally…
we gotta look North! Now we know where and when to see them, but
even then, the polar auroras are a bit strange. Even taking all this information into account,
it’s very difficult to know if we will be able to see them at a particular date or not,
as they don’t always appear. Besides, they can last the entire night, or only a few minutes.
They are completely unpredictable! Surely all of this sounds very mystical to
you… and it’s the same thing our ancestors might’ve thought, as they invented different
myths and legends regarding the aurora borealis. For instance, the Eskimos believed that the
lights were spirits that played in the sky, and that’s why they didn’t let their children
go out at night: So that the spirits wouldn’t take them away. In contrast, the Vikings believed the lights
were the Valkyries: Warrior goddesses and daughters of Odin from Norse mythology. They
would wear armors made of pure gold which shined when they sailed through the skies
on their winged horses, searching for those fallen in battle. One last curious fact: Although people from
those places were totally enthralled by the lights… nowadays it’s difficult to surprise
people who live there. The aurora borealis is such a common phenomenon it no longer surprises
them very much. It’s just like a storm day for us! Tik and Tak have already taken good notes,
and wish to see the aurora borealis in person! And what about you? Do you want to see these
fascinating lights? Share with us in the comments the places where you’d like to travel to
see them!

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  4. OMG your videos are so interesting and important and they also have backs in them I love your videos so much that I want to become a YouTuber just like you when I grow up

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