Ben Gibbard Sings New Song ‘Life In Quarantine’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Ben Gibbard Sings New Song ‘Life In Quarantine’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

27 thoughts on “Ben Gibbard Sings New Song ‘Life In Quarantine’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. And Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan will perform DeathStench with her Brutal Death Metal band MSNBCannibalCorpse

  2. One positive coming out from all this, is the way artists and musicians have been using social media to bring people together. From D-Nice's Homeschool live playlist to Live from the Living Room Lounge on FB, super cool seeing artists big and small doing their thing from home.

  3. Dcfc released the Blue EP after Thank You for Today. Also he played this song on stream last weekend. Still awesome to see him on the news though, he deserves recognition.

  4. This is a great song & will resonate with all of us! Maybe us Democrats can use it as our Campaign song to Victory November!

  5. Join me in your support for the female-only draft. Let's stop the gender based human sacrifice of men on women's and their state husbandry's behalf. It's long past time women fight and die for their own nation, rights and freedoms rather than continuing to sit back and sacrifice men's lives for the same. More women are needed in construction, sanitation and other physically demanding positions as well. Let's shoot for true equality, not continued female privilege and supremacy. Feminists march against men in the cities and on the streets men built, maintained, fought and died for. Female supremacy must be brought to its weak knees.

  6. Aw, come on Ben! I almost went to the back porch to hang meself after that little ditty!
    Just tryin' for some levity. Thank you for this healing music. And thank you Morning Folks for the music.

  7. Uh, no. The Guard is helping neighbors, not protecting folks from their neighbors. The National Guard has been deployed to render assistance to the citizens of their state by order of their Governors. At this time 11,400 National Guard troops across our nation are hard at work helping folks. They aren't at home with their families, they are in uniform and on the job. I'm proud to be a Alabama Army National Guard Vet, and I hope folks will understand we uphold the truth of our motto: Always Ready, Always There.

  8. Before Coronavirus – "Socialist Bernie how are you going to pay for Medicare for all🏥?"
    During Coronavirus – " We need 2 trillion dollars💵💲to bailout the economy and coronavirus test with vaccines for the entire population to stop this pandemic?"
    😂🤣🤣🤣🤣The irony.

  9. Media is LYING. Most deaths are from natural causes, 2 ZERO autopsies on Corona deaths are being done & 3 NY is 80% of unemploy'claims.

  10. Media is LYING. Most deathsR old age/Nat'causes.2. ZERO autopsies on Corona deaths R b'g done & 3 NY is 80% of unemploy'claims.

  11. Yhings have gotten so crazy that Ben Gibbard wrote a song about urban desolation and lonleliness! That he never hapoened before! Oh gawd! What are we going to do?

  12. Helping Americans in this time of strife is a Socialist act so stand alone ,get sick alone .die alone in a…….. Free America …….Great song .

  13. that's pretty good. i was thinking more along the lines of "on the 1st day of quarantine my true love gave to me" or "m-m-my corona".

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