Breeding the World’s Hottest Pepper

Breeding the World’s Hottest Pepper

– [Excited Man] Carolina Reaper! – [Camera Man] Go ahead
and put it in your mouth. – Go! – [Narrator] Since the
first time it was announced to the public that we were
growing these, there were literally thousands of YouTube
videos of people eating Carolina Reapers all over the world. I get a kick out of most of them. – I made a huge mistake! – Though it can be unpleasant,
it’s not a dangerous thing to eat super hot peppers. – Oh my God! It’s only getting worse! (coughing) – [Narrator] It’s a chemical
reaction your brain perceives as heat so you will stop doing it. – I’m gonna lay down. This sucks. (uptempo modern classical music) – I’m “Smokin’” Ed Currie. I created the Carolina Reaper. I got into breeding peppers
in college and just really was interested in getting
hotter and hotter peppers once I tried them. Guinness awarded me the
world record for the hottest pepper in November of 2013. To breed these things,
I crossed a ghost pepper with a habanero, and what
came out was this evil looking pepper that had warts all over it, blisters they call them. And the first time I tasted
it, it knocked me to my knees. (uptempo flamenco guitar) We get our peppers tested
regularly at Winthrop University by doctor Calloway in the chemistry lab. All peppers are measured
by Scoville heat units, which tell you how hot the pepper is. Bell peppers have zero
Scoville heat units. Jalapeño is about 5,000, a Serrano 20,000, red habaneros 200,000,
ghost peppers 600,000, then you get to the Carolina Reaper, which is 1,569,000 heat
units, the hottest thing in the world. (playful string music) When you eat the Carolina
Reaper, the first sensation you get is sweet, and then
all of a sudden the heat starts going, it’s like
burning, burning, burning! Then the physiological stuff starts. Your eyes will bloodshot, they just start tearing up and watering, the skin flushes, you start breathing hard, your metabolism starts raising up. Some people say it’s
like eating molten lava. Others will say it’s like licking the sun. To me, it’s like eating
a charcoal briquette and no matter what you do
you cannot get that burn out of the back of your mouth. I mean it’s crazy. A lot of what I do is creative expression. You look for traits in
one pepper, and you look for traits in another and
you try to combine them and keep both those traits. There are other breeders who
are trying to break our record, but, uh, we’ve been holding unreleased
peppers in our back pocket that are twice as hot or
more than the Carolina Reaper that we could submit to
Guinness at any time. My perception of what
the limits are of how hot you can breed a pepper
has changed as the science has progressed over the years. Just tell me something can’t
be done, I’m gonna figure out a way to do it.

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  2. Yooo imagin flexing so hard on others that want to break your record for the spiciest pepper and once they do you pull out another pepper over twice as hot as your carolina reaper😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Not the hottest any more, today the dragons breath pepper is the hottest, you might think it is harmless because it is so small but you are WRONG when you eat it you will die, not really but you feel like it

  4. I have grown many types of peppers. The hottest was the red habaneros, seeing folks put a full pepper in their mouths makes me cringe. I have been overdosed with just a nibble.

  5. Why do these comments remind me of that time when I was with my friend in his car and I burped and he said “DO YOU MIND I HAD DIARRHEA IN THIS CAR”

  6. What on earth is the point of this? Why would any sane person eat that? I like some heat as much as anyone, but I completely fail to understand these insane torture peppers.

  7. Carolina Reaper breeding with Ghost Pepper

    Toliet:Oh shit(litterally)

    Sergheo Sweat(Reaper and Ghost) Bredding with Carolina Reaper

    Toliet: Im Pooped

  8. (2:42)
    Did he just say they have hidden stashes of peppers 2x as hot as a freaking Carolina Reaper?!?!🤯
    Toilets everywhere are not screaming in panic! 🚽 =😱🤬😱🤬😭😭😭😭

  9. He create from bhut jolokia ( ghost pepper) . So originally or naturally bhut jolokia is the hottest chilly.

    Where I'm from ?
    From the land where ghost chilly grown…

  10. My dad tried some flakes of a milder Carolina Reaper(1.2 million Scoville units) and it still burned for about 20 minutes.

  11. I ate one before.. then I had to take a piss and I guess I had some pepper juices on my hand so you can guess what happened after that.

  12. Imagine eating a pepper 300x hotter then a jalapeno and 75x hotter then a serrano. and they say they have peppers twice as hot.

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