Brian Barczyk & Why Spider Ball Pythons are Terrible

Brian Barczyk & Why Spider Ball Pythons are Terrible

Spider ball pythons have been quite the
hot topic recently in the reptile community. A lot of people don’t know
what spider ball pythons are or what the controversy is around them. So we’ll get into that at a certain part in the video. Basically the tee is some Expos in Europe
have banned the sale of spider ball pythons at their events. And so the unofficial face
of the reptile community Brian Barczyk has come out in defense
of this morph. Now it’s not like this is a big surprise. He’s been selling spider ball pythons
on his site forever. But it’s kind of an extra big deal of the fact that he not only has just been passively
selling them himself, but he actually made an entire video
talking about why this was such a problem. You might be able to get the same title
of this video. I personally disagree. And yes, I’m some random 18 year old
on YouTube. I’ve been making videos half the time he has. I’ve been keeping reptiles in many few years and I do not have thousands of animals
behind me. So take that as you will but hopefully you can
hear me out on this video. And hear what other people are talking
about in the community as to why he is wrong. Now what actually is the spider morph
and why is this a problem. Well, I’m sure you noticed snake morphs is, basically it makes an animal look different. A morph is something that started out
as a mutation in an animal. So you’re just randomly breeding and all of a sudden
this one animal looks kind of weird. Maybe it looks cool, maybe it looks even uglier. But those then cool mutations
continue to be bred, so that you can keep creating them
and then they become a morph. That’s a very simple explanation
but that’s not what this video is about. And so spider ball pythons are one of those. Somebody found a unique looking mutation. They were, like, “This looks pretty cool, I want to start selling them.” So they figured out how to breed them
and continue to producing them, which Brian talked about in his video. Now different morphs will have different traits. Some have different colors,
some have different patterns. Some have no color at all,
some have no pattern at all. And these can be found in snakes
and lizards and turtles and pretty much any reptile or amphibian
that is commonly sold in the community. So why does the spider ball python differ? Well, let’s go ahead and see how Brian Barczyk
actually defines the spider trait and the issues that come along with it. …Is that they have somewhat of a little bit
of a neurological problem. Do you see this animal.
Its head doesn’t move quite right, has a little bit of a tilt. Some are worse than others
and it’s basically called a spider wobble. So he said there is somewhat of a little bit
of a neurological issue. That’s a lot of adjectives
to describe this teeny-tiny little issue that he’s talking about
and it’s true that there is a ton of variation. You’ll see some spider ball pythons where you can’t tell
that there’s anything wrong at all. And meanwhile, others look much more serious. And there’s spinner here,
which is a spider pinstripe, is a perfect example. It’s got a little bit more
of a shaky head thing going on, when it moves it does corkscrew a little bit but nothing true dramatic. He said this spinner is a perfect example. He’s got a little bit of a shaky head. If you ask me that’s not at all perfect example. He just said,
“It only has a little bit of a shaky head.” I would say the same that this Spinner
is a perfect example of the Spider gene. It’s like saying that my turtle Franklin
is a perfect example for metabolic bone disease. This is when an animal’s bones or in this case,
its shell is not– Calm down please. It’s one that’s not developed correctly
because of incorrect husbandry. So for Franklin’s first years of his life
before I had him, he was kept in incorrect conditions,
which we don’t have to get into in this video. And you can see there’s different lumps,
it’s kind of hard to see on camera. There’s like a lump that kind
of goes down there. A davit here. Around the front
it kind of arches down weirdly. This is not a perfect example. Here, I’ll show you some pictures
of a perfect examples of metabolic bone disease. They look awful. They look terrifying and disgusting. This does not mean that Franklin’s shell
is perfect and that it’s okay but compared to the severe cases
or in common cases, this is nothing. This is like it doesn’t
affect his life, he’s completely fine. You cannot argue that
this is a perfect example for something where the problem barely
even shows up here. And that goes for the same
with my own spider ball python. Someone gave it to me a few months ago. They couldn’t keep it, so it was shipped on to us. So normally animals like
this we would sell or rehome, which whoever gives us
the animals knows that but because we refuse
to sell spider ball pythons, we ended up keeping it ourselves. My friend Ethan also has his own and he did his own video
on spider ball pythons a while ago. My spider, it turns out is even worse
when it comes to just how it is affected. Comparing mine to Brian’s perfect example
with a little bit of a head wobble, this one on the other hand, shows some of the more serious issues
of the spider gene. He has horrible balance and it can do very little
compared to a normal ball python. Him just moving around you can see, he doesn’t really know exactly
where he’s going. He doesn’t pay attention much. He’ll just fall off of whatever there is. Now from what me and many others have seen, while pythons often get a lot out of enrichment where they can climb around
and explore different areas, a snake moving around too much
is usually a sign of incorrect husbandry. But in cases of perfect husbandry
and an appropriate set up and care, a snake can enjoy moving around at times but unfortunately,
as soon as my spider ball python starts climbing or moving around, he has no balance
and starts to just fall off of everything. When you’re holding him,
he is constantly upside down and he also has trouble feeding. Again, I’ll go more into detail
as to why it matters that he’s upside down and why that even makes a difference. But some examples of feeding
is his aim is terrible. Meaning that there’s a higher
chance that he’s going to hit something that is not food and damage himself. So you have to be really careful, if he’s fed
inside the enclosure, which is ideal because people have learned that you really should not take animals
out of their enclosure to feed them. But when the aim is as bad
as the spider ball python, it can be an issue. People might argue that,
“You’re just not preparing the food well enough. It’s not warm enough,
it doesn’t have a strong enough scent, so he can’t find where it is.” But we’ve now gone through
18 ball pythons here that have been cared for all the exact same and the spider has just
so much trouble doing this. In fact, a couple weeks ago
he started eating himself. You might be like,
“How is that related to the spider gene? Well, he was going for the food, he
completely missed, hit the ground, thought he ended up with the mouse
in his mouth but he didn’t. So he went ahead and coiled up
as if he was going to constrict the mouse and his teeth got caught
onto the side of his stomach. And so this poor spider ball python
has his own teeth embedded in the side of his own stomach as he thinks there’s food in his mouth but I think he also thought he
was like being attacked by the food because every time
he would feel his own teeth inside him, he would just start biting
and constricting harder and he was really panicking. So after a few minutes, we were able
to get his teeth unstuck. Thankfully, there was no blood or anything. But that’s just an example of one
of the weird things that has happened to him, simply because he has a spider wobble,
which is apparently just this… It’s got a little bit more of a
shaky head thing going on. So he then said, “If you breed animals
that have the least amount of wobble, typically the offspring will come out
with the least amount as well.” The key word here is ‘Typically’. Unfortunately, typically does not mean always. And there are still those flukes where occasionally spider ball pythons
are just even worse. No matter how careful the breeder is. So maybe both parents are perfectly fine, they, well, fine in quotes,
“they might still wobble around.” Maybe this will have some trouble
eating or maybe they are just about perfect. But their spider child still might have
an extremely severe level. Again, that’s not a usual thing but you know that there is that possibility
every time a spider is produced. Here’s my favorite argument. Let’s go ahead and tackle
the worst argument against spider ball python bans and that are the people that are saying, “By not breeding spiders that’s like saying
you’re discriminating it’s people who might have genetic defects in their children. You would never tear away
the right of a human to have a child
because it might have a genetic defect and does that mean
we should euthanize autistic people?” I can’t really say seriously
because it’s so stupid. Does that mean
we’re gonna like euthanize autistic people and kids with physical deformations
just because they have this? Well first of all, nobody wants to euthanize
spider ball pythons. We’ll get again on than in a second. Second of all, breeding a snake
does not equal a human having the enjoyment and having the pleasure
of having their own child and raising it. Thus a ball Python does not care if it breeds. And trying to blame a breeder for not breeding a certain snake because it’s like a human
not being allowed to have a child makes no logical sense. And, unfortunately this is the most
common argument ever. But so like keep in mind here,
I do not breed. We hope to breed in the future. But the animals behind me are not for some reason, being discriminated against because I’m not breeding them. It’s just because they’re not being bred. People don’t breed their snakes for the
sake of the snake. In fact, breeding can be dangerous. Like in rare cases,
females can have issues while giving birth. They can become egg-bound or other issues
which usually it’s worth the risk to do that because you get more snakes in the end. Not a single breeder on earth breeds
because they feel like they’re doing their snakes some like they’re giving them some privilege
and it’s because they wanted to breed. It’s because they want either,
one, baby snakes. Two, money
from those baby snakes or both. A human having a child is just a human
that wants a child. Okay, we’re done here. I’m not going on with this
because this is so stupid. Now I totally understand the people that say like, “Listen I don’t want to breed anything
that has some kind of a genetic defect. The wobble with a spider is a genetic defect”. The thing is is that there’s a lot of genetic defects
when you start breeding animals. Hey, look at anyone that is into dogs
or cats for that instance understand that a lot of the dog breeds and cat breeds have genetic defaults
that go along with them. And this is where he just automatically
assumes anyone against a spider ball python is not against a dog or cat breeder. Personally, I hate dog breeders
for the passion. I despise them, I think they’re kind of idiots. That’s beside the point, that’s just my opinion. That does not cover all defenders
of the snake ban. But essentially for some reason
he’s just saying that, “Oh, everybody thinks it’s okay to breed”, say pugs, which can like basically
not even breathe because their faces are so mushed up. Or other dog breeds,
I don’t know many by name, that have other issues. Ah no, I’m gonna argue for both. Let’s not breed those
and let’s also not breed this. However, there are also
just many other morphs that have different sort of little issues
here and there. We’re gonna get into this later. I know I keep saying
we’re gonna get into stuff later but I’m trying to like keep it
kinda chronological with his video. But an example is, back in the day people… people still actually get angry because I own some albino animals. Well my corn snake, I have an albino corn snake. I have an albino Leopard gecko stuff like that and people say that albinism is something
that should not be bred. Primarily, because it makes them
more sensitive to light with both their skin to UV and their eyes
just to brightness in general. And that’s a whole argument within itself. So there’s obviously a big spectrum here,
of where do we like draw the line. And this is something that Brian
gets very passionate about. So they decided that they were gonna kind
of play the biggest power and say, “We can take away
your right to choose whether you ever want one of these absolutely gorgeous animals
in your life.” He basically goes on and says,
“Who chooses what is and is not a defect?” And he gives examples,
like I just mentioned the albino. He says, “Scaleless Texas Rat Snakes
shouldn’t be bred without scales because they can’t protect itself.” That’s an argument against them. Take for instance,
a Scaleless Texas Rat snake right here. Some people literally think that this
is a defect that shouldn’t be bred because it doesn’t have scales. They basically say, “Hey listen,
the fact that it doesn’t have scales means that it can’t protect itself
and it’s an abomination and you shouldn’t be able to breed it”. My point is is that,
who gets the right to decide that? So if you don’t know scaleless snakes
are a whole another big debate. Essentially, they are literally bred
without scales. I’ve seen some scaleless head ball
pythons in person myself, which is where they have scales
all over their body except for on their head. But there are also some scaleless snakes
that have no scales, whatsoever. The Texas Rat snakes are an example and based on all of the research which is essentially
just people caring for them, it looks like Scaleless Texas Rat snakes
can be raised just fine. They eat just fine. They’re completely healthy. They have no issues
and they can live a happy and full life. Personally, again
just my personal opinion, I think scaleless animals are just ugly but that doesn’t matter here. I don’t know why I even added that in. And then Scaleless Ball pythons
are a whole another issue, which he did not mention
scaleless ball pythons, possibly because they don’t do too well. But again this is him talking about basically
where do we draw the line? Do we draw the line, for my example,
let albino animals. Do we draw at the scaleless animals,
at spiders or what else? I just thought this was funny he said that, They are two-headed snake. They are definitely an abomination. They are a mutant. They are a freak of nature so to speak. And I’m sorry, I don’t like to use that term but– Brian you literally just titled the video
‘Freak of nature’. What are you talking about? Okay, that’s not related, let’s move on. Should they be euthanized? That’s where I get upset
because nobody should decide what’s best for you or your animals. Should they be euthanized immediately? Because someone thinks like,
“Oh, my gosh! They shouldn’t be alive. They’re suffering, those poor two heads
are fighting each other.” That’s where I get really upset
because again, no one should decide what is right for you or your animals or anything like that as long as the animals
are being cared for. One, nobody wants them to get euthanized. If they do, I’ll defend you with that. No, don’t euthanize them. Just raise them as they can be
unless their quality of life is so bad that they are suffering and
that they would be better off dead. And that does happen
with some snakes that are born, like maybe it’s just this,
like really unhealthy thing that can’t eat and can’t move
and is clearly in pain. Then yeah, obviously I think most people are gonna agree
that we should euthanize them. And maybe there are some spiders
that are so bad that they can’t even survive
and that they should be euthanized. I hope there aren’t. I haven’t seen many of those or if any actually,
hopefully that’s not the case. But then he said,
“Why should other people decide what’s best for you and your animals?” Well, that’s equivalent to saying
that the authorities or like Child Protective Services
should not get a say of what’s best for you or your child. It’s because people are gonna have very
different opinions and different motives of their own that do not line up with human morals. So, yes other people
should have something to say with you and your things, when those things are living animals. …that as long as the animals
are being cared for. It’s not like the spider ball pythons
are born and have some heinous thing that they can’t actually thrive. The truth is is that that mutation
has thrived for over 25 years. Trust me guys this is a slippery slope. Once this happens, what gets banned next? Is a Piebald an abomination? Because it couldn’t live in the wild? If this was out in the wild that white would mean that a predator would have to attack it. I know I might be going a little extreme there. That’s very extreme. Who should we ban? This snake that presumably often suffers because it doesn’t know up from down. Or this colorful boy because if you threw
him out in the wild he would die. Because he’d be eaten by something
because he’s bright white. Obvi– he knew himself here that
that didn’t make any sense. I don’t know why he included it
but I’m including it too. ‘Cause yeah that was weird. Take for instance Super Cinnamons. They have a bulbous nose. Sometimes they even come out with kinks. Does that mean we should immediately ban
Cinnamon Ball python? If you ask me we actually should. I don’t know if that’s the answer
he meant for me to give, but yeah, so like have you seen
Super Cinnamons? [Brian] We have kinks galore. I think that one is gonna have
to be humanely euthanized. I don’t think it’s gonna be able to use
the rest of the kinks so bad back by the cloaca, it’s like bent backwards. [Alex] And for context,
is cinnamon ball python is one morph and the Super Cinnamon is when you breed
those two Cinnamons together you could end up with a Super Cinnamon
which often looks like this. All right, this is a video from someone
that for some reason purposefully bred them and this one is so horrendously bad
that there’s no way it’s gonna survive and it’s gonna have to be euthanized. And again, there are a lot of different morphs
that cause lots of different things. Whether it’s just the color, just the pattern
or something mental like the Spider or physical
like the Super Cinnamon. And it sounds like he doesn’t want
to consider banning any of them just because there are so many. When if you ask me, I think
we need to look at every single one that might have an issue. Like, like if somebody realizes
there is this issue, everybody as a group or as a community should look at this and be like, “Does the positive outweigh the negative?” And the only positive with any morph is, one, it looks cool or two,
it’s worth money. Pretty much any physical or mental issue
to me is more serious than whether you can sell it for a profit or look at it and be like,
“Hey that looks pretty cool”. Yeah and I’m not saying things
that are obvious. I mean, if there’s a mutation of a snake
or something like that that obviously is lethal
or really causes the animal to not thrive, absolutely we should police ourselves and we should decide
not to produce those animals. We shouldn’t have to be told by somebody
to not produce these animals or that they can’t be sold. “We should be policing ourselves
as a hobby and a market.” ‘Market’, that’s the important term here. The market are the people
that spend money on a thing. The market is what determines
pretty much every business. To ask the businesses to police themselves is the probably the most dangerous thing
you can possibly do. Look at anything, like I’m guessing a lot of us here
care about the environment because we care about animals. Think about if oil or gas companies
policed themselves. Even if the CEO is like, “Uh, I like the environment,
that’s pretty cool. I like trees, trees are cool”. They’re there for money. Their business is for money. They’re gonna do whatever they can to get as much money as physically possible. They don’t care what they destroy,
how much they get, what they do to get that oil, etc. They are not going to police themselves and obviously that’s much more extreme
than breeding snakes. But this is also for business. To run your business, you need money. To make money, you sell things. You’re gonna sell the things
that make the most money. For example, normal Ball pythons. Many people love normals. I personally think they’re beautiful
but they’re worth like nothing. They’re dirt cheap. You can get them for under 50 bucks. People don’t breed normals on purpose
because there are so many normals and you’re not going to be able to sell them. Spider Ball pythons on the other hand
are flying off the shelves like crazy. Morphmarket is a place
that you can buy lots of different breeds and morphs of reptiles. Actually, I’ll just pull it up right now and this is not a morphmarket plug
or anything. That’s a cool site though,
I guess if you want to use it. Whatever, here it goes. And under Ball pythons
you can look, buy different one. So normal Ball python, there’s 32 available. Yeah that’s a few. Axanthic, there’s a 185. Albinos, there’s 400. That’s quite a few. Lessers, there’re 800. That’s quite a few. And Spider Ball pythons, there are 1,300. That is terrifying. That tells you just how much demand
and supply there is. But these things are flying off the shelves, literal shelf because they probably
use rack systems but… And they are a lot 300, 225, 150. Those are the cheapest. B– Oh, there’s BHBs, look at that. Just found BHBs on here and how much are they going for,
650, 500, 300, 300, 300, 300, 400 and then other… BHBs are actually assigned
the most expensive ones on here. The point here is they’re worth hella bred and you’re gonna be breeding these, if they’re making you money, myself included. Like if we end up
breeding Ball pythons someday, we’re gonna try and target
this expensive morphs. Not Spiders, we’re not gonna sell Spiders. But what’s the point if it’s equally as easy
to breed a normal as it is this other thing, if it’s worth more money. Not to mention, a lot of these Spiders
look like they’re dying. Only let’s relate to that. But if you’re on morphmarket, just a side note, “Be careful, a lot of these breeders
don’t seem to have much quality control.” That’s, actually BHBs look good
on here, if that’s so? So yeah, first of all policing ourselves. Yeah that’s not gonna work. I think we all know that. We’re in denial if we think that companies are going
to police themselves. But second of all,
it’s all about market, like he said. If the market wants to buy them,
let the market buy them. The market doesn’t know about Spiders. I have– I mean, a decently sized channel where I get to talk to a lot of people and every time I post anything about a Spider, I get probably like 25 to 50 people that ask, “What’s wrong with the spider?” ‘Cause nobody knows. Nobody really talked about it that much. Finally, one of the biggest YouTubers
in reptiles talks about it and all he does is defends it. So it’s not anywhere. Like pull up BHB site, look at the Spider page,
there’s nothing about it. You cannot blame the person buying it but it’s their fault for not knowing Because yes, you can find this information but people don’t know to look for it. If it was my first time getting a Ball python, I’m just gonna, like obviously,
I’m gonna read care guides but none of the care guides mention anything about Spiders or different morphs
having issues. So it would be different
if everything was crystal clear. If there was a disclaimer like, “Spiders have this issue,
you should know about it. Are you sure you wanna buy it?” Even then, personally,
I don’t think that’s enough. I think that it’s a good thing
to not sell them entirely. But that would at least be a step to see
if the market would change their mind, if they knew about them. Of course, there are those people
that love the Spider wobble. “It’s so cute. Oh, my God, I can’t get over it.” And every time I host my Spider,
I get a couple of those unironically and I’m like, “Please be quiet.” I don’t say that. I don’t respond. I leave those people unread. Sorry. So yes, there are going to be people
that seek out the Spider wobble because for some reason, they get some enjoyment out
of seeing a snake wiggle. What are people doing? So what if I sell
a spider ball python in the UK? Do I go to jail? I don’t even know what the ban means. So answer this poll. “Should Brain go to jail?” That’s a joke. Okay. I don’t think he’s eager to jail. I’d DM’ed the International Herpetological Society just to see what they had to say
about Brian’s video and they said, “Are we bothered
about what the Americans think? Probably not.” And then they reiterated
that the band is only for Expos and they can not control
what the seller sells outside of an Expo. So yeah, roasted! That make some good clickbait though. You should go to jail. ‘Cause then you could come out and be
like, “I got arrested for selling snakes” and that would get a lot of views. Okay, I’ll collab with you on that. And then for once,
you would not be clickbaiting because that would be true. So then Brian was talking
about the Enigma Leopard Geckos which he said
that he decided not to breed. And it also has a wobble issue to it. This animal is actually pretty good and we have a handful of Enigmas
that we just have in the collection that actually aren’t too bad, but we made a decision
not to breed the Enigmas in the future. And it’s just something that we decided. Hey, there’s other mutations
that are very similar to Enigma. We’ll just go ahead and work with them,
things like white and yellows, that make things that look almost the same
so why produce the Enigma? Again, we decided on our own. We didn’t have to be told by anyone to do it. You decided on your own
because there was one very similar. There’s nothing similar to a Spider Ball python. So if you ask me personally, I’m adding lots of disclaimers
of what I’m about to say but it sounds like my understanding is the only reason Brian
stopped breeding the Enigma, is because there’s one that looks like it. Which means that he’s putting
the beauty of it over the issue at hand. So it sounds like if there was something
that looked almost the same as a Spider, then he would breed that instead of a Spider. That’s my guess at least. But it sounds like if there was not that
morph that looked like an Enigma, just taking a guess, I don’t know if this is true, it sounds like he would still breed the Enigma
and just ignore the head wobble, just because there’s nothing that looks like it. Which again is a form of just putting the beauty or the money over the welfare of the animal. Then he talked about Bearded dragons. He said this hobby police itself and stopped breeding them
because of health issues. Scaleless bearded dragons just a lot
like scaleless snakes don’t have scales. First of all, can we talk
about how disgusting they look? Ew, look at this, so gross. Beside that’s, that’s not related okay. So it is true that thankfully
most bearded dragon breeders do not sell the scaleless because they’re gross. No that’s not why. It’s because they do have issues
throughout their life with their skin because they are scaleless. But I had no problem finding plenty
of scaleless bearded dragons for sale all over the internet. A lot of them ran out of stock. I don’t know if that’s
because they can’t breed them fast enough or it’s because they’re cutting back on them. But either way, they’re everywhere. It looks to me like even
if some of them police themselves, most certainly not all of them have. Just like I’m sure there are people
that maybe they did breed spiders at some point but they did end up policing themselves
and stopped. Meanwhile, there’s others that are just
going and going and going. Again in North Carolina Repticons,
there was not a single Ball python breeder. We were selling there, so I could check. I had plenty of time. I went to every single booth multiple times. Not a single person except for us selling ball pythons did not have Spiders. Every single one had Spiders. Some were only Spiders. The banners on their things, it was Spiders. They were everywhere. No disclaimers. Lots of money. Thousands of dollars for these. Obviously there are some for hundreds. But once they get fancier, they’re worth a lot and they were selling. We were there all weekend, Spiders were selling and I’m sure very few people actually knew
what the problem was. Okay, so then Brian did actually mention
the Albino Corn snakes. He said that first mutation sold
were considered lethal… …and in the very beginning,
mutations like Albino Snow Stripe Corn, all kinds of mutations originally were
considered to potentially be lethal because they were really weak and then generation after generation
of out breeding and getting new bloodline,
now they’re immensely stable. And that’s great. I actually didn’t know that. I learned that from this video. So I’m still being educated by Brian, yay! But now Goobe my corn snake
who is an albino, he’s doing perfectly fine, like Brian said because they were bred
so much that they did so well. Now I’m not saying that you’re gonna
breed the wobble out of Spider because I mentioned earlier in the Vlog, you can’t breed the wobble out of a Spider. But that doesn’t mean
that you can’t improve it and just kind of work on it. You can’t compare them to Albinos
because they’re fine now. Spiders are not. Spiders have been around
for 20 plus years and now they are most certainly not fine. Then he roast the IHS for three minutes. Blaming them and he blames them for like potentially being the future of
people losing their livelihoods, by a ban that doesn’t do anything. The poor International Herpe Society
is just being torn apart by this guy blaming them for the loss of jobs. First of all, they can’t control
what they’re selling online or direct to consumer. They can right now only control these Expos that they are working with or whatever. ‘Cause this is not a– This is not an authoritative thing
by any governments, it’s just the organizations. So they can still sell them. And again, I am gonna make
this point again, so that you are crystal clear on this. I am not saying that I am not in the best interest
of the animal because I am. I can’t like prove him wrong because
I don’t know what his intentions are. This is an opinion. This is a mindset. You can’t prove a mindset. But, purely based on
just what I’ve heard in this video, it’s hard to tell
how much of the case this is. Even, pretend he was making
no money off these, if they were free, he just gave the Spiders away
because they were so beautiful, you’re still putting the beauty of it
over the welfare. And I think that goes a lot with things
like different dog breeds, where they’re just so beautiful. They look so cool. They’re so big or mean or nice or small or fuzzy
or fluffy or whatever. Even if the person loves this little dog, they still put their own interests
over that of the dog because the dog is not enjoying this life but the person is enjoying the dog’s life because it’s just so cute. Hopefully, he does have the best intentions but personally, it’s hard to tell
if I agree with that. Today it’s Spiders. Maybe next week it’s Piebalds. Maybe that a year after it’s all colors. So this is where he’s referring to, what’s gonna be banned next? What’s next? He’s using what I would consider
a lot of fear mongering here. And fear is by far the number one
marketing tool maybe other than sex but those are the two. So if you apply marketing tactics
to this video in a way, he’s kind of just using the same tactics
to defend this and then in a way market the snake, right? Again, a lot of things I’m saying
in this video is just my opinion. I do not cover the opinion of everyone
against the Spider Ball python. That’s what the comment section’s for. We can find out if people agree with me. But then he said, “Next week may– What if Piebalds are banned
because they are white?” That’s racist. And then “Maybe the year after,
all colors are banned?” That’s why we do this one step at a time. I’m not gonna blatantly support the IHS
if they want to do all this stuff. I don’t know if you asked them
if they were going to. I have a feeling they’re not going to. But if that day comes, where first they banned Spiders
and then a week from today they say, “Piebalds are next.” then I’m gonna jump on that Brian train and support you with it
in every way that I can. This is not a binary thing,
it’s not black and white. It’s a very case-by-case basis and I think that’s very important
that we do this and not that we assume that just
because this one thing happened that it’s going to keep happening. I think Brian knows this himself. Again, that’s just me thinking, but I’m– It feels like just a way to get
people on his side, I don’t know. I’ve spent my entire life trying to
disprove people’s opinion of reptiles. I’m sure you’ve done a good job at that. I love all those, ‘Snake bite’, ‘Snake angry’, ‘Snake strangle, ooh’, ‘Gonna kill me uh-oh’, ‘It Escaped. Oh, boy!’ Yeah great, I’m sure that helps. I’m aware though that he’s helped
a lot of people change their minds. You can just read his comment section and see how many people
he’s positively affected. But it’s, it’s not a GoHerping video
without mentioning this clickbait. And then he reiterates how he thinks people should be able
to make their own decisions. And I think that is a really big thing here. Like I talked– I haven’t made a video
about it before but I talk about Spiders a lot. And it’s our decision as a company to
not sell spider ball pythons. It’s obviously Brian’s decision to sell them, when they have less of a wobble. So I’d say the spectrum goes like our company here,
sells no Spider Ball pythons. Brian sell spiders that have
very minimal issues or wobble. And then there’s the other companies
that just don’t care at all. And by far, this is the biggest group there where most people don’t care, they’re just gonna breed them. But then Brian goes the extra step
to try and do his best to get that wobble down. But let’s say BHB is the best company on earth. That means that every company
under him is going to do worse. And that just because this company
is doing the best that they can, doesn’t mean that all others
are doing the same. So if that’s the change
that we want to see, then that means we have
to force every single other person to carefully regulate these animals. But that’s going to be near impossible because it’s a generally small community here and it’s hard to push against a company that’s just making so much money because money really is the only thing
that’ll affect most companies. And again, that’s not talking about BHB, that’s talking about companies that really do just sell any Spider
or anything that’s worth money, no matter how bad they are. Side note, I mean just look at other species. So like Tokay geckos, they’re perfectly legal, they’re sold all the time. Looking at Tokay gecko from our company, here he is. Beautiful right! These are the Tokyo geckos at Repticon. They were a couple booths
over from us selling this garbage. This person is self regulating. So that’s why I think that not only should
certain things be regulated morph wise but they need to be regulated quality wise and I think that’s kind of like
the best agreement we can make here. And that we need to regulate people’s quality over blanket statements with this stuff. Why is this breeder not banned? I won’t say their name. If you go to North Carolina Repticons
just look for them, you’ll see them. Don’t yell with them or anything please,
that’s not gonna go well. But, why are these people not banned? So again, I think that mixes into
how this is not a binary issue and how banning just one thing
is not gonna fix everything because there are so many little issues but I think that this is personally, I would say this is in the right step. What do you think? Are you on my side? Are you on Brian’s side? Are you between us? Can you see both of our opinions? Are we both wrong? Do you have a whole third opinion
that doesn’t line up with either? Let me know. Finally, did a video on Brian. People wanted it. So there’s that. Something I forgot to completely cover
is, if you have a Spider Ball python, please don’t feel bad about it because chances are you didn’t know
about this issue. Even if you knew that had a slight wobble, maybe it was just like, maybe someone
described it to you, like Brian did in this video
and that it’s a tiny thing, doesn’t affect them, it’s fine. My hope with this video is that it shows you that maybe this is not the best decision
for the future. Kind of like, if I say that, “Oh this place
is a bad place to buy for”, don’t feel bad for buying from them
if you didn’t know. Just use this to learn from in the future and I hope your Spiders do well in the best way that they can. So that is the Spider debate
with me and Brian Barczyk. And if you watched all the way to the end, thank you because you probably did more
than half the people commenting on this video that are just gonna spew opinions
no matter what their opinion is. It’s best to watch a video
before you comment on it. Just saying, all right. So, I’m Alex and thanks for watching. Hey Ethan what is going on? Of course, Brian here at the Reptarium. All my animals behind me. Got Andrea back there. Just want to say hey and I hear you’re like an avid fortnite player. I tell you what, I’m not very good at it. Noah is actually pretty good but I know the more you play
the better you get. So I know you’ll have an epic victory
royale pretty soon. Just keep on going away and again
thank you for your support. And if you ever need any encouragements
from me, please reach out to me. I’ll definitely work your butt off on fortnite
and you’ll be really good. In the meantime, from Bowser
and Lucy in the back over there and all you have an absolutely
amazing day, gap. [music playing]

100 thoughts on “Brian Barczyk & Why Spider Ball Pythons are Terrible”

  1. Follow on Instagram for less controversy!

    Brian's video, to ensure nothing was taken out of context:

  2. That is so stupid to compare a child with autism or any other physical problem a child might be born with it is stupid to compare it to a damn spider python that they are altering the DNA in these snakes nobody is altering the DNA in children

  3. I own a spider ball python and it does not act like that the whole point is we don't even know what's going on there my normal ball python sometimes does the same thing

  4. Look every one has an option on just about everything out there ,with out breeding many species we as people would not have this vast variety of options we have become accustomed too so In that my opinion pick and choose what you want and like

  5. If i were to make a law on the breeding spyders i would say it should be against the law to breed that animal but if a spyder is bred by two animals that do not have the spider gene you can not sell it for money you can only donate it

  6. Alex,

    I do not own any reptiles but I found your videos excellent. In fact, Excellent enough that I did a marathon of them on my day off. I find you very intelligent and you have put a lot of hard work and thought into your pets. I am sure your family is very proud of what you have accomplished so far.

    I just want you to know that as you progress in life you will run into people that will not agree with your opinions. How these people react to your opinions shows you what type of people they truly are. Those that stoop to personal attacks in the comments here demonstrate the ugly side of human nature. Do not be put off by this. These are the same people that feel if you do not agree with them then you must be attacked personally. Stick to your guns.

    Your opinions are very correct on this subject. The people that disagree with you would gladly put personal gain over the welfare of others. Avoid these people in life and stick to those that support you.
    I look forward to more of your educational videos in the future and can only wish you the best in success in life.

  7. I think you make some very well-educated and informed points. Your poor spider ball python has so many neurological and physical issues. It seems that even the ones that are fine have fine motor control issues like Parkinson's which is really horrifying.

  8. Can I just say what I think the most absurd part of that analogy is? People are saying that not intentionally breeding animals with neurological issues that severely affect their quality of life is the same as preventing people with disabilities from having children – for that to be an accurate analogy, people would have to be forcing individuals with the same disability to breed for the specific purpose of making more people with the same appearance that that disability causes. If anybody was doing that to people with severe autism, or down’s syndrome, or any disability, everyone would be opposing it, because that’s absolutely terrible. I know absolutely nothing about snakes, and I can tell you that that is the dumbest analogy anyone has ever made up.

  9. I’m new to the whole snake community and Brian was one of the first I watched but something always feels a bit off. I mean he must sell them so his wife can afford all of the anabolic steroids. Lold so much about the jail part

  10. That has to be the most extreme case of head wobble I've ever seen!!! When people start going after certain morphs then eventually go after them all! Considering Bryan has many years of experience I would say he knows exactly what he is talking about!

  11. Ok but how common are these problems because I’m no expert but this does not seem like it is common but when you made the point to say it’s not usual for them to literally fucking try to eat it’s self the chances to me don’t seem very high Brian’s example was Better than your because his snake defect was more common than the snake that you have

  12. I hate the fact that Brian is quote "the face" for this community. I personally dont keep reptiles but from what ive read and seen he needs to step back and give someone the chance that knows what they are talking about, takes better care of their animals, and so on be the "face" of the reptile community. I refuse to support him. Thank you for doing this video.

  13. That’s like saying ‘let’s permanently and purposely push the autistic genes to attempt to create more autistic kids because they have cool hair colors’.

  14. So, you despise dog breeders, but you want to breed snakes?

    Why is one ok, but the other is not?

    Many dog breeds still perform the jobs they were originally bred to do.

    What exactly is the point of a breeding snakes? What is their purpose?

  15. This poor snake has neurological problems. I have bought a Spider Ball Python and I will not breed him. He is a wonderful pet. No head wobble and he gets great care.

  16. Wow. Brian doesn't seem to care about the actual snakes at all, look how freaked they are when he's waving them around.

  17. We should not breed spider ball python. Snakes deserve to live without the troubles of a spider wobble. Of course we shouldn’t kill the snakes with the spider wobble (that’s just evil) but we shouldn’t encourage the breeding of it.

  18. Where can someone buy a snake that is not sick?? But not spend so much money?? I was really interested in a pastel banana, but I’m worried

  19. In Australia we basically can only keep native snake species, well that's how it is in Western Australia.
    Personally I like that approach but we do have a lot of snakes over here 😂

  20. So you are all for the animal rights, especially snakes. Yet you own more animals than the average person behind you. How would you like to live in any cage? Omg how about that albino corn snake you own? Omg your turtle would have such a better life without you? Seriously how do you get your animals? Probably from a breeder or someone else. Your on the fence of being PETA and not being PETA. Just so you can bitch about other peoples animals. Yet your pets are behind you in cages suffering. I think someone is a little jealous that you dont have thousands of snakes, and get to sell them. Look at your animals welfare bc you want them and are attracted by there species or beauty so you cage them behind you. You shove your foot in your mouth a lot. Your brain is genetic defect, and dont get me started on your hair that doesnt looked washed and strait out of bed to check my animals over your own health. You cry I hate snake breeders. Yet you own reptiles behind you. Opinions are like assholes every has one. I'm all for your opinion, but your worse than Brain when you stoop lower to bash him and make fun of him laughing. When he has been taking care of snakes for longer than you've been alive.

  21. When you intentionally breed in a neurological deficiency you are being cruel to the animal. That’s like breeding in genetic deformations into humans. As humans we do not breed for genetic issues because these happen naturally.

  22. hey I'm new to the reptile hobby. I was wondering if the banana ball was a spider too? probably a dumb question but how can you tell on pictures is it the blackish brown lines?

  23. you and snake discovery channels make me so happy, you guys are so educated and calm. i found you guys so i could learn to take care of a snake id like to own. thank you guys so much for being calm and educated and educating others.

  24. Lol I have a neurological disorder and I never even thought of the “ban disabled kids” argument. What the heck? What bull crap. 😂

  25. This is great information! Thank you so much! I am looking at 4 month old female Spider tonight and I was completely unaware of the issue. The shop I'm going to also has a pinestripe. Can you tell me if there are any issues with that particular morph?

  26. 21:45 Brian says theres other mutations that look similar to it. Last time I checked, theres this thing called a WOMA ball python that looks like a spider.

  27. Omg This is not okay. What if humans were bred to have a disorder to walk diagonally and wobble our heads all the time just because? How would living feel? UGH. It’s hard watching them try to eat 💔 Thanks so much for this video

  28. the thing is us as humans are FORCING the spider's to breed. in the wild, it probably wouldn't happen. but as humans, autism and other defects just occur and we as a species have those defects in general. we are forcing the snakes to breed problems. humans just breed.

  29. The spiders are flying off the shelf, thousands (hundreds) of them and for how many years? In the snake realm, I'm sure the word is out. If people cared about the problem, those snakes would be like the normal or common BP, cheap and then they would go away. People who are into snakes don't care about this issue. Being concerned is a good thing but if that snake brings a profit to whoever sells it, there isn't much that can be done. Let those people choose what snake to make and sell. I don't have a snake as a pet. Just stating my opinion.

  30. It would be like people having children with others that carry the same genetic mutation on purpose. Like forcing albinos or other issues. That is the equivalent of forcing spider balls and selling.

    He just doesnt wanna lose his $$$ I bet he makes bank

  31. I don’t care how old you are and how much reptiles you keep TRUTH IS TRUTH. wow you are super smart and know what you’re talking about, and I truly respect that.

  32. Ok kid, I was with you on this until you said pugs shouldn't be bred because of their snouts being short, that they "can't breathe". They breathe just fine… that's a ridiculous to say. They don't suffer at all. if we stop having RESPONSIBLE, REPUTABLE, and INTELLIGENT breeders of (for example) pugs, then pugs in their PUREST form will cease to exist. Yes, an irresponsible breeder might breed the poorer genes and have ACTUAL defects (having a short snout is NOT a defect 🤣), but that's the exception not the rule.

    Edit: I wrote this before I finished the video. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you think several breeds of dogs just SUFFER because of what they are? Man…. you know nothing about domestic dogs.

  33. It's a complete joke that people would use an agurement of people vs snake genetics. People are purposely choosing to breed a snakes knowing they have health issues to make money, those who have babies don't choose to give birth to a child with health issues…. the logic 🙄 … another point you made about we cant police ourselves I strongly agree with a good portion of people can't choose what's right over their own temptations hence why we have securities guards, police, army, navy, governments ect.. although they don't always make the right decisions because just like us they are human they do for the most part take action on what's the best outcome as a whole. Anyways love your videos keep up the good work! 😁

  34. Anyone who puts looks over the well-being of an animal is a complete moron . You may only be 18 but your intelligence & calm demeanor makes Brian look like a crazed lunatic.

    Brian: "it's just a little wobble."

  35. on the Brian Barczyk bandwagon too? though i don't see myself ever owning a Spider morph, i don't see banning them is a solution. if people have such a case with spider morphs, why don't they also have a case with dog breeding. why not ban all aesthetic specific breeding that causes any type of issue.

  36. Thank you for all the information! You're so level headed and mature, it's admirable for someone your age! Keep up the good work.

  37. i love the points you bring up about genetic knowledge of the animals being one of the important things about picking the animal that they pick. may i suggest research into the history of Capitalism. regulation can be a good way to make some changes in how business do things. however it is also a good way to curtail many good business that follow the practices and get burned by them. laws and regulations keep honest people honest. dishonest people just don't care. you are making a good name for your self and that is an honorable thing. but to ask for more regulation and over site will just curtail you and not anyone that does those horrible things. thank you for this video and the ideas that you put out. it will definitely help me in my future purchases. it might also be good too put in any links to where i could understand the genetics mentioned here about spiders.

  38. I have a lot to say, but I'll try to be as short as I can…
    I'm interested in BPs, and ofc I would like to get some morph… My interest came after friend of mine showed me his 6 snakes he as (as a pets, he doesn't breed them), and he was so proud of his newest pet – spider BP, he told me that he got it really cheap, I think it was around $60, and snake did look ok, good feeder, etc… but he, and me neither knew about that problem, and wobble was a little present, but we didn't know that was because morph…
    Snake unfortunately died few months after he got it…
    So yeah, about banning these, I'm definitely in, however, I do not believe Brian and other breeders care about snakes health, and my opinion is that not every baby snake is healthy, and if they can't sell it, they euthanize it, not keep it, although is their fault snake hatched that way by breeding that gene.

    I would love if you make videos about common issues in some more popular morphs, and explain why not buy/what the problems are… I think there are more problems than with just these 2 morph…

    Now with the things I do not like about that video… for example, this is controversy video about ball pythons with spider gene, yet you somehow got to the scaleless snakes and called them ugly… that was very subjective and you should not put subjective opinions based on appearance just because you don't like it… should have bit tongue there, and also at around 30:20 mark, called that geckos garbage… that was not nice also… we can see they are in poor condition, but garbage is not the word you should've use there…

    Anyway hope you keep up educating people more, and good job overall on subject with good evidence, and not BSing like Brian did… Looking forward that you can spread more knowledge and stop animal suffering because money…

  39. I can barely ever watch a 33 min youtune video but you kept me entertained by providing plenty of insparation and not repeating yourself

  40. When I was younger I loved Brian’s videos but I don’t like him now because I feel like he just does this for money unlike you and snake discovery who genuinely care for the animals you/they breed and/or sell

  41. I still think Brian is more entertaining. Sometimes I want education and sometimes I just want entertainment.
    You can be as boring as a school assignment.

  42. Not all, but many ‘dog breeders’ have been found to be breeding dogs over and over and keeping them in small cages and are COUGHS basically puppy mills.

  43. Im not through the whole video yet, But i totally agree with everything you're saying. Now, I don't actually own snakes, but i do own chickens. And cross beak is a genetic deformity. Basically their beak is crooked, And it can be okay to the point it doesn't bother them eating, and other times they can't eat by themselves at all. Now, cross beak can commonly comes with neurological issues… So even if it can eat on it's own, It might have bad neurological issues to the point it's hard for them to thrive. I have a cross beak rooster who came from a hatchery. His isn't bad, but he is starting to show his neurological issues, But is doing okay. Now, You are NOT supposed to breed these since it is genenic. So, This rooster is absolutely beautiful! He is a paint, A very popular color. He is honestly one of the prettiest I've ever seen actually. But i will NEVER breed him!!! Because if i were to, The likeliness of his chicks having the issues are very highly, and if not his chicks, His chick's chick's, or their chicks. So basically just because he's pretty, Does not mean i should breed him. And i won't. PS. This took forever to write.

  44. I've recently entered the reptile world but I've forever been an animal activist. I follow both you and Brian, and while I love his videos for the information and his passion, never feel ashamed for calling someone out for being wrong just because they are older. You may be young but your passion lies in animal welfare and husbandry, and his is just outdated. I don't believe Brian is malicious in any way, but he's promoted Reptiles by Mack and other industrial animal producers because he is one. Times are changing and you are the present and the future of reptile care, Keep On Criticizing! Oh and I love that you seek out animals to be rehomed! We need more people like you!

  45. Yet you both have you opinion on what is the “perfect example” on how bad they’re condition is there are still some that are worse and aren’t so bad, Brian’s “perfect example” is probably meaning something that is noticeable and your “perfect example” is your spider ball python that wants to tilt his head and can’t balance very well, no one is really right or wrong it just depends on the ball python and how bad their condition is

  46. Brian isn’t even twice the keeper you are. You actually care and use your better judgment instead of following the money with no care for the animals condition.

  47. You do have a heart but trying to take down something like that is very hard I personally don’t agree with breeding defective animals that will die or struggle like that

  48. Try chameleons there pretty mean but there beautiful calming I would read a lot on them there pretty difficult but I think there worth and if your lucky you could get one that’s tame

  49. I was wondering I get a complete white Snake (Ivory pastel male) Now what would happen if I breed him with a complete black Snake (Super pastel black female)? Would their be any issues? What comes out? etc

  50. I started watching Brian’s channel a long time ago and then I stopped after I kept seeing his fake high energy videos and the constant click bates. Not to mention that he would purposely agitate his animals to get bit or whatever his intentions were. He just started irritating me. That’s all. Periot.

  51. Inbreeding always results in negative health consequences. That's true for humans and it's true for other types of animals.

  52. Odd how I had a spider and never had a problem. Maybe I just got lucky huh? Then again I have seen MANY annnd never saw this issue you have. We don’t know how you treat your snakes. I find it off only a few have this issue and it’s many different genes so maybe it’s a matter of neglect of the owner? Just saying. Or maybe it’s simply a issue with the animal itself. Many different animals have issues when you get into breeding. Just saying to ban a gene for something that can happen in many different genes seems ignorant to me.

    Do more research and I suggest you look into other genes cause I had a normal that was like this it could very well be as simple as a defect like any other defect.

  53. Great to know. This is the first I have heard of this. I am currently looking into getting a ball python as a pet. I actually prefer the natural coloration. Some morphs are really nice looking. My own opinion would be, if the snake does not have any genetic defects or health issues because of a morph coloration, then i have no issues with it. But to breed them knowingly…I whole heartily disagree with it. As a pet owner I want a healthy, happy animal. If I know a certain morph has issues, I will stay clear of em.

  54. "You breed snakes for the sake of the snakes, prohibiting ball pythons it's the same as prohibiting a human from having a child" says someone while peting their castrated cat/dog.

    Also we can't control what ppl do, but when it's discovered that someone has genetic issues, at least on the hospital I work on they are booked a few sessions with doctors/therapists so that they can tell them it's a terrible idea for them to have a kid

  55. hi i got my first snake a couple weeks ago so i’m new to the reptile community but — you are my absolute FAVORITE LMAOO seriously i’ve been consistently watching your vids you’re amazing <3

  56. “franklin calm down please” MY HEART JUST EXPLODED.

    But for the spider ball pythons they should be banned 100% cruel to just keep breeding these animals. If in the future they’re still being bred, how much worse are they gonna get?

  57. Brian is the puppy mill equivalent of snakes. No one can tell me differently. It’s all about money for him and that’s it.

  58. that is pretty messed up .. breeding an animal with a known deformity .. is pretty irresponsible .. as a dogman / breeder .. why would anyone buy it tho 🤔

  59. No I agree with Brian. You ban one morph what morph is next. If you ban one for a defect then you have to all that have defects

  60. I also notice that everyone making videos against it are really young and dont have the experience Brian has who has been doing this for what 25 years? You have been into snakes for what 5 maybe 10 gtfo

  61. Brian Barcyk and Clint' reptiles are literally poisoning this hobby with their ridiculous arguments. Animals deserve to be healthy and happy and exhibit their natural behaviours and being constantly dizzy and their ability to feed being severely affected isen't what they deserve.

  62. Brian Barcyk and Clint' reptiles are literally poisoning this hobby with their ridiculous arguments. Animals deserve to be healthy and happy and exhibit their natural behaviours and being constantly dizzy and their ability to feed being severely affected isen't what they deserve.

  63. This is my second time watching this. Why do you bring Brian down? instead of just putting your point across without naming other people. I did use to watch you until this. I don’t get why people put others down. This seems more against Brian than the spider gene. Respect gone.

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