Character  of Respiratory Surface – Human Respiration – Biology Class 11

Character of Respiratory Surface – Human Respiration – Biology Class 11

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Hello Student today we are studying chapter human respiration in that we are studying topic character of respiratory system now I talk about human respiratory system it needs to be in certain parameters or it means to have certain vegetables and other organs then only we as human beings can be properly now what are these parameters or features let’s study about them. firstly and in espírito surface or area has to be thin and permeable now when I thik and permeable let’s assume that angular other air sacs now imagine if you Angela all your insects with thick and impermeable do you think that the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide would have been possible obviously not it won’t be secondly large surface area if you imagine your respiratory tract your respiratory tract eventually starts from your nostrils or noses including your right and the left cavity of a moose and then goes from there till your alveoli in that you have pharynx larynx esophagus bronchi so it’s quite a big area obviously you have to inhale and exhale gases and it is a lifelong process and while you can some gases and needing large amount of spaces moist and highly vascular now respiratory systems need to be moist and they have to be vascular especially in eukaryotic organisms because prokaryotic organisms will never have so advanced respiratory system they basically address fire with the help of the skin or outer layers of skin or cutaneous or subcutaneous layers of skin they will be in direct or million in direct contact with the source of oxygen now we are inhaling air or gases atmosphere or environment just to intake that oxygen which is vital for our survival so we need to be around oxygen obviously on we have to exhale oxygen and we need to get oxygen in assistance and we have to remove carbon dioxide out of our systems lastly the presence of respiratory pigments hemoglobin if there is no hemoglobin who will carry oxygen molecule to different tissues so what are the characteristics that would be needed for a respiratory system to work properly on to carry on that gaseous exchange of material let’s go through them firstly it must be thin and permeable permeability of your eye will attract all your respiratory system is there necessary because it’s that’s not resin how will your gases exchange also it should have a large surface area the next interest subtract cannot be a smaller area then how gaseous exchange how would the gases molecules which would include oxygen carbon dioxide if you inhale it would also include dust particles nitrogen where are they going to reside or stay for a pillar of them till oxygen is kept inside the body and carbon dioxide is removed also it needs to be moist and highly vascular now in prokaryotes or in vertical organisms this is the requirement which is very necessary they must be in direct or indirect contact with the source of oxygen or o2 wherever your breathing or inspiring that air it needs to have the presence of oxygen because that’s the thing for which you’re breathing the vital energy molecule and lastly there needs to be a presence of respiratory equipment which is HV or hemoglobin we all know that oxygen when it has to be carried to different organs hemoglobin molecule is a crucial one your RBC’s which are biconcave or enucleated on that molecule of hemoglobin which is upon firing ring of ions attaches and to which the oxygen molecule attaches and they travel together so whenever they have to keep an oxygen molecule this trial travels together and the oxygen molecules are distributed to the places of tissues organs and cells so in google be necessary now tense of hemoglobin also the presence of carbonic anhydrase in the case of human beings to remove out there are the c molecules it’s not necessary that just an ma globin or just the carbonic anhydrase can remove or take in oxygen to the synthesis certain amount of and carbon oxide removal is done by plasma cells of a blank but that’s just seven to eight percent rest of the work is done by these two parameters so students in this part of the chapter who read it studied about the characteristics of respiratory surfaces now in case of animals this characteristics could be for example in the case of frogs which is an amphibian this is a Terran animal that keel is half the time on land and have a big fan underwater now there is pile with the help of their gills as well with the help of this skin now when they respect the help of their kids they’re less filtrate system should have all this quality but when there is filed with the help of this kid the subcutaneous surface or the skin lesions must contain this property similarly lizards not lizards at Ellis show they’re never aquatic but in that time they need to produce certain hormones I can because if I could say along with this system protozoans ma buds annelids autoimmune leeches a every expletive system needs to have this quality so that there is fire efficiently students in this part of the chapter we did study about respiratory system of surfaces and how do they function and what are their properties they need to possess to be a fine desperate resistance I hope they are very clear about this concept thank you

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