Cheating in Middle School

Cheating in Middle School

(Music) Ok, I don’t know about you, But I don’t like the way tests make me feel I get super anxious before I take a test …and then I get really depressed after I do bad on a test. We had kids in my class Who were getting gray hairs IN MIDDLE SCHOOL Some of you are probably all like: “Swoozie if they were Asian, it’s all genetics!” NO IT’S NOT! All of my Asian friends Secretly STRESS OUT like CRAZY Because if they came home, and they weren’t on the honor roll there were gonna be SEVERE consequences Walk in the house like “Dad! I got two C’s on my report ca- “(thick Asian accent) WHAT?!?!?! YOU GET A TWO C ON REPORT CARD??!?! YOU DISGRACE YOUR WHOLE FAMIREE!! TIME TO DIE!!! HYAAAAAAHH (Fighting game yells) (Fighting game announcer) ULTRAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOO (Fighting Game announcer) Perfect! And see with me, I would TRY studying But there would always be that moment where I just kinda snap out of Study Mode And… realize what I’m staring at on the page and be like: “Y squared minus X+6” and I think to myself: “YES, this is TOTALLY NEVER gonna help me in life! fuck ALL of ‘dis, okay? Imma go watch TV.” And, see, when I was in middle school me and my dad made a little deal. He told me if I made the honor roll, he would buy me a 27-inch TV and let me put it in my bedroom! And see, the ONE class I did not have to worry about was French Class The teacher would just teach us French words and then teach us basic conversation and once a week she would turn off all the lights And we’d watch Beauty And The Beast completely dubbed in French. The class was an easy A UNTIL…… …we actually got textbooks Masculine, feminine nouns Conjugating verbs prepositions like, FUCK ALL Of ‘DAT! And I get to that first written test… “Conjugate the following verbs into past, present, and future”? Wut… Get this crap out mah face! I’ll be danged… …If this is the class that holds me back from getting that 27-inch TV. And then something just tells me… “(whispering) Look over to your left…” My boy Josh is just like burnin’ through this test He is like quietly singing… “Be Our Guest” in French (singing in French) (humming) And that same little voice in my head just whispers “(whispering) Cheat off of him…” My eyes kinda just scroll down to his paper… And my hand just started reflexibly… writing down everything I saw and BOOM! B+! So, next test comes along… and y’all already KNOW I’m cheatin’! K, I wasn’t always a goodie-goodie! I used to be up in da CLUBS Popping bottles! But it’s cool Cuz Josh was one of my best friends at the time So I knew he wouldn’t even mind! Next test comes along Josh gets an A, I get an A. Fast-forward to next test I’m sitting there pratically flipping through the Best Buy catalog And I notice Josh is moving… a little bit slower …On this test then he normally does He fills out an answer, I fill out an answer. Then there’s a pause. Then he’ll fill out another answer, and then I fill out an answer. and there’s another pause And then I hear him say: “(angrily, softly) Andande, stop cheating off of me…” Ok, imma act Like I didn’t even hear him say ‘dat, k? Then he writes another answer… I wait for a second… And then I write an answer. And then he says it a little bit louder “(angrily, softly) ADANDE, STOP CHEATING OFF OF ME- Shhhhhh. shh shh shh shh. Josh, just shhhh Just let it happen, just let it happen. “Frama-la boosh” “(softer) Frama-la boosh” So there’s a long pause. And then he writes down another answer… I wait for like 30 seconds… …and then I write down another answer “MISS PRICE ADANDE’S CHEATING OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled it out in front of the WHOLE class I’m not even exaggerating, y’all. Needless, to say I got an F in that test …a C in the class …and no honor roll. See, Josh was lucky… My thug levels had gone down by the time I got to Middle School Cuz the old, OLD me Would’ve been waiting for him outside the class as soon as he stepped out Get all up in his face like “Mah dude, why u snitchin’, this is not a game! Wut, you think this is a game? Now, like I open up a can of u poppin’ up HEEEEE-YUUUUUUUUUUHH (Splat) I didn’t choose thug life… Thug life chose me! (Music)

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  1. Español es facil =/

    Lmao imagine you just write everithing wrong then he says "HES CHEATING OFF OF ME" he'd cause a disturbance

  2. my teacher in maths class was like "so why will this help you in life? it'll help you when.. oh look the board is frozen. oh no it isn't it's fine haha. what were we talking about again? oh yeah so then the next step is just draw a line through here-"
    and all the kids were just waiting for that moment when she'd tell us why it's important and she'd literally start the sentence "this will help you in life when.." and then zone out again or just mutter something quietly under her breathe no one could here then continue teaching like nothing just happened then at the end of lesson she said "ok so the reason this will help you in real life… out in the real world… when you're older… when you've got a house… when you've got a job… when you've got a family… cough let me get a tissue one minute pretends she's about to sneeze for 30 seconds ok so as i was saying this will help you when you- scans classroom- spots random kid who didn't do anything (we'll call them nick) NICK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
    nick: "nothing"
    arguing for a few minutes
    bell goes off
    maths teacher: "haha yeah you're all dismissed"

  3. What I would get from my parents from the grade I got
    B that's good
    C if you get another we get you a touter
    D touter for the rest of your life
    F I lied I've never gotten a d or f but still I don't care I think I would going to bording school

  4. I honestly wish my parents were hard on me i didn't get awards or lectured for bad grades so i wouldn't try

  5. im asian and have like 10 tutors so i get rlly good marks
    me: i got A for everythinggg
    mom: very gud see we get you the good one teacher
    me: what do you need to do calculus for
    mom: leaves

  6. Play fair if you don’t know if I can help you 1+1 is 234+4 is 8000 for a price for it equals someone to the store, 4+4 equals ball sack

  7. 1:33 I can help you swoozie Im fluent in French

    1:33 Moi Je Peu T’aide swoozie je suis fluent en français

  8. My mom in grades

    C.i cant deal with you
    D.get out
    F.gets my birth certificate changes name now get out and leave your stuff
    My dad
    A great
    F.try harder ok love you

  9. Lol I'm getting bored with all of these "how my parents act when I get these grades" Comments…..

    Any way this is how my parents act when I get a bad grade-

    But seriously, Stahp.

  10. I cheated every time but then my teacher will know if someone is on there phone but I never get caught on it

  11. For me:
    A: Amazing
    B: Be better at this
    C: Can I even go home?
    D: Dads gonna beat me
    F: Family? Don’t know what dat is.

  12. Votre professeur de français est très séduisant – Your French Teacher is very seductive

    Les Français sont plus collants que les américains – French People are more Coller than Americans

    j'aime les gros culs et je ne peux pas mentir – i like big butts and i can't lie

  13. I'm Asian and I walked home with an A*

    Me: Mum I got an A*

    My Mum: Your a disgrace, you stupid boi, Ur such a disgrace, I wanted that A**

  14. 0:12 I’m Asian and my name is mark and if I get 2 c or even 1 I’m never seeing my phone for a very long time

  15. So my brother is really smart he’s in geometry in 8th grade ok that’s very smart. And I’m over here in grade level for everything 😂. And on my last report card for this past school year I got two B’s and my mom was all like you should have got all A’s and I’m just like tell my math teacher to stop being a dicckk

  16. Moms reactions
    B-what the hell is this?!
    F- loads shotgun

    Dads reaction
    B-Great job
    F-You need to study harder son

    My dad is a lot more laid back

  17. Average kid's grade scale
    A: New toy, could be a phone, could be a mofu'kin flatscreen 4K tv
    B: Could do better, still get an item of a lower value, idk nerf gun or some sheet
    C: completely ignores that grade
    D: Small punishment like grounded for a day or somethin'
    E: you gon' need an A in any other grade to get out of this
    F: Take away electronics or something
    My grade scale:
    A: Cool.
    B: Do better.
    C: Parents mad but that's it
    D: Get grounded
    E: Beatin'
    F: yOu BeTtEr Be StRoNgEr ThAn Mr. cLeAn To wItHsTaNd ThE hOt WaTeR yOu'rE iN (my parents are enthusiastic so they say "hot water" instead of "trouble")
    Average kid (ak)'s parents when they get in trouble for hurting someone in self defense:
    Go to your room AK's name I will give you a beating
    My parents when I get in trouble for hurting someone in self defense:
    Item of value (true story: the last time i hurt someone in self defense [on a friday] i literally went to dunkin donuts and got ice cream at mofu'kin 12:00!!!!!!)

  18. Josh is everyone in my school the Koreans are the only ones who say it’s fine but most of them get bad grades so gotta study

  19. I never had to study cuz I’m just that kid who acts dumb and get bad grades but get much better grades then other kids on tests and is just a bomb in math and talks back to any other teacher except thir math teacher

  20. My moms grading system
    A: Keep it up
    B: Dumbass…
    C: We're getting you checked for autism
    D: We should've aborted you
    F: Later abortion

  21. One time I was taking a test and the girl next to me got up so I thought she got the next paper and I wanted to see that. (Wasn't gonna help me I just wanted to know what we where doing next). Turns out she still had the test and I had been blatantly looking for like 5 minutes and she was staring at me really confused the whole time.

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