35 thoughts on “Class 9: Diversity in Living Organism”

  1. superb…but sir i have a request…jb ap kisi chapter ke 2nd part ki video bnao to..video ke niche jarur likha kro ki ..ye 2nd part h..sir hume pta nhi chlta ki..2nd part kha h???? by the way..ap bahut acha teach krte h..

  2. U r amazing sir …..u teach too good……u explained it very nicely……but there is my humble req. to u to.plzz write the of the part of all ur videos ……as it becomes difficult to find the parts of the video….so plzzz….and I love the way of ur teaching….thnkyu and plzz….

  3. Also there is one more classification after pteridophyta which is phanerogamae which u haven't explained at the time you differentiated all 5 types of classification in plantae

  4. Hello sir, Ur video is fantastic but according to my book angiosperm is further divided into dicot and monocot then why isn't it mentioned in the table made by you….??

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  6. you are faaaaaabvbb sir really your video help me a lot really mujhe ye ch bilkul bhi smjh nhi aa rha tha but aapne jis tareke se samjhaya bhaut ache se aa gaya mujhe

  7. Sir thank u
    I have never understood this ch but u make me to understood this
    U r the best teacher of bio.
    Thanx thanx sir

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