Clitoral Erection and Anatomy: How To Engorge The Clitoris

Clitoral Erection and Anatomy: How To Engorge The Clitoris

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the link to download both books will be there. Now on with the show. Hi I’m Susan
Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and I am so thrilled to be here
with Dr. Charles Runels. We have been talking about clitoral erections and I’m
so happy to have him here to talk more about your clitoral structure and all
the parts and how they fit into your body.
Yeah, what’s more fascinating than how we’re built and unfortunately it’s only
recently that it’s become talked about For a long time the clitoris wasn’t
even drawn into Grey’s Anatomy, and I think it was just thought about like the
vagina, this simple little receptacle for sperm to make babies, but
it’s really intricately made and it’s a beautiful thing.
Yeah, so the clitoris just drapes. Think of it like a little penis
that’s just been unzipped and it drapes on either side of the vagina. So if this
is the vagina, the clitoris comes down like this. You
only seen the top part poked out. I need to click a little bit
and it becomes engorged just like the penis. So it’s the
glans which is the part that we see sticking out of the hood, and
then there’s the shaft and then there’s the crura, the legs that drape down and
then what about the other two little punching bags? It would be analogous to the underside of a man’s penis or the corpus
spongiosum through which the urethra goes that drapes down on either side of
the vaginal wall on the inside of the corpus cavernosa or the two legs. It would be like a shaft to the men’s
penis is unzipped. The hard direct part and then the soft underside with urethra
is is draped along inside of the head, which would be like the head of a
man’s penis, pokes out under the hood of the vaginal
clitoris, which would be like the foreskin on the penis. Like an
uncircumcised man’s foreskin. So the head pokes out then the shaft comes back
and then it splits and then it goes down on either side of the vagina.
And you’re right. They’re not perfectly aligned but but the draping actually
goes down you. What’s the g-spot and how does that work just loosely
because I know we’re gonna do a whole other video on the g-spot and female
ejaculation, but how does that all fit in together? Yes, so there’s been a lot of
talk and speculation and research about different kinds of
orgasms and I think they’re always different but
this thing about whether it’s vaginal or or clitoral, it’s really hard to
stimulate the vagina without stimulating the clitoris. It’s draped on either side
of it. I don’t really get tangled up in that debate that much but think
of it more like this really intricate mechanism where you have the clitoris
then you also have the urethra and you have the Skene’s gland or the prostate
gland of a woman also all there together, and Dr. Griffin Burke, who I’m a big fan
of, who died in the 50s, but was a Jewish gynecologist, who first thought
about the idea not of the spot. His big idea was that the most erotic part of a
woman’s body is the urethra and pressure on the anterior vaginal wall or the urethra. That’s top of your cave. So if you’re standing in the front side of the vagina, the side where the clitoris
is, that’s where the urethra lies too. His observations were pretty
spectacular. He talks about women having an orgasm just by speaking to them.
He observed women having orgasm by putting the penis in the ear, and and the story in Wikipedia is that he left Germany
because he was a Jew and was running from atrocities that were there. I
actually think he might have been leaving because he was an amazing lover.
Maybe there was people who were jealous. And he talks about every part of a
woman’s body being erotic. How cool is that. But you don’t hear many gynecologists talking about it and
this guy was amazing. But it was about the whole urethra and you know what I really think
the spot is? I think it’s men’s wishful thinking. They think if I
find your magical spot and no other man has found it, now you’ll be a slave to me
the rest of your life and I’ll be your best lover. But I think it’s really just
every guy’s dream but the truth is that if you have a magic spot tonight, it’s
probably going to be in a different place tomorrow night. The beauty of
the woman. The guy is on an endless journey to find the spot. The lover is on an endless journey to find the
spot. Let’s close off on that. We will come back to the
g-spot with a separate video. How can a woman give herself or have her lover
give her the best clitoral erection possible? How can she get her clitoral
structure well engorged so that she becomes more easily orgasmic and more
multi-orgasmic? Yes so we were talking about this earlier. It’s very
similar to a man in that for the longest time until
the 80s, we told men that the main reason for erectile dysfunction is 85%
psychogenic. Can you believe that? Can you imagine all the
guys that were frustrated and then when we
accidentally discovered Viagra, we find out it’s actually 85 to 90 percent
vascular. Yes it’s neurovascular. So it’s the nerves and it’s the blood flow and
so the same thing applies to women. It is just we haven’t thought deeply
about it until recently. So what makes the blood flow better in a man?
Part of it is basically everything that makes you healthy. It’s diet and exercise. Eat your veggies and do some high intensity interval
training. In that same way, with a woman, whatever we do has to be built on that premise that the woman is doing what she can for her health. And then when we add in our O Shot,
we’ve had 15 years of research, over 10,000 papers in PubMed demonstrating
that PRP, which is what we use with the O Shot,
helps re-establish blood flow. So I did it on the penis for months before I ever
did with a woman’s clitoris, and we now have research showing
that that’s indeed what’s happening. So watch our video segment on the O Shot
and the P shot to learn more about how you can use PRP in your genital
structure to rejuvenate and dial back the clock on your pleasure and sensation. We’ll see you on the other side.

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  1. Hey susan,
    What do you suggest i can do to engorge my gf's genitals. The problem lies, when i have semi engorged my gf. Her genitals become extremely sensitive. So sensitive it becomes painful for her. I want to give her the best orgasmic experience, but i hit that wall of sensitivity and she is insisting on penetration. Needless to say i get my pleasure unfortunately quite quickly. i feel defeated knowing that i couldn't take her over the edge.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I have this question Suz. Would the sensations from the G spot area, Skenes gland, (liquid) Orgasm stimulation, produce more of a pure feminine emotional feelings of surrender, vulnorability, submissiveness to the masculine figure, than what is experienced from an intense but mostly clitoral specific orgasm type, emotionaly? Is there a characteristic emotionl "difference" between the Orgasm types, for most (heterosexual) women?

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