Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

In the movie Self/Less, which hits theaters
July 10th, Sir Ben Kingsley transfers his consciousness to Ryan Reynold’s body in
an effort to stay alive forever, and effectively become immortal in a process called ‘shedding’.
Which sounds pretty awesome – I mean who wouldn’t want more time to accomplish their
dreams and goals in a younger body of your choice? Try being a professional athlete or
solve the world’s greatest problems. But is shedding actually plausible? Could you
really be immortal in this way? First, we need to understand how memories
are stored. Your brain is a three-pound lump of fatty tissue that contains about 86 billion
brain cells called neurons. By passing electricity or chemicals between them, neurons can send
signals to each other. Most neuroscientists believe memory is stored as a network of neurons
that form links with each other and all fire at the same time. Each time a memory is recalled,
the same network of neurons fires together. In fact, scientists have shown that if you
stimulate certain parts of the brain with electricity, you can cause an individual to
recall certain memories – for example, the smell of burnt toast. So to download a memory, we could simply track
which neurons are activated when you’re thinking about it. And, as we explained in
a previous video, scientists have already done this. By using computers to match these
patterns of firing neurons with real images or scenes, we can already read people’s
minds to a limited degree. Many scientists believe it should one day
be possible to create a kind of map of all the neurons in the brain and the connections
between them: this map would be called a “connectome.” Both the United States and the European Union
have launched major research programs with this goal specifically in mind, much like
the organizations in Self/Less. This task will likely take decades, but once it’s
done, scientists should be able to build a computer model of the connectome, a kind of
virtual brain that would be able to send signals between neurons through artificial synapses. So if downloading memories is possible, what
about uploading? That too is becoming a reality thanks to a technique called optogenetics.
This involves injecting specific neurons with DNA from algae that causes them to produce
a light-sensitive protein on their cell surface. When light is shone into the brain, it stimulates
the protein and activates only those neurons that express it. In this way, scientists can
artificially activate groups of neurons associated with particular memories. All this may sound pretty scary, and may make
you think that a scenario like that found in Self/Less can’t be far off. But there
a few reasons to relax. Our brains are unbelievably complex, perhaps
too complex to copy. The number of synapse connections is a thousand times bigger than
the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. On top of that, your brain is constantly remodeling
itself, creating new connections and letting old ones expire. It’s a reflection of who
you are at this specific moment in time, and it took your entire lifetime to create. A copy of your mind would be just an imitation.
And the second it started integrating new thoughts, memories and experiences, it would
become someone else. Which, in a way, helps us appreciate how unique we truly are. But
with increasingly sophisticated technology, who knows what the future may hold! Perhaps
a world like Self/Less isn’t too far away. Be sure to check out Self/Less which is in
theatres July 10th – we’ll be there and are excited to hear what you all think about
it. You can click on the screen or use the link
in the description to get a sneak peek of And subscribe, for more weekly science videos.

100 thoughts on “Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?”

  1. Closest thing you could get that might be a little bit easier is to take your actual physical brain and Transplant it into a custom robot body of your design.

  2. i came here because of soma and left me empty but i found the simple question and don't get pissed but i'm going to bring up a bit of spirituality to solve the puzzle but the truth is our self conscious is we cannot copy our self awareness

    its we either fail or create a totally new person with a totally new mind maybe?

    but soul transferring is a possible way kinda like avatar in a way where we untie our soul from our previous body and rewire it in a new one, so its very possible to transfer a soul into a machine and live on with a cool new body but its not possible to copy ones self conscious

  3. I am working with a research group (not the one mentioned in this video) and a simplified answer to weather this is possible is Yes.

    More complicated answer is that Yes, however we would not "upload" this memory into another human being. The reconnecting of neurons to send synopses into the "new" body is too complex. We rather focus on structurizing this "downloaded" memory in a way that we presume it came so that in future projects we can "upload" it to a computer system.

    You would have a new (robot) body. An android shell.

  4. We can be actual immortal and we conscious without brain and move brain we are a soul and we can be in our body forever we need to stop all illnesses and we need infinite time and not more time we need to never end we us not clones downloaded

  5. The brain and the prostate gland are two of the MOST complex organs known to mankind.
    If we can advance, if we can advance…

  6. If this was possible then That'd be cool 😆 if is then I want to be transfered into a differ body 😆(-then again who knows?-)

  7. can you copy information such as language and learnable things from someones brain to another brain to make learning super easy?

  8. The weirdest thing happened to me about 15 minutes ago. I was having a nap on my bed. My siblings were playing on there games. I'm that type of kid that thinks alot. About aliens. Power of the mind. All that stuff. I was concentrating really hard, if I could go to a different persons body while I was laying on the bed kinda sleeping. I would say half sleeping. In my mind I don't know if it was a yellow tunnel or a blue tunnel but I saw one of those anyways. It was going in different directions. I thought so hard that it lead me to a like.. um it lead me to a human face? Not like a physical human face but like it was blue and was tiny bit glowing. I only saw it for like 2 seconds. Then I woke up FULLY and I couldn't move. My body felt like it was shaking fast but I couldn't move. I don't remember seeing anything. I felt like I was coming out of my body. But I didn't want to cause I was so scareeddd. Then I managed to move my leg. And broke out of that. After all that happened 3 seconds later I moved to another side of the bed and thought about the tunnel and concentrated hard again and the same thing happened. But this was worser and harder to break out. Ughh I don't wanna think about that tunnel. I can think about it but if I feel I concentrate on it it will do it again. My chest feels heavy now. My legs feel shaken. I typed on Google about a tunnel and then face. But nothing came up about it. Only near death experiences. Can someone please explain?
    That never happened to me in my life. I'm only 14. I felt like I was being transported. But I didn't want to!

  9. there is another movie beside selfless that does the same thing but, with a new created body. I forgot the name of it.

  10. We need this so we can send our souls through space . I believe these are what the Egyptian Myans and aztecs done . The pyramids are aligned with the constellations they are satellites that sent the souls of the kings to distance space lands through soul energy form on the other side there soul will find a body as a vehicle

  11. It may be possible to clone ourselves down to the neuron while our first body is in some kind of stasis or cryogenic freezing. Consciousness could be transferred to the clone body and it would be like having your younger body back.

  12. That doesn't make sense. Everyone is the same consciousness. This clip is about uploading personalities, the thing that you collect through your life. Everyone is born as the same one consciousness. Consciousness is the canvas of your personality. This movie is about uploading the personality created by your "Egoic mind" the thought construct that was created through your experiences.

  13. An impossibly deep mystery!!!
    – You go to sleep everyday and the moment you fall a sleep your consciousness does not exist under sleeping and so you are not conscious of anything, its as if you just dont exist!
    – You get up in the morning, its back! you are back! and it is exactly same you with your specific same consciousness and that is same you as yesterday and always!

    * You go to sleep you fall a sleep.. You become unconscious but everything that is necessary to awaken that YOURS ONLY specific conscious is your entire body with that specific state you are in at any and every moment!

    * Say a hypothetical machine makes an EXACT 100% copy of you including your state, in an instant right beside you. So then your clone also will be sleeping because that is the state that you are in at that instant moment when the machine made an exact copy of you.

    Now here is the fun part!!!
    Normally if somebody where to wake (original) you up, as expected you with that exclusive YOURS ONLY consciousness will be awaken as always!
    But if somebody where to wake up the clone first, then is that unique consciousness that is tied only to you and is exclusively YOURS ONLY waken up?
    what about if you are both awaken?

  14. so stimulating the brain in a certain part make people recall smell of burnt toast…maybe thats the smell of burnt brains?

  15. Think of this. Space travel by rocket will never be the futuristic method of reaching new plateaus for humanity. If they have a host body or robot that can have a persons consciousness transferred to it then they could potentially have a host on a different planet and for a pretty penny you could have your consciousness transferred to that device instantly. Thus cutting costs and time for space exploration. They have mapped the entire brain out and I believe it to be true, no conspiracy here. Research Donald Marshall and his disclosure on human cloning, all about consciousness transfer into a clone or having it put into another body. The elite don't want to grow old it seems. God only knows..

  16. Bit bored so all can think up is a 3D wavelength/laser grid placed through a head (later through body as well), whereas each billionth of grid has pure straight (as tense string) wavelength associated. So turn two/three parts on which intersect (all different value of waves) wavelengths and you get feedback as waves emitted by brain then go out in all directions,,, thus know what uve triggered/know what it was about via verbal feedback etc
    Big big grid if one of three sides is like million times million sensors/emitters??

  17. Selfless? Fictional mind transfers have been around for much longer, the earliest I've read was published in the 90s but probably the best modern treatment is the Takeshi Kovacs books (which also deal in a little bit of brain uploading, they literally have chips in their skulls that record brain states every second).

  18. So does that mean you can send memories to the past or another timeline and 'time travel'. Steins gate lol

  19. Thinking about moving your conscience isnt scary thats awesome, if you could do that technically you could change genders etc.

  20. the only way that i see this possible, without the "oh its just a clone" argument is by slowly replacing the neurons with artificial neurons until the brain is 100% artificial (as in mechanical) then when it is mechanical, you would transfer the mechanical brain? Therefore, there is no way to pinpoint when you "die."

  21. I would think something that would be more reasonable will be to preserve the brain once we have the technology to do so ( like I don't know nanobots or some other future device) and then place that brain in a machine like a robot . This would be the easiest way to do things I would guess.

  22. I wanna know if someone can take a living person and transfer their brain into another living person. Will they be able to still have their memories and be themselves, just in another body? Since it is still their brain and all.

  23. I feel that transferring conciousness wouldn’t work. Say you transfer your conciousness and entire brain to a new body, wouldn’t the body just create a new conciousness. And that body would think it’s you but really it’s not you you and the you you would die

  24. you sir are a deceiver, a damn demon working to deceive the whole world.

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to transfer a consciousness in a new body.

    It what you say were true, then the souls of the dead people would be able to come back by merely using cloned bodies…. which is not the case.

    God knows all your network of demons and God tells you that soon the party is over for you

  25. Sorry but you can't swap brains cuz brains don't work like that because they will not work any different like that because you would end up in the wrong body ask what your brain will tell you

  26. If a scientist success in consciousness transfer to another body that sole thats mean we can long in the human life that,s after human never due

  27. it is just a absolute indisputable fact that in this reality and universe transferring consciousness is impossible. It can be copied but not transferred it would never be truly you.

  28. Maybe we can Transfer our conscious In a game like sao overlord then boom we are fckin imortal and boom we dont over populate

  29. I just want to keep having the same fetish and be obsessed with anime. I don't even care about keeping any memories.

  30. There is only Islam as the quran and hadith prove beyond doubt or question. Accept this as you would the word of Allah and his prophet Muhammad PBUH.

  31. What happens if you were able to copy your brain to a computer. Will the computer have a consciousness? I think not. Many scientists don't believe that consciousness is separate from the brain. If that's the case, if you copied your brain you would have to be seeing the world from two different entities (i.e. one human and one computer). That would be confusing. However if your consciousness is separate from your brain, the computer would never get your consciousness, just the data inside your brain.

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