21 thoughts on “COVID-19 Genetics | Science News 2.2”

  1. Started my day watching the entire video while drinking coffee. I really appreciate all the content you've shared, Alex!

  2. Really.. this video fascinated me alot to know more about this virus.
    Thanks a lot for giving us your precious time and information.
    The one thing I want to know that, would it be possible to stop the mutation which is occurring continuously,? Since it seems to be difficult to introduce a antinode because of mutation, so that integration and replication of the RNA viral genome can be declined.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! That clears up a lot of the mystery for me! One question: how do you…[create/isolate/generate] the initial match sequences for PCR? I'm guessing there's some way to use a section of the original viral strain as your source?

  4. From an electrical engineers perspective, Your dryer issue could be due to an ungrounded power source or the dryer is not properly grounded. Your getting dryer frequency noise that is not being drained to ground. Your presentation is excellent ! How many genes does covid-19 genome have?

  5. This is great. I always look forward to the videos you make and appreciate the efforts you take in making them! Thanks!

  6. I really wonder ….
    if it is RNA , where is its U in its genome that includes ACG and T(rather than U)?

  7. Today, I finally watched the entire video. Although I don't understand everything you explained, I fully enjoyed your video. You're remarkably intelligent.

  8. I watched this over a period of two days. Alex this is wonderful. You presented the science intelligently. I hope you consider becoming a professor.

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