Dabi is Shoto Todoroki’s Brother?! – My Hero Academia Conspiracy | Channel Frederator

Dabi is Shoto Todoroki’s Brother?! – My Hero Academia Conspiracy | Channel Frederator

For a show with a cast as big as My Hero
Academia, it’s hard to fit character growth in for everybody while still
making room for our protagonist to learn important lessons about friendship, or
what it means to be a hero, or… …having legs. But in this show, you could argue
that, other than Deku and All Might, no character has grown more than U.A.’s own
resident IcyHot expert, Shoto Todoroki. Controlled by his father at a
young age, entering U.A. as standoffish and reserved,
Todoroki’s changed a lot since then. Now, instead of avoiding people, he actually
goes on adventures while still wishing he was somewhere else. Which might make him the most relatable character in class 1A. While we’ve gotten
time to get to know Shoto in the anime though, his dad is another story;
let alone, the rest of his family. And to those of you already in the comments
section: yes, we’re doing this one this week. So, as you might recall, at the
summer training camp, our heroes were attacked by a group of new villains,
including, but not limited to, David Copperfield, the rusty Argonian blade the
colossal Titan and Deadpool. But today, we’re focusing on the coolest-looking of
this group, the fire wielding Dabi. Specifically, the potential relation that
people have been tossing around ever since his first appearance. Im Jacob
with Channel Frederator and today we’re once again diving into the hero course
at U.A. to examine the question: Is Dabi Shoto Todoroki’s older brother? Before
we get started, though, I just want to remind you of our new anime channel: Get
in the Robot. We want to share our love of the medium with you, and we’re gonna have all sorts of great anime related videos over there. We’ve already got one
video there about Hero Aca, we’ve got one about Gun Gale Online, so go check
those out when we’re finished here. Now, this theory has had a lot of fuel added
to it over time, so there are going to be some season 3 spoilers as well as some
manga spoilers, but I’ll warn you about the manga spoilers later on if you want
to follow along with the anime. With that in mind, let’s talk about the mysterious Dabi. Dobby? Dab-y? I’m probably gonna flip-flop on the pronunciation, uh,
go easy on me in the comments. And actually, let’s start with that name, Dabi. A name he
appears to have given himself as he introduced himself as such in episode 38
with the qualifier “Right now, I’m going by Dabi.” And when pressed by Shigaraki
about his real name, he gets defensive. And if this theory is true, that makes
sense. Shoto Todoroki is the son of Endeavor, the
number two hero behind All Might. If Dabi is Shoto’s brother, then
keeping his identity a secret would be smart seeing as when we met him for the
first time he hadn’t “committed any flashy crimes yet.” If he used his real
name and then he was outed as the son of the number-two hero, that probably
wouldn’t have gone over super well with
the League of Villains. Furthermore, Dabi
is a fanatical devotee of the hero killer, Stain, a villain who believes that
true heroism is not as common as the super-powered world of My Hero Academia
would have us think. Only truly respecting All Might and Izuku as
true paragons while vilifying every other hero, as he believes they all do
their good deeds out of self-interest. And you know… he’s kinda right! Whether
it’s in favor of fame or money or otherwise, there are many heroes that
seem to consider heroism to be the least important part of the job. I mean, Stain’s
extremism falls apart when you realize his goal is to murder all the false
idols but other than that… …yeah, he’s not wrong? And no one embodies this more than
the previously mentioned number two hero, Endeavor. Or Enji Todoroki, but we’re gonna
stick with Endeavor for today. This dude’s entire life is driven by his
own pride. He forced himself to become so good not to save people but to surpass
All Might, going so far as to strategically breed his children in the
hopes that one of them could surpass All Might themselves, like a frustrated
Pokémon trainer farming eggs to hatch one with perfect EV’s and IVs. No, I’m not salty for hatching a 50-percent Rattata,
what makes you say that? So, naturally, Endeavor did have a son, and he did what he could to be a loving parent
and foster this kind of relationship with them so that they could discover
their own drive to becoming a hero… I’m just kidding, he’s a garbage parent who
abused the hell out of his son. With a home life like this, would it be any
surprise that one of Endeavor’s kids would run away from home, rebelling
against their father, and adopting an ideology that ran directly counter to
what they were raised to believe? And let’s talk about Endeavor’s strategy here.
As we covered two weeks ago, quirks are passed down from parent to child. Now what was Dabi’s quirk again? Oh, that’s right, explosive fire like two
other members of the Todoroki family that I could name. Another thing that’s
usually brought up is the exchange between Dabi and Todoroki when they
crash the summer training camp. It’s not much more than Dabi looking at Todoroki
while he says his name but people have noted the dramatic weight of the scene.
Especially in the manga, insisting the Dabi knowing Shoto’s full name has
gotta mean something. And as far as Dabi’s quark, there is a
lot to unpack there too – first let’s look at his scars. We know that in this show,
sometimes quirks can just be a huge detriment. For example, you’ll never be
able to convince me that Tokoyami’s quark is anything but absurdly dangerous
to himself and others. But even Shoto, according to his bio can suffer
frostbite when he uses his ice too much. Conversely, it’s unknown what would
happen if he over uses his fire, but it’s pretty safe to say it probably wouldn’t
be good. But Shoto can thankfully regulate his body temperature by being
the embodiment of A Song of Ice and Fire. Dabi, not so much. If we look at the
Todoroki children and we assume that this guy is our buddy Dabi, it would be
clear that he inherited fewer traits from his mother than his siblings. But
some people have theorized that Dabi may have inherited at least one trait
from his mother’s ice quirk: a considerable weakness to fire which
would have led to his extensive scarring. Which appears to be in a very similar
formation to Endeavor’s fire if we cross-reference the appearance of both.
Not to mention that Dabi and Shoto even wield their fire quirks similarly.
Could this be a nod to them having the same trainer in similar stages of their
lives. Granted, that’s not how Endeavor handles his fire but Dhabi and Shoto
both have a sort of calm, aloof demeanor to them. Maybe one influenced the
other at an earlier age here. But other than how cool they are, is there anything
else we can expand on? I mean the answer is yes, cuz, I mean, look at how much video
is left. So I want to bring up something about Hero Aca that doesn’t get enough
airplay from theorists. And considering that one of the biggest pieces of
evidence with this theory is Dabi knowing Shoto’s full name, this is
pretty important. U.A. students are celebrities! Okay, that’s not totally a
fair comparison. I mean, they’re not always being hounded by the media. Except
for when they are. U.A. students, I feel, are analogous to NCAA athletes. They’re
not quite pros yet, but everybody knows who the ones to look out for are and
Shoto Todoroki is about as close to a hero version of a star quarterback that
you’re gonna get. Any villain worth their salt is gonna be keeping an eye on him
based not just on his performance in the highly publicized sports festival, but
also his involvement in the Hosu City incident. You could also write off
Dabi’s similar form as a result of this. Shoto is a master technician, the
Daniel Bryan of quirk users, I’ve moved on to wrestlers now because I realized I
don’t know enough about footballs to keep that analogy going.
It’s possible Dabi could have just been taking notes after seeing Shoto in
action. That said, it still doesn’t explain the dramatic weight lent to the
exchange where Dabi calls Shoto by his full name. The logic can be explained
away but not the intensity so this one is still up in the air for me. Let’s move
on to the quirk. Some of you eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a tiny
difference between Dhabi’s quark and the other two firing quirks we’ve been
focusing on today. It’s also something that I’ve completely ignored up to this
point. Dabi’s fire is a bright blue while Shoto and Endeavor produce a more
familiar red orange color. That said, we have seen Endeavor conjure blue flames
while fighting the Nomu in the Hero Killer arc, so, that explains it, right?
Dobby just has blue flames instead of his alleged father and brother. Bsdsa, hang on a second, there’s something funny about Endeavor’s flame here. As it
turns blue, it becomes more concentrated and when Endeavor stops his flame, no
smoke or sparks or embers or anything emanate from his hand. All the smoke we
see is coming from that ashen stump that used to be that Nomu’s head.
This lack of anything other than the pure blue flame we saw is characteristic
of a complete combustion reaction, usually achieved by adding more oxygen
to the flame allowing for less leftovers to form during the reaction. A large part
of what gives flames they’re scattered yellow orange appearances because of the
incandescence of soot particles formed in the flame out of carbon. Not so with blue
flames, where the extra oxygen prevents that soot from forming. This is why most
gas stoves use small blue flames to mitigate the formation of any byproducts
of incomplete combustion, which can be incredibly dangerous if not dealt with
properly. So I guess part of Endeavor’s move here allows him to regulate how
much oxygen he’s producing with the flame, allowing him to condense it to a
smaller blue flame like a walking Bunsen burner. And I think the phrase walking
Bunsen burner is probably the most boring way I could have described one of
the coolest things we’ve seen in the anime so far. Dhabi’s blue flame on the
other hand has basically the exact same properties as Endeavor or Todoroki’s
normal flames, other than the color. His body even emanates smoke after his quirk
is used, implying something other than complete combustion. So this might be a
question of what exactly is being burned here? Since it probably isn’t the same
sort of reaction that Shoto and Endeavor produce. A bunch of chemicals
and compounds actually burn blue naturally, like methanol, natural gas and
many copper compounds, just to name a few examples. Counter to Endeavor’s highly
concentrated blue flame, a significantly more untamed flame like Dabi’s here
would probably require the burning of something like copper or another blue
flame producing fuel. With this, you could come to the reasonable conclusion that
Dabi and Endeavor’s quirks function in fundamentally different ways, which would
hurt the idea that they’re similar quirks. If the chemical makeup of Dabi’s
quirk is completely different from Shoto and Endeavor’s how can they be in the
same quirk line? But let’s not call the whole theory off just yet. After all, some
people are already convinced that this theory is a hundred percent true and the
question isn’t whether or not Dabi and Shoto share the same dad but whether
they share the same mom. And, pff, well, if that’s the case, then that could explain
the differences in the quirks. A new parent would throw in some uncertainty
into the quirk department… but here’s the thing… I don’t think so.
If Dabi is Shoto’s brother in any capacity, I think the likelihood of them
having the same mother would actually be pretty good. Not because of his burns or
how he wields his fire but his eye color. I almost said his hair color, we’re gonna
get to that I meant his eye color. Shoto Endeavor and Dobby all share the exact
same blue eye color. Well, except Shoto, who also has
heterochromia, which is a condition where someone can have two different colored
eyes and ten times out of ten, it looks cool as ****. Also, sometimes, he has a red eye and
becomes a terminator, but let’s focus on the blue eyes here. After all, while
heterochromia is passed down by genetics through certain symptoms and diseases, no
one else in the family seems to have it, so let’s consider it an outlier here. But
blue eyes, just like the pigmentation in.. you know, everything with humans, it all
comes down to the production of melanin, this time in your irises. Meanwhile, we
see in the show that Shoto’s mom Rei has grey eyes. Which, incidentally is also
what it says on the Hero Aca wiki, we only use the most trusted sources here.
Grey eyes are very rare but, much like blue eyes, they’re attributed to a lack
of melanin production. The actual gray color being a result of collagen
deposits in the eye which interfere with how light reflects off of them, which
results in the gray tone. It’s like the difference between how the sky looks on
a bright sunny day versus a dull rainy day, with the collagen deposits taking
the same role as the clouds that stretch across the sky. Larger
amounts of water droplets in the sky or collagen in the eye dull the effect of
the light scattering, causing a more washed out gray color. Although keep in
mind with gray eyes, the scientific community isn’t a hundred percent sure
on this, since there’s such a rare natural occurrence. But because grey eyes
are genetically similar to blue eyes and that they both hinge on a lack of
melanin production, let’s say that they’re both recessive genes which both
Rei and Endeavor possess. This would significantly raise the likelihood of
Endeavor and Rei having a blue-eyed child as opposed to if endeavor had had
Dabi with somebody else. Unless, of course, by some coincidence,
they also had blue eyes. I mean, Endeavor could have had Dabi with somebody who
had brown eyes, provided they also had a blue-eyed gene but then the likelihood
would be significantly lower. Without knowing the eye color of the Todoroki
grandparents, it’s impossible to know for sure but with the parents eye colors,
which we’ll simplify to both being blue, since a gray gene isn’t really a thing,
we can roughly estimate the likelihood of their offspring having blue eyes to
be between 95 and 99 percent. Which seems to support not just Dabi and Shoto
sharing the same father but the same mother as well. And while, yes, this could
be considered an overly simplistic representation of gene inheritance and
there are way more factors we can consider, this is just a small part of
today’s theory. There is one problem here though if Dabi does share the exact
same parents as Shoto. Why does nobody recognize him?
Dabi’s scars seem like something that he would have gotten at a young age, especially considering the pressure that Endeavor puts on his children. Still, is
it possible that Dabi left the family sometime between this moment and when he
got his scars for the first time? Or could it be that I’m just overthinking
things and Dabi is just a half-brother of Shoto’s, I’ll leave that to you in
the comments. But if we stick with color for just a tiny bit longer, there’s one
more thing I haven’t mentioned which is hair color. Black hair isn’t exactly on
brand with the Todoroki clan. Hell, even in this still where we assumed the one
kid with his back turned to us as Dabi, that dudes hair is red! Not black! But as
many people were quick to remind me a couple weeks ago, uh, tiny manga
spoilers incoming. Characters dyeing their hair is a thing in Hero Aca, since
we know that Kirishima dyes his red. And really, Dabi would be totally justified
in doing this. It would allow him to further distance himself from his father.
Not just for the purpose of disguise but to stop reminding himself that he’s the
same flesh and blood as the most vain of of the pro heroes. After all we’ve talked
about today, you’d think we’d be done but there actually is one more thing that I
want to talk about and it’s something that just happened in the manga like a
couple of weeks ago so the show isn’t gonna be getting to it for a long time.
So if you want to skip this bit and go right to the conspiracy rating, go to
this time stamp that I’m showing you right now. Otherwise, I hope you’re ready
for spoilers here we go. That was probably long enough of a buffer.
In Chapter 191 of the manga we see Dabi return to antagonize Endeavor before
quickly leaving without too much conflict. But as he leaves we get this
panel where Dabi taunts the now number one hero at a particularly low point. The
parallels between this exchange and the one he had with Shoto are clearly there.
The manga even reminds us of it when Shoto sees Dabi upon his arrival.
Furthermore, Dabi says he is eager to talk with Endeavor as if they have some
sort of unfinished business to deal with. Though Endeavor’s only knowledge of
Dabi is that he’s the one who murdered Snatch, the sand hero.
There’s no family acknowledgement by either party.. yet. But more than this we
see that, when Dabi faced Snatch, he was asked if he ever thinks about the
families of his victims, of which include the likes of pro heroes. Especially after
that confrontation. And it wasn’t until now that we heard his answer which was
“I thought so hard about it, I went crazy.”
now if Dabi’s a Todoroki, he wouldn’t exactly have the fondest memories of
living in the family of a pro hero and this likely would have solidified his
resolve in Stain’s philosophy that selfish Pro heroes have no business
living. The families of heroes are constantly suffering, whether it’s the
pro hero imposing his unrealistic expectations onto his children or the
heroes risking their lives on a consistent basis to the horror of their
family members, Deku. These are all thoughts that could swirl through
Dabi’s mind. Recollecting his past in this way may lead him down a dark path
and cause him to… go crazy, in his own words. The theory that Dabi is a
Todoroki, despite all of the nitpicking that I’ve done today, I feel is actually
really strong. And based on the amount of hints dropped in the series, in the manga
it almost makes too much sense within the context of the story. Besides there’s
already a precedent for dramatic soap opera twists like this in the series, you
know like Shigaraki being Nana Shimura’s grandson, so who’s to say that there
isn’t at least one more of these waiting for us in a future chapter. So, with all
of this in mind, on the plausibility meter, despite the
differences in the quirks and despite the questions about his scars, I’m gonna
rate the theory that Dabi is Shoto Todoroki’s older brother the rating of
“Basically Canon, but Just to Spite Us it Probably Won’t be True”, of four villains
out of five. But what do you think? Do you think that Dobby is Todoroki’s older
brother or do you think that people are just grasping at straws and that this is
a red herring. Who’s your favorite villain in the show? Let us know in the
comments. Also, like I said before, if you’re a fan of anime and you want to
see some more awesome videos, head on over to our new channel, Get in the Robot.
Make sure to LIKE the video, subscribe to the channel, ring the bell, all that good
stuff. Once again, I’m Jacob and never forget, Frederator loves you.

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    isn't there a moment in the manga in the scene where endeavor encounters and dabi and he said something about one of his childreb had even stronger firepower than his own? i dont remember too well but if thats true wouldn't that make the theory have a higher possibility of being true because Endeavor supposedly having a child who wields a strong fire quirk

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    The tension between dabi and todoroki might be coming from another place, maybe dabi did pity shoto but shoto disagreed with him turning to villiany, or perhaps refused an invitation by dabi to join in following stain…

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  17. Yo this is an old video but I wanna mention something, my own little ‘mini-theory’ about Dabi’s blue fire and scars


    Dabi’s normal quirk is the same fire as Todoroki’s and Endeavour’s- at least, was. He ran away from home at a young age, dyed his hair black, and obsessed over his fire. He constantly worked on improving it, until he could keep it at a constant blue fire. Blue fire is also much hotter than red-orange fire. I say that the scarring came from his constant focus on his fire, and he got the piercings to somewhat hide that it is scarring.

  18. We constantly hear over and over quirks become more and more powerful each generation.
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    Dabi shoots blue fire, which is a more powerful version of normal fire.

    Endeavor would definitely discard an older child, dabi, because well, we learn later that he mixed the child to perfectly nullify his weakness, and dabi shooting a hotter fire would mean he would hit his overheating point sooner, so he’s not capable of succeeding Endeavor.

    This all makes sense, and would explain his hate for the pro hero scene.

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    edit: i went off, forgetting twice says weird things. it would be cool if he did have a kinda "cold plasma" as in, really hot compared to the original gas, but cold to the touch of people

  20. More evidence: if u pay attention you will notice the creator of MHA likes to put meanings behind character names; like how Izuku's name holds the character for 9 (9th holder of OFA). Touya means somthing along the lines of "lost and forgotten" SO is Dabi really Touya Todoroki? I think yes.

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