Dani Shapiro Opens Up About DNA Shocker That Changed Her Life | TODAY

Dani Shapiro Opens Up About DNA Shocker That Changed Her Life | TODAY

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  1. I want to get this done my dad had doubts about me being his when I was younger and tbh I’m not sure if I’m his either , you just never know I need to know my true stor

  2. These DNA 🧬 kits can be dangerous, what if you find out that your deceased millionaire father wasn’t yours, the other family members will come at you to take all the inheritance 🤷‍♂️
    That was just a thought 💭 I’m rich in love but not money 💰 so it won’t affect me 😂😂

  3. I want white supremacist to take a dna test. I would love to see the looks on their faces when it shows they are not 100% Caucasian

  4. Behold a person worried about her "Racial Purity". Where did I heard that before?
    Relax honey, is just that your ancestral family ladies were going around a lot.
    And don't forget to shave everywhere and every day or your real origins will grow up to cover your body. 😊😊

  5. I'm confused… The focus is solely on her father. What about her mother? Is she her biological mother? Anyway her mother had told her that she was conceived by AI so it should have rung a bell.

  6. Dani rocks- her story is amazing but the podcast she started is a must. It’s called Family Secrets. You go, Dani!

  7. No surprising at all, just another story (not amazing) just normal story like many others of sperm donors making kids on a very stupid way (sorry but it’s true). For the tittle I was expecting something a really good story. And well, for her side she just want to make money writing her story, that’s it.

  8. Okay, let me get this straight. She is “shocked” and “had the rug pulled out from under her” that her father isn’t her biological father. Then she “recalls” (at 4:03) that her mother told her “many years earlier” that she “had been conceived by artificial insemination.” So, how exactly was she shocked that her dad and her don’t share DNA? I mean, her mom “let it slip” so it sounds like a family secret. Wow, way to push your book 🙄

  9. the lady in the middle has a nice clear healthy ringing voice, which is what you need to work in TV and radio.

  10. At first I thought that the insemination was done in error (wrong person's sample) but since this happened in the 60s, it was intentionally someone else's. Recently articles abound about infertility doctors using their own sperm for in vitro fertilizations unbeknownst to the couples (which is really twisted). Jeffrey Epstein said he wanted to impregnate 20 women at a time, as a means of strengthening the gene pool (what's with that? – pretty sick).

  11. Everyone DESERVES to know their biological parents. My Mother states I’m not her biological child. Considering she hates me, I consider this a good thing.

  12. Your parents were a gift to you from God. You are so lucky to have been gifted with parents who wanted you…wanted to take care of you, to give you everything they possibly could, and to raise you to be who you are today. Some people have parents who have no business being parents.

  13. Dani, bless your heart you had a father that truly loved you. What a wonderful feeling I’m sure, you are very gracious. I lost my father at 5 yrs old, my mother remarried a man who I was told is now my new father and never mention your real father ever again in the house. As a child you do what you are told and I was happy to “supposedly “ now have a father, step-father doesn’t matter if your are truly loved. Like yourself. Your Dad sounds wonderful. I wanted a father so badly at the age of 8 now. When my mother and father had a child of their own, I realized at about 16 my life in the house along my older siblings was a farse. You go along though thinking this can’t be happening, my mother went along with it as well, we were the step-kids in fact, we didn’t matter. When my Mom died, we were told never to come back to the home my Mom bought pre marriage, where we grew up from the age of 5 and up. The truth was their black and white. The grandchildren never to see the home ever. One thing my mother did do for us, was make it very clear to be on our own at an early age, told us to be independent and not expect any support or guidance in our lives. Thank God my biological Dad was a vet and I went to college on the GI bill, made my own life at 17, same with my older siblings..we got the message we weren’t part of that house so many times. What I realized is my mother was a sick person, many demons to turn her back on her children. She married someone just as sick. And now their daughter is alone with no connection to any of her siblings, it was and still is all about her. Could write a book about our family, its a sad story but in the end I came out ahead!! My Dad died fighting for this country as a Marine and am proud he laid down his life for our freedoms and what he did for his children and grandchildren. The true meaning of a man and a loving father. God bless you.

  14. I am reading the book after listening her interview on NPR. I am eager to know what is going to happen when she meets her biological father. It is suspensfull.

  15. Why? If you grew up in a loving home with loving wonderful parents, how is finding out in your 50's going to matter who your birth father was? Be thankful for what you have, you never knew that other man. The true meaning of family isn't a dna test.


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  18. I understand that's pretty much my story except I've found out I was a product of incest won't go into it but yeah DNA is a good thing and it can be a bad thing lights camera action.

  19. She explained it briefly, so she finds out her father was not her father, guesses he was a medical student, then finds him on YouTube, wow!! It seems a little far fetched but I'm sure the details are in the book.

  20. I'm glad that she had a very loving Father and Mother but people deserve to know the truth about their biological parents. If we didn't have DNA testing, you could possibly end up marrying or having children with a half-sibling. People don't think about the consequences of their actions or how it can affect the future of their families.

  21. She said her mother let it slip some time before all of this that she was conceived by artificial insemination and where it was done. So, hasn't she known all along that her father wasn't her biological father? Why did it come as a surprise? Or is she surprised that the donor wasn't the same ancestry as her parents? I'm confused.

  22. I did my Dna, August 2018, as I alway,s knew I was different, and I had no bond with my dad. He was french Canadian. My results said I was 48% Irish Scottish on my biological dad,s side. I was vibrateing with excitement! I alway,s loved everything, that is Irish, Scottish. Alway,s was rebellious too! It was in my Dna. Fast forward to July 1st 2019. I am a 64 year old woman now. While I was on my ancestory site, a man came up as close family! They predicted he was a grandfather, uncle, 1/2 sibling or nephew! Because of my age, I knew he had to be a brother or nephew! Turns out he is my 1/2 sibling brother. We exchanged a few e mails and phone calls, and pictures, etc. My middle son looks exactly like my biological father as a teenager. We were going to meet, but it was cancelled at the last minute. My biological dad,s wife got upset, and so that was the end of that. I wish I had a happier ending! I have three 1/2 sibling brothers I may never get to meet! At least I know where my biological dad is buried, along with my grandpa, and a great and great great one who are all in the same cemetary! They were mostly all born in Northern Ireland and New Brunswick. I am visiting the graves in the spring of 2020 ! At least I can do that!

  23. how can u be in so much denial. She definitely does NOT look jewish and actually looks like a blonde german! If she is surprised that 52% of her is Ashkenazi Jewish and 48% white… i think if she further investigates her Ashkenazi Jewish heritage which is European based… she will realize that at least half of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry is white rather than Jewish.
    So … Instead of being surprised that she is predominantly white… though one wonders how she could have missed that given that she looks SO white rather than Jewish… i think it would be best if she learns to accept that all races are from the same source. We are all human Lady!! Instead of being shocked she should be proud of her interracial heritage.


  25. In olden times Ashkenazim interbred right much with Goths. So "Ashkenazic" DNA "should" be part Gothic, and Gothic DNA "should" be part Ashkenazic.

  26. How can a religious sect have a special genome scientifically impossible.Its a neandertal genome quite common in Eastern Europe.At first glance she has neandertal genetic markers hair color and the square jaw.

  27. A friend of my Mothers had a child adopted in the 50s, the child's father was Jewish & the baby was adopted by a Jewish family. With all the DNA testing now her descendants could be in for a surprise but I'm sure they won't feel any less Jewish.

    "Dani" was a gorgeous child attendee of an exclusive "day-school". She was there with the "Weekend at Bernies" Andrew McCarthy as well as the children of the heads of banks & fortune 500 Companies like Merril/Lynch. The children of Judges & Senators, presidential advisors & cabinet members. Yes, it was a tragedy when at 23 years old the car accident happened to her family. Before the accident, her parents could afford & did give her every opportunity . . . . she was hooked-up from the start-up.

  29. She is a beautiful person and no disrespect to her at all but Caucasians are not real Jews because the original Jews are not of the Caucasian race. Caucasians migrated there to steal the identity of the original people and claim their inheritance. It is like saying that the original Australian and South African is Caucasian. That is just not true. Although these people have adopted the customs of the Jews they are not the original Jews, hence the term Jew-ish or Jew like.

  30. She's Jewish, but she looks like she's got a heavy dosage of other (England). Nonetheless she had a real father, the one who loved, raised and adored her.

  31. Not all Jewish.
    In a faith that excepts anyone willing to adopt it.

    You will have other races inject DNA into the line showing
    They could have been a true jewish kind of person. But has no geneitc links to the race.

    So jewish marries English White.
    Not farfetched at all.

    They married into judisum from the english church simple.

  32. I got my DNA done, I'm 100% white, I could of just looked the mirror and save the $$$ I paid to send my salvia away to get tested.

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