Day 11, diatom bloom

Day 11, diatom bloom

hello there Ben here just a quick update on 30 beat freighter rebuild it is now day 11 from initial startup and you can see that my diatom bloom is in full swing for those of you who are just starting out who are now following I had a couple of comment on the last video saying that they were going to follow this is one of the stages of setting up a reef tank or any saltwater tank or any fish tank for that matter for the cycle period but um usually about day seven or so until about day 20 you should be getting a diatom bloom and that is this brown algae that will start to appear on everything the sand the rocks the glass if I can get it yep right there um it's not bad it's not going to harm anything you don't have to freak out um it might be startling to you but it will be on everything as you can see all over the sand bed all over the rock it's just part of the cycle every new aquarium for saltwater has to get macro back to macro micro bacteria growing on stuff and some of that stuff is diatoms one of the very first life-forms in a saltwater aquarium or even in the ocean so that's what to expect within that timeframe you don't have to worry um usually about day 15 to day 20 depending on how bad your cycle is depending on how would if you got good rock or bad rock or uncured or live sand or dead sand it all buries no exact determination of how bad your diatom bloom will be I've had on where it was just a little bit here and there patchy on the sand this is actually a pretty good one and then all of a sudden a it was done but sometimes I've had it last up to three weeks long depending on how bad your rock is if there was a lot of deaths that are something like that so this one seems to be a pretty nice one um so about day 15 day 20 is when you would be adding a cleanup crew to this cleanup crew consists of some a couple hermit crabs preferably scarlet red scarlet hermit crabs and blue legged hermit crabs you can get away with some of those brown legged ones or whatnot whatever it works for you at your local pet store whatever you can afford preferably you want some blue legged hermit crabs and some scarlet red legged hermit crabs so it's nothing to worry about if you don't get a cleanup crew it's not the end of the world it will eventually burn off with water change after probably day 25 day 30 should do a 10 to 15 percent water change on the system anyways before you add livestock and also make sure you're testing your water parameters like in ammonia check it every five or so days to watch it as a newbie and then also check your nitrate which is next we want to check all these just to follow it and document it so you can see and then your nitrate which is the end process that is what is become safe for fish under a certain level can't like it too high like 50 I wouldn't get it over 50 but chances are then you would have an algae problem and then you wouldn't be able to trace your nitrates so this is the beginning stages this is day 11 for me you can see how nice the diatom bloom is so in a couple of days I would be adding a cleanup crew but I have some bad news now I just found out last night that I am moving again so and this has to come down by this weekend it's not Wednesday I got three days to get rid of it unfortunately because the place that I am moving only allows a ten gallon tank total water volume this is 50 gallons total water volume including the sump filtration in the back so I'm going to be setting up a planted tank series in about a month month and a half once it get established and moved in so keep an eye for that if you want it'll be a dirty planted tank so we'll be a learning process for me because I've never had a planted tank my sister's had fresh water but I always struggled with it so this is going to be a new challenge for me to keep fresh water ah so as soon as I got the news I was like okay put on the form everything for like rock-bottom prices I'm losing money off of all the investment money Rock a dollar a pound that's already been bought so it's like 50 pounds it's going to a school actually for their science bioscience the corals are going over to tiny giant or Chris the main administrator of New Hampshire for actual calm he's getting some of the corals I'm also giving them a couple of these flat pieces as payment because he asked for those but I ought to probably give him some money here and there to hold on to the corals until I can figure some way out to set up a new tank somewhere but just wanted to show you all the diatom bloom and what to expect and also sorry I won't be able to finish this series or the documentation of setting up a new saltwater reef tank because I have to tear it down by this weekend very frustrating but comes with life so I'm not out of the hobby for good just taking a break with the circumstances I've been dealt to me so and I don't have any control because I am not the one who is on the lease I am just living here with my wife with her parents-in-law are with my parents-in-law my bad so here's where we are this is what you can expect when you are building a reef tank but it's coming down and I'm getting ready to deliver the rock within another hour and the corals within two hours but the fish I still have in the tank upstairs so I still have them but if I can't get sell them by Friday or Saturday depending on what the pet store that I'll be going to to trade them for store credit that's where they are if you're in New Hampshire or Massachusetts even or Maine are Vermont and you are willing to take a trip over to Portsmouth area or Dover Rochester New Hampshire log on to New Hampshire for X walk home and you can find me on their Bend border just like on here and message me I have a link on there already under buy and sell stuff so I have the fish on there's a pair both sets separate pairs rock bottom prices and I haven't decided if I'm going to keep this hand or sell it yet so if you also want to buy the sand give me a price it's 50 pounds live sand slash cycling sand at the moment so if you want some saying that a dirt cheap price message me give me an offer and hopefully I can get back to you on time so so like I said everything that's accounted for is the rock has been sold the corals are taken care of keeping everything else the filtration I are the sump I have two of them I'll be selling probably both of them in rebuilding a new one whenever I get a chance to set up a new tank so unfortunately that's where the series ends but this is what you can expect for up to the stage unfortunately so don't worry if you have this in your freaking out it's just diatoms if it's red it's cyanobacteria and it's going to take a little while you'll have to do a few water changes with RO DI water and not tap water

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  1. I used live sand but dry Rock I didn't want to deal with any pests down the road and it's been 2 months since I started I've used the dead shrimp I had a very small bloom and I'm using 40 lbs in my 35 gallon idk what's going on lmaoo

  2. hey, i bought a tank that had been stablished for 5 yrs fowlr and i brought it home and plugged it back up and everything was good, i upgraded from one strip of t5 lighting to metal halides i have lots of coral in there already and recently got a clean up crew because i have a diatom bloom. why is that? why did it take so long for that to happen? could it be the light upgrade? and how can i get rid of the diatoms?

  3. thanks. to bad i cant keep the good info coming on what to expect when setting up a new saltwater fish tank.

  4. Oh I meant the info was good for any newbie watching. I wish I would have had that info when I started.

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