39 thoughts on “Dealing with the Diatom Bloom (aka brown algae)”

  1. I really wanted to learn but not even a full minute into the video I had to click away because of all the "uhhs".

  2. Add an otocinclus fish to your tank. This will eat every trace of algae which forms on the glass or on the plant leaves in a very few days. As they eat virtually nothing but algae do not add more than one initially as they will starve to death once the algae is gone. Obviously they cannot clear a tank in which the water has turned green. As soon as it has cleaned all the algae from the glass and plants start feeding it algae flakes or it will quickly die of starvation . If one only fish does the job do not add more. These fish are amazing in how much algae they eat and how fast they clean the glass and plants. You will see a big difference in within 24 hours.

  3. You can start by taking that Lucky Bamboo out. Should not be submerged, it is not an aquatic plant. Just keep the roots submerged.

  4. I have a 75 oscar tank. I get a big brown spot in the center of the sand. It doesnt grow on the glass anymore. I had two cory catfish to keep it down and it seemed to help but the oscar kept attacking them so i moved them to my angelfish tank. I also have the sun hitting the tank. Could that be a part of the bloom as well?

  5. Im just coming to the end of my cycle on my first ever tank. I freaked when I saw what i now know to be brown algae covering my substrate and a little on the glass which i wiped off. Doing some research on what to do and came across your video.

  6. Common plecos will take care of brown algae. Two 4 inch plecos could clean that tank in two days. And maintain it also. The bottom feeders you have in there will do nothing.

  7. I gave my son a small planted 3 gallon tank and these diatoms have become a SEVERE problem. I clean the glass and the stones in the tank weekly to help cull the diatom scourge but its on so many of the plants. Should I pull the plants and start over? Its such a small tank so if I need to restart its not going to hurt my feelings at all, I just want to see the green of my plants not this rusty brown.

  8. first video that comes up when you search in Youtube "Brown algae" That is very helpful. I think I have one of the type of fish you have!🐢✋

  9. Mine doesnt seem to go away. Its not super concentrated but every time I clean it comes back in a few days

  10. I got the info that you lessen the light, I did that and bazinga! lots and lots of brown algae growth, so more light is good..yes…?

  11. my tank has been hit quite severely with this bloom. Lost a pleco to it. Have snipped back all the leaves that were smothered by this bloom and now hoping that it's sorted. Very traumatic for me to lose a female bristle nosed pleco to this nasty bloom…
    Thank you so much for your shared info….very helpful.

  12. That brown diatom crud drives me nuts. I have a new fairly new tank and am going through it. Thanks for the info.

  13. fish will eat this stuff, especially things like sword tails. Otocynclus will also eat it obv, If they arent constantly picking at it you might be over feeding them slightly. If they're constantly peckish they'll do a fair bit of the work for you. My female sword tails guard it fiercely from the male lol

  14. Hey Bud, the Bamboo is not supposed to be fully submersed. The grass you said it looks like it's dieing…isn't a submersed plant either. That grows on the edge of the water in nature. So, it might be dieing.

  15. Ok first my water was cloudy then the glass was slimes now I have a little bit of brown algae it’s a tank that didn’t have time to cycle because it was an emergency just to put the fish in their I made a beginner mistake and put my Berta in first

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