Digital Nomad – Living The Van Life | MY RV TOUR

Digital Nomad – Living The Van Life | MY RV TOUR

okay so I’m gonna give you like the
unofficial tour of my RV just not ready for you to see the final version yet and
plus I’m working on a lot of fun stuff so this is obviously the cab. This is where you drive and those seats will flip around you can hang out and turn them
around the lie down this is my bed but you can’t see it cuz it’s up there but
it folds down into a bed and maybe I’ll do like a time-lapse and show yall like a better version of this. my table I got a bunch of stuff because
I just went to the dollar store and I’m actually trying to move in here more
full-time because it’s empty I was trying to sell it for those of you that
listen to my other vlogs I gotta have the TV over there a window there’s
windows all in here but they’re actually closed up because I put this stuff in
the windows because of heat and air and if your RVer you’ll know why it’s there. this
is my fridge and the really cool thing about my fridge is that runs off of
solar power so all of these lights in here right now actually run also solar
power this is my closet. My closet. microwave really cool
thing about this microwave is that it does all a bunch of stuff so I can
convect I can microwave and I can grill and it saves energy and its high
efficiency and then you have my bathroom and there’s a door that goes on here so you can there is a door that’s my camera stand and this is my toilet
there’s a toilet down there the only really cool thing about this is that I have a porcelain toilet
and so that’s pretty cool and then of how I mentioned this is winterized that’s
that pink crap at the bottom it’s because when it’s cold I can’t really
use the water in here less I’m in here full time there’s a fan really cool
thing about that is it’s automatic and there’s a remote for it so it will
release air and heat whatever there’s dogs or whatever is going on there’s some other
really cool stuff it does. but yeah this is RV this is what I do in my free time
this is what I do in my free time when I’m not making videos I’m usually
hanging out or planning something for how I can hang out in my RV because I
really love my RV and it sucks it’s been winter time I hadn’t really been able to
hang out in it because it’s kind of cold. And, when it’s cold there’s water issues and it’s just not fun. especially if
you don’t live full-time if you don’t live full-time in your RV and there’s
water in it you can bust the pipe in the winter time I can’t live in here full-time is
because of the pipes and stuff i’ll be putting some more content out so you can check
that out

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  1. That's a pretty neat setup. I have a couple friends who are transitioning into full van life. I'll have to share this with them.

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