38 thoughts on “Dipping Coral in Hydrogen Peroxide”

  1. Soo….. if a “friend” of mine has a few rocks with GHA… he could theoretically take them out and dip them in peroxide and avoid having to get some specialized cleanup crew that may or may not eat said GHA?

  2. Thanks for this video, I'm going to try this. I have a candy cane coral with about 5 heads and the branches have GHA on them, I was under the impression that only the branch should touch the peroxide but looks like it fine to put the whole candy cane coral in?

  3. I still have zoa frags to move to the new tank – I'm all over this! Reef Hobby swears h2o2 is a miracle substance and he has quite a few videos on it. He even dips his fish in it. I think he's called Random Stuff now. I'm behind watching videos but I saw this one just in time to use it! Thanks! 👍🏻👍🏻

  4. I used to use the stuff all the time for algae control in my old planted tanks, glad to see it's usable in saltwater too! Time to save some frags, cheers!

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