100 thoughts on “Doctor Plays Plague Inc. | The Ultimate Bacteria! | Wednesday Checkup”

  1. When I play plague I don’t evolve it at all until every one is infected and then I have enough points to get all the symptoms and then it kills everyone ridiculously fast

  2. Ive never seen someone be so estatic about the world dying. It like New Years? Wow Doctor Mike!😂😂 I don't know if I should be concerned or….

  3. “I’ve only killed 362 million people. . . “😟😟😟he seemed so disappointed in himself. Like he could’ve killed more. 😂😂😂

  4. I've played this game in my phone and the headline said "Memes proven to extend lifespan" HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHHHHAHHAHAHA LMAO

  5. Devolve all symptoms once they randomly evolve.
    The game will be paused with the message, go right into disease option to devolve.
    the disease will spread undetected.

    max drug resistance and 1-2 genetic hardening.

    Livestock, water and air transmission is sufficient

    Stockpile all the DNA until the whole world is infected
    devolve all transmission to refund the DNA points

    To slow down cure research
    Insomnia + Paranoia + Seizure + Insanity

    Go for symptoms that kill fast
    1) Total Organ Failure
    2) Skin Lesions + Hemophilia = Profuse Bleeding
    3) Dysentery
    4) Paralysis
    5) Coma

    You can devolve symptoms like cough and sneeze, rashes after obtaining
    the high tier fatal symptoms, refund some DNA points to speed up genetic reshuffle.

  6. Mike: I'll name it DM…
    Me: hmmm…. why would he name a disease Dungeon Maste- oh wait, "Doctor Mike", I get it now

  7. Mike at the beginning: Oh I don't want to infect people on the NE coast.
    Mike at 3:51: I never thought I would be so excited about infecting the world.


  8. if ONLY you went into the MIDDLE symptoms tree you would have unlocked complete organic failure! the full body would have shut down completely! still well done!

  9. My strategy/everyone’s strategy
    1. Choose a large country
    2. Make it super immune
    3. Make it super spreadable
    4. Once it’s infected everyone then make it super deadly so it will be too late

  10. I played this game a lot on my phone back when it was actually a good app. Now its just a pay to win game with many of its old free features locked behind paywalls.

  11. when he first he wanted to make a plague to take over the world, i thought he meant it IN REAL LIFE
    so i was panicking, then i found it was a game..
    and felt so relived

  12. Greenland or Madagascar are my favorite places to start. Because they're islands and only have one means of transit from the location, these are the hardest to infect and the most likely to end up screwing you over toward the end of the game. Starting at one of them guarantees infection.

  13. Doctor mike: i know the US's weaknes, I know the way to make this happen, if u wanna get ur virus to destroy the world you got to be strategic
    Satan: Furious note-taking

  14. Hey @Doctor Mike the key to winning this game: focus your DNA points on evolving its ability to spread with no symptoms. If the Disease evolves symptoms on their own, immediate remove them. Wait until every person on earth is infected, then gain back all your DNA points by deleting its infectivity and spend it all on symptoms, and you’ll kill everyone very quickly.

  15. Well. After watching your react videos and now this, you have earned a place in my subscriptions, you're hilarious!

  16. 1:39 GREENLAND!!! IF YOU START IN GREENLAND YOU WONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT LATER!!! But…your plague also will never leave Greenland… Oh…

  17. So i'm not american… but the dmv probably deserved it ?

    nice getting greenland early on, it can be a problem if countries start closing harbors and airports 🙂

  18. Yes you remember that one time the doctor actually did the opposite of what it was supposed to do and ended up killing his patients by the Millions

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