Dr Williams on the Gender Recognition Act 2004 Scottish Review

Dr Williams on the Gender Recognition Act 2004 Scottish Review

Hello! I’m Nic Williams from “Fair Play for Women” and I’m here to remind everyone that we’ve only got 2 days left now to fill in the Scottish Consultation questionaire to voice our position to the proposed changes to gender recognition laws in Scotland. We’ve only got until 5 PM on Thursday this week [March 1, 2018]. Now, you don’t have to be Scottish to fill this in. This potentially affects everyone in the UK. If someone if able to change their legal sex status in Scotland, it’s likely that this will be recognised throughout the whole of the UK. And of course, the UK government will be watching the outcome of this Scottish consultation. We’ve set out plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act. Streamlining and de-medicalising the process. And if they don’t see any major opposition at this point, it’s likely that they will also bring these proposals forward and it will be rolled out throughout the whole of the UK. So let’s not waste this opportunity. Now to help you fill in the questionaire, I produced a step-by-step guide, covering all the key issues around the different proposals that Scotland have made. If you haven’t got time to get into it in detail, I’ve also produced a single-page fact sheet with all the key facts that are out. Now, if you’ve only got 10 minutes to do this, you don’t need to fill in the whole of the questionaire. Just pick one or two key issues that you feel strongly about, and voice your opposition. Register your opposition in this document, so that it’s counted. One of the possibilities is that children as young as 12 might be allowed to change their birth certificates without parental consent. This means that children may be able to change their legal sex status before they’ve even been through puberty. And puberty is a time when we know that gender issues are often naturally resolved. So this law is not needed for children, and we should not use children to validate trans ideology on the behalf of adults. We need to let the children go through puberty – (India): No no no, I’m sorry – (India): I think that’s absolutely incorrect, you’re [inauduble] from the 1950’s. (Woman): – let children go through puberty to be able to understand what they actually are. It’s now 2017. The other proposal is to make the process of legal gender change an administrative process. No more than just filling in a form. Okay, this will be easier for transgender people. But those checks and balances are there for a reason. And in society, it’s normal practice to require some kind of proof if we’re asking society to give us some benefits or rights. So, disabled people, for example, have to actually prove they’re disabled if they want disability benefits. Unemployed people have to prove that they’re actually out of work if they want unemployment benefits. So why should it be any different to transgender people? Because what the transgender community is actually asking for is effectively that anyone would be able to change their birth certificate, from the sex they were born to the opposite sex. So, Eddy Mann in Scotland will be able to change his birth certificate to female, whether he’s transgender or not. And this will have major implications. Particularly in places like prisons. So it would mean that a male prisoner could fill in a form, change his legal sex status on paper, and then be free to live in a women’s prison with women prisoners. So this could set up a ridiculous situation were a man who has been convicted of sexual or violent offenses against women, will actually be able to live with some of the most abused and vulnerable women in society. And it’s not good enough for the prison authorities to say there will be risk assessments put in place, there have already been examples were male-born prisoners have been moved into women’s prisons and have sexually assaulted the women there. A transgender rapist who was moved to a women-only jail, despite still having male genitalia, was segregated after making unwanted sexual advances on female inmates. We have “male transgender prisoner guilty of brutal murder moved from a women’s jail because he kept having intercourse with female inmates”, There are, it seems, examples of where people are being moved and then [posing a threat]. (Exactly). To the women in prison. So this is not being taken seriously enough. The risks weren’t even mentioned in the Scottish Consultation Document. It’s glaringly obvious that this is bad law, and we must oppose it. It’s common sense. That this law has to be opposed. Now, opposing these changes does not mean that you’re against transgender rights. Everybody, including transgender people, must be allowed to live safely and free from discrimination. And transgender people already have these rights enshrined in equality law and hate crime legislation. They also have the ability to change their birth certificate from the one that they were born to the opposite sex, if they can prove that they have gender dysphoria and that they have lived as their new prefered sex for atleast 2 years. So they have that ability. It’s the extra rights that they’re now asking for that is a step too far. And it’s not considering the wider impact on society. So we do have a right to oppose this, we have a right to oppose this for ourselves as women, and we also have a right to oppose this on the behalf of our children. So, fill in the form. Go to fairplayforwomen.com/scotland, you’ll find everything you need there all the links in one place. Don’t leave this up to Scottish women. Don’t let them divide our voices. This is our opportunity to speak, and we must use this opportunity.

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  1. Hey Mag greetings from Lebanon, i love you girl i was waiting for your new video to come out thank you. ❤ I did the questionnaire and submitted it, i also shared it. Hope it helps. ❤

  2. Sadly I think the consultation is probably just a tick-box exercise. We know what the SNP is like, and I'm pretty sure they have already made up their mind on this.

  3. This is monstrous. It has to stop. As the lady said, some lunatic in Peterhead jail (our prison for psychotic sex cases, rapists, murderers, etc.) could fill out a form and be let loose on women with substance issues and mental disorders. The SJW leanings of the SNP sometimes slip into insanity mode. Offensive Behaviour at Football Act and this piece of lunacy being high profile examples.

  4. Please note: If you are from outside the UK you can still fill out the consultation as long as you specify this on the form.

  5. Great video. I'm sympathetic to Trans people but i feel like its going WAY too far when we are changing language or involving children.

  6. Children do need to go through puberty. Birth certificates should not be allowed to be changed…ever. Trans movement fantasy has to be resisted.

  7. kids don't understand anything about this. It's a trend.haw many story's there need to be. 12 year old changing there names and gender.  I can see this blowing up in every body faces. Man in women prisons good job sjw.  I don't thank I hate being called a terf now.

  8. Hi, I am in Australia and have successfully completed the consult form. Hope it helps. The domino effect of 'Emperor's New Clothes' ideology is scary.

  9. Good god May is now bad for the Conservatives, she's bad for Labour, how did she rise so meteorically and fall like a rocket pointed ass up?

  10. Thanks for posting this. I just filled out the survey; it took no time at all.  And everyone outside Scotland:  the survey can be filled out by anyone no matter where on the planet you live; at the end it asks whether you're from Scotland, the UK or the rest of the world.

  11. Done! It only takes a few minutes. Please share in every media form available. I just shared on Twitter. This is very dangerous for children and women.

  12. Consulted. Thanks for sharing. Hope I can help.
    This stuff almost makes me want to change genders myself, so I can be a radfem and TERF 😉
    This and Twitter lately makes me think I have much more in common with radfems than many other groups out there.;)

  13. Late to the game on this. This does not only effect Scottish women; this ultimately threatens the rights of all UK (& beyond?) women – our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, grannies, aunts, nieces, granddaughters , friends – and therefore should be a concern for all UK men. The proposed changes to the GRA effectively have the effect of denying the existence of "woman" as a biological sex; surely this is the ultimate misogyny?

  14. Completed it.

    In opposition to the proposed changes BTW in case you were wondering. I have a GRC issued in England and the present system works fine and has done for the past 13 years. It is simple and economically accessible to all transsexual patients. Anyone who is genuinely transsexual has nothing to complain about the medicalisation of any part of the process. It goes with the territory anyone who has issues with it has something to hide.

  15. I filled it in. The format is pretty concerning in that it seems to assume it's a done deal: the consultation conflates sex and gender identity throughout.
    And the review cites the Republic of Ireland and Malta as places that allow self-declaration of gender identity and are somehow progressive regimes to emulate. Both countries have severe restrictions on abortion, which is a horrendous violation of the human rights of women and girls (or cis women and girls, trans men and boys and female sexed non-binary people if you prefer).
    Currently, sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment are three separate characteristics with their own protections, and whatever changes are made to the gender reassignment characteristic in law, sex and sexual orientation need to be maintained as recognised and protected characteristics.

  16. This is insane, thanks for sharing
    I hope I can help with filling out the consultation but I'm from Russia though
    I will try at least

  17. I'm from the US, but I filled it out. Hopefully it doesn't get passed. Want to help protect women from this gender nonsense 🙁

  18. Wish I had seen this before the deadline. This is an assault on reason. There`s no danger in recognising biological sex as a valid distinction. The idea that we should redefine language around solipsism is nuts.

  19. Even the Geneva Convention says that women and men prisoners of war should be kept in separate dormitories. But the Scottish Govt thinks it can ignore that for civilians!

  20. Damn! I just missed the deadline! This is a catastrophe – for women, children, society, common sense, the English language and rationality. In the future (and may it be soon!), this will surely be looked back on the way lobotomy is now viewed. How has it come to this?!

  21. All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others. Trans people are more equal than everyone – especially women.

  22. We (working class women in London) have been trying to meet to discuss our concerns regarding changes to the gender recognition act and have been shut down and no platformed by trans activist (white middle class university students) under the label of transphobia and hate speech.
    Identity politics is destroying working class, LGBT and woman’s community organisations in our area and uk wide.
    I suggest anyone that hasn’t yet read Transgender Trends school advice booklet should do so. Don’t believe the non factual reviews of trans activists,read it for yourself.
    Changes to the GRA have huge implications for women and children.

  23. I’d really like to see you make a video on the deplatforming of Christine Hoff Sommers this week in the name of intersectionality.

  24. Nicola is not a scientist. She has no qualification in biology, no BSc or MSc. Another charlatan. Any geneticist would wipe the floor with her. She has a BA and an MA. She works in a Politics and Philosophy department. She deals with ethics, which is not science, but philosophy.

  25. So there is a public consultation currently on the GRA, UK-Wide this time. I recommend looking at the FairPlayforWomen website for advice on how to understand the survey and fill in your concerns.

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