Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Deepspawn

Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Deepspawn

hey there everyone AJ back again for the mighty glue set channel I make videos about Dungeons & Dragons a little full-time and have a collection of hundreds of monster ecology and strategy videos on my channel including a complete a-to-z list of all the monsters and the core monster manual if you like what I do please consider subscribing as I upload at least twice a week so what is a deep spawn why are they so scary settle back grab a snack we're going to get deeply nerdy let us set up the encounter shall we a little narrative let's jump back in time a little bit as our band of adventurers that we've been previously introduced to Seska the cleric of Bane who grew up on the hard streets of Luskin her friend Thomas the arcane investigator from Kendall keep their gnomish companion gnawin hara the gondii to master of tools from the island Lantern and the local hero mal Vallauris but bad of the College of valor and devotee of Tempest proud to send into the nether 'is arcanists from war today on their latest money-making venture they're on their quest to investigate and almost a ruin to keep that has been swallowed by the edge of the forest on their way there they stop overnight in Red Lodge spending some Queen on a lot of drinks brought for locals who can tell them anything about the keep one man a ranger informs him that for years the place has been suspect of being the lair of a fully grown green dragon named fel Fame who made that area of the forest particularly dangerous but nobody has seen the dragon for a couple of years at least now could be that the long-standing hostilities between the dragon in this area has the dragons in the area have claimed another victim and good riddance to bad rubbish to which the whole Tevon raises a glass fairly confident they were not going to run into the dragon's lair the companions were still very cautious on the approach to the event and keep camping out in climbing trees to watch the place for quite some time but aside from a particularly large Hawk they thought was a Griffon at first sight they place seemed uninhabited at least to buy anything that ventured out during the day mal was eager to get closer to the place get the job over and done with and get back to Waterdeep he heads spread the floor plan of the keep out next to the big log they were sitting on his customary skin of fine thigh and sweet wine and dried apricots next to him and the group decided against going in the front door which seemed to be overgrown with vines anyway and instead go through the broken wall on the west side where a tree had been uprooted and fallen through the masonry they forget this was probably something like a beer leer or something in there but they could easily handle that stopping once at the tree line they put the bulk of their travel packs down next to a young oak tree readied their weapons strapped on more arm and check their spell components before heating in they didn't notice the Eagle go into the keep through the hole in the roof inside the keep there were pools of stagnant old rain water on the cracked stone floor once fitted finally fitted in repeating pattern of light and dark with piles of fungus sprouting team tapestries they look long since fallen off the walls and rotted the whole place had a stink to it a chemical smell that irritated the back of the throat and drowned out any other smells the darkness was pierced by the magical illumination gleaming from the powerful mace of disruption held aloft by Thomas ready for any potential and heed to him creeping up on them but the place was quite another kind of lifeless not so much as an azure a giant spider in the first win of the old structure all the party were experienced as experienced enough to know that this likely meant that something was keeping them away from the place so the further they went in with no encounters the more weary they became checking everything was such care that the pace of ode to accrual it was half an hour later that the fall finally opened the Dwarven crafted double stone doors to the main hall of the keep where they expected to see a banquet table and many ornate chairs with a raised platform and another smaller table with two ant rooms on either side of it what they found though was a much larger pool of water and rising up from it piled up in a great heap across the raised platform and spilling over into the side chambers was a brilliantly glittering ranked king's ransom of gold silver and copper coins gems jewelry weapons and bits of armour suitable for nobility a dragon's hoard they were speechless in several moments past with each of them frozen on the spot listening around and tinleigh before finally mal broke the silence with a hist whisper surely this that must be an illusion he took a coin from there his own belt pouch and tossed the water Davian copper nib across the murky pond and into the treasure pile with a satisfactory clink Thomas took first took a triangular silver shared coin and tossed it into the pond then he dipped his glowing mace into the water trying to see how deep it was no more than to pass the knee I think Norn turning to look at the eldritch side from pink candle peep asked you mean waist-deep for a gnome I take it they all shared a smile Cisco couldn't help but think about how many urgent she could keep off the streets of Luskin with the wealth she was looking at and surely bane was sinning here assigned she was on the right path of her fate staying as close to the edge of the water as they could they made their way across two on each side and carefully stepped into the slippery mound of loose Queen from this close Cisco could see a palm-sized and emerald green dragon scale loose and half buried next to the ornate gold inlaid breastplate that was clearly elven and very old she bent down to retrieve the scale fascinated by dragons as much as she feared them what happened next was a blur as suddenly the coin seemed to explode into the air as civil things some sort of tentacles possibly a spell thrust up from below and immediately attacked all of them the strike against mal was horrific and brutal one moment he was checking his cape to see if the stagnant pond water had soaked into it the next his entire face was nearly torn away from his head by a thick tentacle that split open like it was it was a fang filled wolf's more and just bit right into him with tremendous strength ripping itself free with a spray of dark red blood mal simply staggered back falling across the hard metal pile a silver axe blade biting into his side as he clutched at his shredded throat and tried to scream but only a frothing google came out of his mouth rapidly filling with arterial blood he desperately reached his other hand for a vial of healing serum within easy reach inside his vest pocket Thomas managed to bring his mace across to slam a tentacle to the side intend to see what creature had started to chant the words for spell so very close to him says collect to the side and lost her footing landing face front first and sliding down into the slimy water the sounds behind near suddenly muffled Norn sidestep the attack directly Adam from two different directions and accurately guessed that this was not a separate creature it was one large monster under the coins as the whole pile was actually moving from something pushing its way up from out underneath it all he saw Seska go down Nick saw him and left to assist her balance only to give half growl to down into the water himself from the larger woman and then something chomped down very hard on his leg and he was suddenly flying through the air cracking into the stone wall and landing in a pile of broken timber the old tables and bones of his forum stuck out of his broken badly broken limb the adventurers managed to rally somewhat in the next few moments but the beast was not alone as a large Eagle suddenly attacked as soon as it got free of as soon as norm got free of the wood pile and was raising a potion to his lips to at least give him back the use of his own throwing arm within less than a minute Cesco was sobbing as she was moving as fast as she could back the way they came the weight of gnawin over her shoulder and her front stained with the blood pouring out of a terrible wound at his chest from the birds four inch long talons and dagger-like beak the last glance back revealed a great ball of rubbery flesh many unblinking eyes and the gruesome sight of her two companions being eaten by the thing like it was split open a fang felt more on each side of it swallowing them up its insides churning an abomination of goo and spine covered tentacles squirming around pulsing organs they bore no resemblance to any other living creature she knew and so she fled back to the edge of the forest immediately in treating her God to return her friend back to life meanwhile back in the keep the deep spawn finished consuming the two dead humans and began the process of replicating them inside itself it had been centuries since it had last ate a humanoid of the surface world and these two were particularly powerful skilled in arcane arts martial combat intricate intimately familiar with the locations people and culture of the land for many miles in every direction this was indeed at our fortunate encounter for the deep spawn I began to wonder why it have been so long since it became all the way out to the outside world when the duplicates were ready the Beast swells their womb sex with fluid and they burst forth into the stagnant water fished out a second later and dropped onto the coin the beard by a couple of tentacles the deep spawn extruded a pair of eye stalks and looked them over sizing them up and retrieved the regurgitated remains of their garments and picked up a few suitable items from the dragon prick treasure to equip them they stood a little shaky at first then busied themselves dressing and trying on the new gear the one called mal turned to the other named Thomas and laughed looking the despawn over and peering into a pair of eyes he coughed breast kick back and then looked back over his shoulder do you want us to go after and kill the last one she can't have gotten far a tentacle mouth raised up and the strange voice of the deep spawn replied screeches I need you to go the spawn which to all appearances are mal and Thomas then bowed to the master and made their way out into the forest to find some game eager to return and discuss their creators plans for them the deep spawn are extremely dangerous aberrations not native to the pro Material Plane but perfectly adapted to it they are 15-foot blubbery and rubbery spheres that slither around using six thick and very strong tentacles three of which also the offensive mouths that they can lash out and strike with a bite equal to a giant constrictor snake the other three tentacles can also allow at once be around with the force of a giant octopus they have at least 40 long retractable eyestalks that they keep well-protected not normally extruding more than four at a time they have the ability to consume any organic material to feed themselves but otherwise have a completely alien site with physiology and a highly complex nervous system distributed throughout their body with considerable intellectual capacity make no mistake while it is a monstrous creature each deep spawn is also a calculating and chaotic evil genius a single dick spawn that make a vast area it dangerous even for alert well-armed adventurers their mottled hide is purple and brown they tend to rest burning underneath some sort of camouflage nest reaching through the pale with their 20-foot long tentacles to make it seem like the prey is being attacked by multiple smaller creatures at first their arms are far more dexterous than they appear and the despawn makes full use of captured items to arm itself including magic magical martial weapons even making use of a shields to defend itself they prefer heavy axes and Mason's simply because their high degree of strength means that they can handle the additional weight quite easily a deep spawn weighs about 28,000 pounds but can move at 30 feet per round and even dash around on its tentacles whether they are still using them to engage with their victims these spawns speak Ocwen common chronic giant and under common as well as deep speech they used their tentacle mouths for speech and their voices sound like horrible high-pitched piping but when the deep rumble is behind it as from a mini lung sex inside the creatures huge body deep spawn are voracious creatures that crave intelligent to prey despite their bulk and bizarre appearance they are highly adaptable impatient opponents they frequently dispatch these four minions to lure new victims to the aleeah's with promises of wealth and magic addicts one usually wields three weapons decides to a medium creatures in it's manipulative tentacles and bites with its jaws on its feeding tentacles feel free to give it a small selection of particularly brutal magical melee weapons to suit your encounter needs a deep spawn is proficient with all simple and martial weapons but an opponent can attack a deep spawns tentacles directly each of them take about 20 hit points of damage before being taken out of action later Weiner while restoring itself from combat the deep swarm recovers to hit points per hour as it regenerates and can regrow regrow the severed limbs chopping off a tentacle reduces to these ones main head points by 10 points take away taken away from its maximum cut points until the limb is restored there are some good fifth edition home brews of this monster and Dean deep beyond but they're not perfect the one I am looking at is a challenge rating 17 huge aberration the stats are armored class 17 which is fine if the creature is mostly buried in a Krisha pile but as soon as it emerges the huge creature should drop should drop down to an hour class of 16 it has a dexterity of 13 and natural armor to compensate for its large bulk it also towed down the head points to 19 d-10 plus 126 for between 145 and 316 with an average of about 221 head points it should be immune to poisons and being knocked round it can't be surprised it has a 120-foot dark vision and 60-foot blind sight as well as pass a perception score of 17 and it will typically have its area surveilled by other spawn who are watching the area in disguise it has 17 strengths 24 Constitution 17 intelligence 16 wisdom and 10 charisma it knows how to cast spells and fight with the skill of an eldritch Knight it can cast hold monster almost like a can crypt I would roll out d6 to recharge the spell power on a result of 5 or 6 for the following round the physical attacks for tentacles jaws or weapons are all passive into head the tentacle slap does to d8 + 3 bludgeoning damage and the target will be grappled escape TC is 17 also also while a creature is grappled the despawn can scripts it doing the same amount of damage automatically each round the victim has not yet escaped the more does to d6 +4 piercing damage can also grapple a target or either kind of limb can use a weapon as well the deep swamp refers to ambush its prey and in combat it will attack until it grapples a target and then uses other limbs to attack from the sides or the rear giving itself advantage on the attack role it absolutely has legendary actions so twice per round at the end of another creatures turn it can make a melee attack with a tin school or a bite attack or a weapon attack with one or it can exchange both of those attacks instead cast an additional spell including a halt monster ever has it available otherwise pick a spell for up from up to fifth level and the dig spawn has extensive arcane knowledge that is gained through probing the minds of adventurers and other creatures including drow and mine flare down below ground it has previously digested and duplicated over its long lifespan duplication is clearly its most potent ability and the applications of it are the reason why this creature is so dangerous but there are limitations to its power it can duplicate any creature it can digest as long as it is large or smaller it takes one to four days to reach to create the duplicate of the body of the original which must be eaten entirely the deep spawn will typically tear it up and consume it using its tentacle Mors it can also form a temporary more and digestive organs on its in its main body when it is not an immediate danger to more easily swallow the entire victim in one go they can not swallow a creature whole during combat the first duplicate of a consumed creature is a perfect replica accepted emerges from the D spawn without any equipment and it is completely loyal to the despawn that made it the duplicate or spawn has all the knowledge of the original but it's a bit fuzzy a dig sworn can make further duplicates of their creature but each time it will lose a fair bit of its authenticity looking a bit lacking in detail a copy of a copy a deep swarm can copy alecky like a cobalt many times until then as a small army of Richard almost brain-damaged drunk brain-damaged drones that merely look kobold shaped the kind of horrific even the perfect duplicates struggle to remember specifics of the recent activities however they still retain their skills they have to be a creature native to the plane of existence as well and the control of a deep spawn is through either issued verbal commands magic messages or via a form of telepathy after spawning a deep spawn must wait 46 days before it can do so again so it will typically do it in one big group typically dekes won't operate alone at least 30 miles apart from each other in the and attack there is no law on their mating practices even if they mate at all in any sort of recognizable way they are after after average there are alcohol aberrations these spawn prefer to let their offspring fight for them leering in cabins dungeons or ruins amply protected by traps and Guardian monsters their spawn if these defenses are penetrated the discipline is usually found at a readily defended room or area always with at least one or more escape routes and it will definitely sacrifice its spawn to protect itself it can always make more thankfully most things will never venture up to the surface so their primary enemy for the last few thousand years has been the dwarves mainly one of the darkest eras and dwarven history and something they certainly do not talk about with outsiders ever happened over 10,000 years ago in – 9000 dr when the eighth sub kingdoms of the great dwarven nation of deep Shantanu tried to expand their borders in competition with each other each of these kingdoms was essentially a different theocracy of the Dwarven pantheon skirmishes broke out and then the bitter feuds erupted and to open war known as the spawn wars for the heavy use of deep spawn bred warriors employed to bolster each side's numbers as a form of biological secret weapon because deep spawn and not immune to mind control and they can copy the corpse of a deep dwarven warrior it was a brilliant if horrific tactic and the dwarf slaughtered each other this was so long ago the yoga was still a shield wolf clan and part of the civilization of deep sanitary at this time engaged in a long-standing string of spider wars with the drow of GU a leader Dwolla death Shantanu was located beneath the lands of armed two–there Callum shown in the lake of steam collectively known as the lands of intrigue it has a series of different ruins that quote ones closest to the surface are part of high shanna tar which was involved with a war against the humans of Callum Shan around – 2600 they are deeper down of the ruins of the eight kingdoms were two older which are all but one of them was destroyed when the return of the clan Duga who had become a new race of after this slavery and transformation by the mine flares but more on that when I make some more videos on the dwarves some other historical footnotes in the lore of faroan and vuelven deep spawn 75d are in the year of the clinging death Maranda the night bringer who else's forces and the creepy evil against the elven city of sword nil blighting match of the surrounding woods the magic of Morand twists all life both follower and victim awake into corrupted monsters including deep spawn and shambling mounds while the evil could not be destroyed the high magic severed the creeping evil for my and and imprisoned the corrupting the corrupted corruption axonal soon to be called too dark watch this weakened the dark bringers presence on tar although it cost the lives of 32 elves including two high mages to sever and bind the power so that's typical of dwell elven high magic that they often sacrifice the eye mages to enact these very powerful spells so there's precedent that Dex born the sleep spawn can actually spawn from other creatures who are sufficiently mutated 679 dr in the year of the sky lit sesh the he'll suffer is nearly destroyed by an army of deep spawn breed monsters emerged from the tangled creatures beast matches to the west the AK valor reinforcements of core man theory succeeded in dispersing the beasts by the first snow of winter a small garrison of troops remained stationed at hills far for the protection of the northern forests and the villages until meth kernels fall when used as a biological weapon through magical domination and feeding the controls deep spawn the fallen soldiers of an army the numbers can be quickly replaced by the spawned clones but I assure you the dwarfs will learn about someone trying to do this and they will arrive in force to stop anything like the spawn wars ever happening again it's a collective it's like a racial shame do not underestimate the intelligence of deep spawn or its ability to strategically create duplicates to infiltrate and form alliances or severe disruptions with other races who are as primary primary rivals in the area you can easily reenact the storyline of like the thing the movie by John Carpenter with a sort of a creature they would much rather manipulate events to pitch two opposing four groups against each other in the area then quietly expanded control and the shadows of war these form clones do not need to be in close proximity to their master they can operate on their own but are fanatically loyal to the despawn not even magical means can force them to poo to betray the deep spawn as they see there as a direct threat to their life the deep spawn is the EPI and they don't see anything went wrong with what it's doing it's they're incapable of it aside from their lack of memory they are very hard to identify as they did not appear to be aberrations personally I give them some sort of an alien trait that is identifiable when they die by someone who knows what they're looking for such as the blood turning green of exposed to silver or something like that but that's entirely up to you these are aberrations they are supposed to have variance and quirks much like beholders deep spawn are not all the same in both appearance and specific rates may vary particularly this spell knowledge and their personal methods of invading and dominating the territory they do have names and personalities please hit the like button if you made it this far subscribe if you like what I do check out my patreon for some exclusive content and all the full scripts for these videos buy some merchandise wear your geek with pride and as always thanks for listening and I'll be back with more for you very soon you

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  1. ONCE AGAIN AJ, I MUST thank you as you have given me the next major player for my campaign. You save my bacon once again, and for that sir I tip my hat to you.

  2. Campaign idea: the party takes bounties from a guild that requires the quarry be taken alive. The truth is, the guild is led by a Deepspawn that accidentally became chaotic good via a Helm of Change Alignment. The Deepspawn eats and copies the quarry, expanding a massive web of influence. Thus, the party cannot kill the Deepspawn, as it and it's guild have cut down crime and illegal activity by 40% alone.

  3. I would suggest these things reproduce when they fight each other over territory and they end up mutually consuming each other creating 3 "copies". 2 copies retreat to their original territories believing they have lost while the third, the actual offspring, makes a very stealthy escape from the entire area.

  4. Hey AJ Pickett can you do a video on The Book of Vile Darkness (the artifact) would love to know the lore of it

  5. Favorite so far; love the thing and some art reminds me of the movie the mist and the tentacle monster u never see the body of/many snake or worm type aberrations that attacks and drags a person outside

  6. For proper Lovecraftian horror give one Deepspawn spawn temporal amnesia that makes it to think that it is the original!

  7. How is it possible that every time I have a old creature coming up in my game, you happen to make a video on the same creature lol.
    thanks for the mind reading and awesome videos as always 🙂

  8. My recommendation would be to work on the delivery a bit more for the story. The pauses sound like they're the result of not knowing what words are coming next, or how the current sentence is structured. By practicing a few more times, you can get make the tale much more engaging by adding dramatic pauses, drawn-out sentence endings, and tonal changes. Essentially I think you'd have a lot more people digging the stories if they weren't monotone and choppy.

    Edit: the deepspawn voice was great I just mean the narration could be made more dramatic.

  9. What happens to the Deepspawnc's spawn if the "mother" dies? Do they continue after or do they fade away too?

  10. If this think would be real i would volunter to allah akbar at it with a nuke, i hate this notion to the blood who had this idea is a cool man or madamme.

  11. If i would live in that world i would be like this with that thing about,, Are the dwarfs bat shit insane , to be so stupid to use a deepspawn for war that thing could infiltrate your ranks ,not if it happens but even the very posiblity of it happening you got to be idioctic to even risk it , (it is like the gene stealer cult from 40 k, if your using fucking nids for war your to dumb to live), eat you alive then makes a mokery off your body and to get the infornation out of your brain the abomination can only take it by torture by keeping your head alive (like the proto-grave mind from halo ), the very existance of this thing is heresy ,if your not up in arms to exterminate your rightfull fate is holy flame . Imagin this the bastard killed you but keeped you alive in payne ,torturing you ,all this time your basicaly a head in a latrine, the abomination digs in your brain and try to edit your mind or worse lobotomize you , using all that it got from you to break you down and give it info on your friend ,family ,people and make a a mokery of twisted flesh of you to harm your own race using all of your life efforts all that you are to betray all that you are and kill all that you love and mook it with it's twistings ,never…by all god and fiend never,. If you don't want it dead ,your a traitor to your race and traitors burn. Purify , purify by holy flame,the only way … in flame to ash is the fate of this abomination…..End .

  12. I had an idea for deepspawn reproduction: what if when deepspawn minions are permitted to reproduce in whatever manner is typical of the race they're copied from, the offspring is always a deepspawn? Or what if deepsawn minions eventually morph into deepspawn if they manage to survive for long enough?

  13. Can someone please tell me what happens to the spawn that the deep spawn produces when they are killed? Do they revert to any form or do they remain in that form. Also are there any anatomical differences if someone were to cut open a dead spawn?

  14. Oh man this has really inspired me! I am currently running an Eldritch horror-esk campaign and these guys would fit RIGHT in!!

  15. I'm imagining a Neutral Good Spawn that invaded a drow temple of Eilistraee and spent the next century listening to the songs and sermons of the priests it consumed there. It now seeks redemption. Might be a fun encounter for the Out of the Abyss module.

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