Easy Life vs Awesome Life. Here’s your ultimate trade-off.

Easy Life vs Awesome Life. Here’s your ultimate trade-off.

Any day you spend in comfort is progress stolen
from your future. More wealth, more skills, more resources stolen
from your future. And you’re the one who is stealing it. Your present self is stealing wealth from
your futureself. I know it’s not easy, it takes tremendous
courage to choose a hard life that pays off in the long run versus an easy life that won’t
last a lifetime. It’s a trade-off. But here’s what I want you to pay attention
to. Sometime in the future, you’ll be exposed
to major problems in life. For a lot of people, every 3 months you face
a mild problem, every 6 months a bigger one, every 2 years a life-changing problem. Now, the intensity of these problems are directly
related to your resource levels. If you don’t have enough resources, what
is a mild problem for someone will end up becoming a life-changing problem for you. These problems can be unemployment, unforeseen
healthcare expenses, children’s education costs, it could be many things that you can’t
foresee or even imagine at the moment. Let me give you an example, we’ll hit recession
soon, those of you with resources, including skills and rich experiences, will always find
great jobs even during recessions. It wont be a life-changing problem, it’ll
be an inconvenience losing their jobs. But those of you who didn’t work on their
own professional development for all these years will be the ones to experience life-changing
problems. This is an obvious one. But what is not so obvious is how your daily
choices lead to that eventual outcome. It takes vision to realize what you do today
will pay off 1, 2, or 5 years down the line. It will not only give you a better life but
it will give you one with less problems. So look at your life, right now, if it’s
easy, manageable, then you’re within your comfort zone and comfort zone is easy, easy
life does not lead to an awesome life. Easy life leaves you vulnerable to the organic
difficulties of life. See you next week

19 thoughts on “Easy Life vs Awesome Life. Here’s your ultimate trade-off.”

  1. Hi, due to corona attack all interview has stopped. Suggest me, I need to update myself. Suggest few corporate courses..

  2. I really like your video. Currently, I try little things to start my business at 24 years old. I realize that nobody believes and supports me. Even my family, my parents. My parent worries that I can be failed and don't believe in me. My friend thinks that what I am doing is stupid. They want me to do something as they are. Graduate, get a good job (I have no idea what is good job mean), find a man or girl and marry, have baby and comfort life. But I don't want to do that, I am young and I still try to do something that other afraid of. I believe myself. I can go on my way with peoples who trust me. And I can be an awesome life soon. Thank you, Deniz.

  3. I prefer your long videos, it cath my attention and concentration.
    Thank you to share your work with us 😉

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