Ecology Introduction

Ecology Introduction

ecology the study of the interaction between living and nonliving things ecology all begins with an organism which is a living thing the example we're going to see is the Fox so an organism can be represented by one single fox a fox is a living thing but is an organism the Sun mmm no the Sun is nonliving and is not an organism so to recap an organism is one living thing but if I wanted to make an organism fit the definition of a population I'd have to change a few things I'd have to add more foxes to this picture because a population is a group of the same organisms so a population would be a group of foxes all living together but would one single rabbit be a population know a rabbit by itself is an organism a group of rabbits would be a population so to recap a population is a group of the same organisms living together but if I wanted to make a population a community we'd have to change a few things in a community you still have the population of foxes but you also have other populations that the Fox might come across a population of rabbits a population of snakes even a population of birds and don't forget plants are living things too a population of trees also help to define a community a community is many populations soil community includes all the populations in an area but what a fishtank be an example of a community know a fishtank includes living and nonliving things a community has all living things so to recap a community is of many populations living together but if I wanted to make a community into an ecosystem we'd have to add a few things an ecosystem includes everything in a community and the nonliving things like sunlight cloud rocks mountains and temperature an ecosystem is living and so let's review an ecosystem includes all the living and nonliving things in an area would water be an ecosystem No water is just one nonliving thing now sometimes in an ecosystem organisms compete or fight for survival in this ecosystem the Fox converts this the snake when they fight for rabbits another example of competition could be the big tree versus a small plant as they fight for sunlight and all of this is taking place in ecosystems around you

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  1. just saying the sun is a living thing if it wasn't, it wouldn't be shining pls correct me if I am wrong (not to the person who made this, to the people in the comments).

  2. Loved the creepy breathing in the beginning, thought i was crazy at first. Also, dirt is a non living thing as are rocks, so the environment with the bunnies and foxes wouldn't be a community.

  3. Great messege. If you are looking for and ecology diagrams, make sure to check out our site.

  4. ya fix your voice its very bad like I dont have anything against your voice its just you need to get a new mic

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