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  1. This is part of a 3-part video series. In case you missed the previous video, here it is: Dietary Cholesterol and Cancer (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/dietary-cholesterol-and-cancer/). Stay tuned for Oxidized Cholesterol 27HC May Explain 3 Breast Cancer Mysteries (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/oxidized-cholesterol-27HC-may-explain-3-breast-cancer-mysteries).

    The video I mentioned is How Our Gut Bacteria Can Use Eggs to Accelerate Cancer (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-our-gut-bacteria-can-use-eggs-to-accelerate-cancer/). More on TMAO in Carnitine, Choline, Cancer, and Cholesterol: The TMAO Connection (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/carnitine-choline-cancer-and-cholesterol-the-tmao-connection/).

  2. For many years I was averaging probably 10 eggs a week. I to switched to a plant-based lifestyle does that decrease my likelihood of Contracting cancer do to eggs? I have been plant-based for about a year-and-a-half now.

  3. Good point on the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans – too many people got the wrong end of the stick with that cholesterol part!

  4. We all got so brainwashed by the egg industry. Tell someone on the street that eggs are super unhealthy. He will laugh his a*s off …

  5. I am 70 years old and have ate lots and lots of eggs,up to 12 eggs just for breakfest when I was a kid. I Just last summer I ate nothing but eggs and water for 4 weeks and I am still alive and healthy. So I disagree with those studies about eggs being unhealthy. Those my age are now sick or dead who follow there doctors advise.

  6. Remember y’all, diets are created to herd and curb mass populations… read ruling class books before you become the cattle they keep

  7. "but … but … but … a magic mushroom told me to eat eggs! and dr greger doesn't look like a weight lifter so I will do what the magic mushroom says!"

  8. Wow. – Great work on this video – I had no idea. One thing I wonder and I am sure you may have a better idea is if the risk would be about the same regardless of the environment the hens lived in and what they ate (free range organic compared to GMO grains for example)? Your videos are extremely well done – thank you for the work you do!!! ❤️

  9. Okay I can’t eat anything now
    Just swallow air
    Dafaq everything I change some study comes up to say it causes cancer

    Fuck this world

  10. Thanks for the information. I gave up all animals and their products 3 years ago due to high cholesterol numbers. Cholesterol fell to normal levels and my arthritis cleared up too! Now I can rest easy that my risk of developing cancer has drastically decreased as well. 💕💕

  11. Egg whites vs egg yolks? Choline would be found in the 50/50 protein/fat yolk, and not in the pure protein white. Also, I believe hormones, antibiotics, et. al., would be more likely found in the fatty yolk.

  12. Oh noes, guess I'm heading for the abyss. I eat 3-4 eggs a day and have been doing so for years. Didn't realize I was eating pure poison!

    Yes sarcasm.

  13. Thank-you for gradually lifting the veil of lies about "foods" that for so many years humans have been taught were "healthy". Now we just need all the authors and promoters of Keto and Paleo and Atkins diet books to read and understand this. The problem isn't cholesterol however. Rather the problem is the protein creating the MUCUS which all contributes to increasing the acidity and the resulting congestion of the body's giant sewerage system a/k/a the lymphatic system a/k/a the immune system which is supposed to remove acid wastes from the body's hundred triliion cells and exit the body via the urine. Hopefully one day we will see a video on studies that admit every so called "disease" comes from a species inappropriate diet and the correct diet for our species – which is a frugivore – is raw fruit and raw vegetables and tender leafy greens.

  14. I used to love my organic free range eggs and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for my breakfast every morning.
    My cholesterol was in the upper 200’s but my doctor said dietary cholesterol has got nothing to do with it.
    I went WFPB shortly after my last conversation with him which is about over 2 years ago and my cholesterol is in the low 100’s now and I feel amazing.
    Thank you Dr. Greger, you saved my life and my family’s!!

  15. Interesting video. I googled this study, and wound up on this page:

    Paragraph worth noting:
    "Men who consumed more red meat or eggs tended to exercise less and have a higher BMI, and were more likely to smoke and have a family history of prostate cancer."

  16. I east eggs about once a month or less. I love them. Small local farmers. I wonder if the TYPE of egg mattered? Obviously stress, toxic feed, GMO feed, chemical exposure, lack of foraging, farm conditions, hormones, antibiotics and the health of the animals make a difference in the egg quality itself. Was any of this information available?

    Thank you! Love your work!

  17. Don't ever eat eggs or animal protein? Ok, but do you also believe that cholesterol causes athrosclorosis? (A hypothesis that was discredited 20+ years ago). If so, I find it hard to follow this advice. The problem is, if you only use pub med as a source of studies, which is primarily pharmaceutical influenced, you will always be behind the times.

  18. I got s question – what about prawns, or shrimps as you call them – they;re high cholesterol, are there any studies linking the cholesterol in those with cancers?

  19. I eat two eggs a day lol… Maybe those eating more egg in the studies also tend to generally eat less healthy in general, considering that vegans generally eat more healthy than (excessive) Meat eaters

  20. My dietician told me this year to include eggs in my diet to help raise my HDL and improve my cholesterol ratio.

  21. Wait, didn't Dr Greger say that eggs are in the OK list before? Also, didn't they say the updated dietary guide was supposed to say that dietary cholesterol is no longer a nutrient of concern?

  22. the funny snarky bratty comments here to try an debunk a simple research is funny. i assume it comes from mostly kids in there 20's to 30's that are like i eat eggs everyday bro and i feel great. its not about that as i always comment you can eat almost anything for a while especially when your young and be at least ok. for me im in it for the long hall to be a witness of sort, i want to be around long enough to see where all this reality is going. so yeah if you have a decent base dont over eat and eat what ever you want, key whatever not being a quantity but a quality you can survive for awhile until hopefully you get to an age and think why am i on dependent meds, why did i have so much unnecessary mild to heavy discomfort in my life that i supressed. hopefully youll realize you were only surviving because the body is an amazing battler of toxins up to a point. justify what you may but there are real diseases out there that are caused by food intake and its not blueberries-

  23. My parents in law think that egg whites are healthy. How do I convince them otherwise when all studies on eggs use the whole egg (white + yolk)?

  24. here in Poland we have perfect healthy eggs, maybe eggs in America are not so good but our Polish eggs are the best and the healthiest 🙂 and we have perfect butter but probably American scientist can proof that butter kill people … 🙂

  25. Poor old eggs- might have something to do with mother nature telling us not to eat something coming out of a hens butt (Cloaca for people who are going to correct me). 😆

  26. Still Noticeable cancer with organic omega3 feeded eggs and yellow part eaten raw?. I ignore the impact in cholesterol and choline content (even thought we still lack of evidence if cancers are related to these substances)

  27. So is this guy just not up on the latest research or something or is his vegan bias showing? I ask because while the consensus is sat fats do play a part, cholesterol has been shown not to. Thus why there are no more guidlines on it.

  28. I eat pasture raised eggs.
    The chickens don’t get tortured.
    I’m all about animal welfare and well being
    Hens lay eggs all the time anyway, and unless a rooster inseminates one, they don’t all just turn into baby chicks

  29. So is there a difference between boiled and fried egg? Is boiled egg safe..er?
    Although oil is bad for us,is that the reason ,the oil?

  30. why don’t you mention the study that found vegans don’t live longer than meat eaters? doesn’t fit your gay little narrative

  31. Bart Kay – a legit scientist- wants to debate you for your lies and gross misunderstandings. Are you up to the task or has the excess estrogen taken too heavy a toll?

  32. Dr Greger, would you have any information on tahini/sesame seeds on breast cancer? There is so much confusion on the correlation!

  33. So, sry, but, the channel name already brings up a big red flag.

    I'd much rather learn from Thomas DeLaurer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCwtF5RtM_E and understand a little something about actual bio-mechanics of cholesterol, than listen to Doc Greg here in his smug tone of voice telling me confusing news that probably aren't quite as simplistic as he makes them out or "translates" them for us.

  34. I wonder if what the animal is required to eat in the factory farms has anything to do with cancer rate? I'm sure you will be hard pressed to find any studies looking at organic vs. conventional.

  35. So much for food synergy,wat happens when you eat a Spanish omelette? Or an egg with slices of tomato? Surely the antioxidants n the veges do their work at counteracting any -ve effect of eggs

  36. For a number of years I was meat and dairy-free but kept eating eggs. But after hearing countless reasons why eggs are unhealthy I gave them up. The scientific data is solid. Thanks again, Dr Greger. The YouTube channel Not Only Carrots is 100% vegan too. No eggs!

  37. "Dr" Greger looks like a sickly 60 year old man with ZERO muscle mass. Why are you taking nutritional advice from this guy?

  38. Notice a trend with ex vegans? IF your sick you should contact the egg corporations and ask them how much money they will give you to feel better

  39. I really appreciate what Dr.Michael Greger has done to transform our conventional medical thinking toward better health. So, inspired by him I jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make one video every 48 hours and already started a YouTube channel as a dermatologist and Naturopath 2-3 weeks ago regarding how natural medicine and healing power of our own skin and body could cure the current hair and skin issues and chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Autoimmune diseases.

    I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check my current videos and the one I am about to publish in the next 48 hours. Peace to you all

  40. This is very very misleading!
    The fact that there is a correlation between the average number of eggs consumed to the occurance of cancer doesn't indicate a direct causation!!!
    Simply put, if it was tested in USA for example then the cancer development could rise simply because people eat Bacon with their Eggs. There are tones of critical information missing here:
    What was the sample size? Were there any control groups?

    Dont believe everything that gets High rating on youtube!

  41. Choline is supposed to be an essential nutrient..now it's bad?

  42. Nutrition Facts? At what point are there going to be facts presented?
    Demonizing choline from any source when the brain is made of it so it is requisite, becomes moronic when it comes from an 'authority' in a white coat then offered to those who don't know basic biochemistry. ANY point that can be massaged to an agenda will find ready studies on either side of any issue. How could CHOLINE be a problem when the citation was that the choline was TURNED INTO A TOXIC COMPOUND BY GUT MICROBES?
    Where are the studies on destroying those gut microbes so that they don't take a substance NECESSARY FOR LIFE and weaponize it against the host? Why is there no focus on that? My further post will explain why:

    Cholesterol being demonized? Does this include de novo cholesterol formed by the host that will be greedily gobbled up by CELL WALL DEFICIENT TUBERCULOSIS that true geniuses like Lawrence Broxmeyer have identified as carcinogenic?
    "Both lung and breast cancer and lung and breast tuberculosis might seem to be unrelated, but they are not as the two organs can be interconnected through the lymphatic system and can become infected through these lymphatics or by direct extension. …cell-wall-deficient (CWD) or “L-forms” of Mycobacterium tuberculosis exist in breast cancer tissue as well…"

    Surface review of Lida Mattman's work makes it clear that TB NEVER WENT AWAY but went stealth from antibiotics.
    This video is a year old. It would be best if no more videos were made until Facts about Nutrition were actually gathered and presented in a useful non-fear porn way. I don't eat eggs. Eggs haven't been Eggs since the 1940-1950s when they were co-opted for vaccine manufacture and hens were given vaccines themselves.

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