20 thoughts on “Electric potential energy of charges | Physics | Khan Academy”

  1. In Current and Electricity what is the higher potential… Guys this thing is messing me soo much..
    I don't know why but i can simply get this thing clear.. My Exams are just around the corner.
    I have Questions of which I need some simple answers.
    1.What basically is the electricity??
    2.Do electrons flow from Positive terminal to the negative terminal or from the negative terminal to the positive terminal.
    3. What does actually flow: Protons or Electrons?
    Please reply to me…
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hey khan, to be honest,the level of clarity,depth of understanding,way of explanation are simply awesome man..your videos are mind blowing..My humble request to you "PLEASE DONT STOP ANYWHERE"..keep uploading more and more videos in physics

  3. What if the masses weren't the same? would you need more information to solve for their velocities?

  4. thanks for the explanation, but I am still confused about something:
    in a series circuit made of a battery/cell providing an electromotive force of 9 V, and a bulb, the electrons give the bulb all the energy they are carrying which is 9 V, so how do they continue moving after leaving the bulb if they lost all their energy?

  5. So basically using signs in this equation only gives better understanding and does not affect the answer, Making it of no use eh

  6. How is no one talking about his ability to draw perfect arrows?? ( well, obviously apart from how good he teaches)

  7. Apologies to Sal for this comment, even though it is intended, if anything, as constructive criticism – but the way David explains things is so much clearer. He does not feel the need to fill in every bit of time with words (which I'm sorry to say oftentimes comes off as rambling with Sal), but speaks eloquently, letting us take it in. Also I can tell the graphics are cleaner as well, I'm sure Sal can implement this. But the slower and better organised mode of speaking, the clear explanations, for me they make David preferable for me. Please make more videos

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