23 thoughts on “ELIMINATE Diatom on sand, SKETCHY Aquascape!! (45g – 11/5/2017)”

  1. I want a t shirt please just let me know how much they cost ! Great video sir love the tank allsome !

  2. Hey there inappropriate reefer I actually sale, service and maintain microscopes . I have some nikon ys-2’s that I keep in stock to sell to my customers. I also use them when needed to identify my algae in my mixed Reef tank and it’s awesome having that luxury. Interested in buying one for a great deal let me know!!- Brent

  3. Hey all:
    Just started a 40b reef tank build. Tank Currently has 2 clowns, and 13 frags in it. I'd love for you to stop by, give me some advice, and watch the tank grow! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the video dude. I had the a similar issue when I cleaned out my fuge and chopped back the chaeto and cleared back the hair algae, the next day my nitrates were up and I started to see diatoms on the sand. I quickly decided to leave the fuge light on for 18hrs a Day fed less and in a 2-3 days it was nearly gone.
    Thanks for the channel man.

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a diamond watchman goby will permanently solve the issue of algae on your sand bed. You'd also be getting an unaggressive fish with great character at the same time.

  6. What is your secret behind keeping multiple chromis? I have a 91 gallon tank with three anthias, two clowns, royal gramma, and a yellow tang. I love open water swimmers and don't want to add more anthias because let's be honest, they can get expensive. Every forum I read about chromis' say they will end up killing each other. Thank you! -Shawn

  7. i believed your tank is overload with way too many fish, hence the diatom. The cycle somehow got restarted

  8. Like everything but the leather, its over powering.  It doesn't have the color the other corals have.  Think you should remove it.

  9. My friend has a Dino outbreak and is using Red Sea nopox4. Should he stop using it and turn his phosphate reactor back on and do a 5 day black out and dose h202?

  10. Looking good. I so enjoy your videos. Loved the intro. Mochi was wanting that damsel. Is that the one in the last video where mochi ate it in 2 secs?

  11. almost made me think i was watching BRS for a second

    and it's pronounced GY-ER! like acre, or massacre. =P

    and how long did your DI resin last for btw? (approximate gallons?)

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