Environment & Ecology - 2016 + 2017 Current Affairs - Part 3 - UPSC/IAS

Environment & Ecology – 2016 + 2017 Current Affairs – Part 3 – UPSC/IAS

49 thoughts on “Environment & Ecology – 2016 + 2017 Current Affairs – Part 3 – UPSC/IAS”

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  2. Mam..can iron fertilization be considered as a safe option given the fact that it finally results in high BOD(reduced DO in the water bodies)?

  3. I am an ESE aspirant. Not only for CSE it is also much useful for ESE aspirants. I went through every channel for environment related current affairs but this one is the extraordinary.
    Study IQ team is really working hard to maintain a quality content in every domain.
    Great work mam. Please keep it up. These are useful for those who are self preparing and don't have any access to any study materials.

  4. http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=133396
    The article says Paris is legally biding… is it? please clarify…

  5. For those who are coming here looking for environment related current affairs, a heads up is that although very useful, the video covers more of static part than current affairs

  6. mom…really ur an extraordinary will and urge to introduce verry important current affairs related topics…so..i thankfull to ur teaching and timely provioding information….

  7. phasing out HFCs……. then with what will it be replaced in refrigeration industry…??? Does kigali agreement mentions something…??

  8. Mam u explain very superbly.. Thank u soomuch.. Mam u have given 4 times interview right so have u selected ?? R u writing this prelims 2017??

  9. The good thing about Study IQ education is that they have good quality teachers not like unacedemy where some ametures are giving lectures….

  10. the method to prevent corals from bleaching is not explained…..lot of topics covered.its good.

  11. please make videos for other topics ,it is helping a lot in revision.Thanks in advance for your efforts.

  12. Hi mam thanks for the viedeo …..in reducing co2section a technique where phytoplankton is used to remove ghg by iron fertilization……how can this be a good solution,because on decay the o2level of water would be reduced (like eutrophication)….. please explain this ……

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