25 thoughts on “Environmental Science”

  1. The explanations and the diagrams really helped me to understand the concepts much clearly . I'm really thankful for the help that I have received from these videos. Thank You So Much.

  2. He keeps saying 'the earth will live,' but i feel like environmentalism is about making sure the ECOSYSTEMS on the earth survive human population growth. The planet means nothing without all the life on it.

  3. (Third year environmental science major) ooh somthing about my field on youtube im gonna grab some popcorn

  4. N.Tesla patent# 685,957 potentially allowed for “free” electricity, save for maintenance. Hemp can replace plastic or utilized in building shelters…hempcrete absorbs CO2! Water security is important to figure out however compost toilets and fewer dishes (needing wash and rinse) will alleviate the demand for water. Dung beetles to handle pet feces and aerate soils-helping the water cycle. Few ideas for a sustainable future…

  5. Yo so I’m thinking about taking APES but I’m not sure if I should. Anyone got any suggestions for me? I’m also gonna take Macro Econ and I already took honors chem and bio so lemme know what u guys think.

  6. watching these because were taking the mock exam soon and im getting a little distracted by the 300 minute loop of a lego movie song

  7. Great video! People really need this. I am in the hospitality industry, and we really need to start thinking about sustainability now. Which is the reason for my interest in environmental science. I hope we can have a sustainable future.

  8. Watching this playlist twice a week before my exam and taking notes to review and practice testing. Wish me luck!! And in return I wish all of you luck also!!!!

  9. Environmental science is protect them from them but they don't know if you can do it for. To make a good and awesome to change the world

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