The fate of the lives on Earth is reshuffled
every time the threat of extinction arises, but evolution never stops. If the course of evolution was predetermined, that would mean some species are destined
to exit the stage at a predetermined time. And yet, what if those species that were
supposed to disappear, didn’t? What enabled those creatures to survive
the mass extinction is a mystery. They persist to live in their own way, just like they did several million years ago. If evolution ever deviated from its course, will humans still have existed? What other meanings are there beyond just being
one more piece in the evolutionary cycle? This question is what we have to answer. In the end, this may be the reason for our existence.

1 thought on “Existence”

  1. hmmm… my last comment didn't show up?

    this video is great! I can feel the emotions that protagonist is obviously feeling too… the thrill of discovery! Very neat concept.

    I think the themes of purpose and determinism are spurious, but the questions raised by the video are still thought-provoking. Very well done.

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