Expand Your Understanding of the Universe: Arizona State University Department of Physics

physics is a fundamental discipline that
is at the foundation of all fields of science here at the Department of
Physics our commitment is first and foremost to developing the highest
quality programs and research opportunities for our students we
prepare students to go on to positions in industry or academia with a top-notch
physics education students have the opportunity to engage with faculty in
leading innovative research in electron diffraction physics high-resolution
electron microscopy and solid-state phenomena at nanometer scales we conduct experimental research at the smallest scales and have access to first-class
instrumentation such as electron microscopes scanning probe microscopes ion beam probes solid-state lasers low-energy electron microscopes and
accelerators in addition to experimental research we also conduct outstanding
work in theoretical fields including cosmology nuclear and particle physics
and biological physics upon graduation our students will enter the job market
with competitive hands-on experience in cutting edge research we look forward to
working with you and uncovering groundbreaking physics research in all
areas of science and technology

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