Experience Changes Biology

Experience Changes Biology

so we've had this ongoing debate right nature versus nurture that asks the question are we pre-written beings are we pre determined beings do our genetics dictate our fate right or are we made by our environment are we molded by our experience does language structure how we see the world does culture dictate who we become are we molded and shaped by the unfolding dynamics of interfacing with our environment yes this is sometimes known as epigenetics how literally things that happen to you during your formative years can transform how your genetic structure is expressed experience can change biology okay but recently this debate has taken on a new heights because some of the new science there's an article called the social life of genes we've talked about this which said that the idea of epigenetics actually goes much farther and that experienced throughout our lives affects our genetic expression and the doctor the researcher quoted in the piece actually had the best way to describe it he basically says that our self compose our bodies are a technology for turning experience into biology that even the cognitive dreaming that we give to an experience the physical expression of our cellular biology so that consciousness itself interpretation storytelling and framing how we give meaning to our lives can actually have a real effect and our genetic level at the way our genetic software expresses itself via and we've always heard the bumper stickers that talk about the power of the mind of power positive thinking to the fact that we can shape our reality but this notion not just affects genetic expression at one point in your life but through while your life means that you're constantly composing your own biological unfolding I designed therefore I've become I've said it before I'll say it again but we are as God's my friends and we might as well get good at it you

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  1. 1:11 "Our cells that compose our bodies are our technology for turning experience into biology. That even the cognitive framing that we give to an experience can change the physical expression of our cellular biology."

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  3. Beautifully stated. I've always believed that everything we do affects us now and in the future. Be the best you can be, the happiest and healthiest in every way possible because it's trans-formative and affects you on a cellular level greater than most of us can even imagine. All that we experience, good and bad, affects our DNA on a daily basis. Strive for bliss. 🙂

  4. Wow! It makes perfect sense to me. Now the question is, what am I willing to do with such powerful and liberating information. This really lends proof to the statement that, "Life is what we make it."

  5. If you are right, my dear life explainer to the masses, it is a small inference to say that soon science will discover that:

    "true love is the greatest positive force in the universe"

    Keep on being amazing!

  6. Short take: We're moieties. Both/and, not either/or. Boolean logic does us a disservice when it comes to the Nature v. Nurture discussion–it's better to think of it in terms of percentages. Inductive reasoning: what are the odds something is genetic versus environmental?

    Having said that? The problem with epigenetics lies in Meiosis. The specialized cell division vertebrates use to reproduce (at least vertebrates, ok? Edit: ok, most life). Most epigenetic changes–some 99.9 percent of them–don't make it past meiosis to become inheirited changes. You can become more human than a human inside of your lifetime, but passing it on doesn't happen, barring unusual diet or life experiences (meaning things that nearly kill you).

    And that assumes that the microRNA of your thoughts even makes it to your nuclear genome. 🙂 I've been on this for a while now. Thought-directed evolution is way WAY lower-percentage than it looks. And it isn't usually healthy. 🙂

  7. As a published Biochemist…you sir are very very right!!!! Again well done!!!..your articulation of the subject matter is spot on.

  8. We might as well get good at living. Get great at expressing. We might as well become more than what we were yesterday and better than what we are today. Not only can we change our reality we are shaping it right now. So why not shape it into what you desire. #MP

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