Fascinating Microbe Farmers

Fascinating Microbe Farmers

okay there my name is John says Govich and I have a farm in western Connecticut and while I raised chickens as one of the operations here I want to explain why I am a Microban farmer and how you can use that in your farm marketing efforts so when I got into farming I got into farming and this sounds dumb every time I explain it because I like to eat I like to eat a lot and chasing down the next best meal became a passion of mine because the food that you put into your body affects how your body performs and the better you eat you know diet exercise and rest are the three core components to being a healthy person no matter what diet you want to go on diet exercise and rest rest is important that's the one we always forget but uh so when I got into agriculture and got into food more seriously it was just a series of steps of chasing the food chain back now as I get people on my farm here I get to show them that food chain in that journey that I've had over the last ten years or so condensed down into a nice little farm tour show that we have going on here so the the point of today's video and then I'm going to trace back those steps as to why I'm a micro farmer in a second but the real point of the video here is that you can use this in your farm marketing this is the conversations that I have with people who come on the tours conversations that I have with people at the farmers market and just in general the more passionate you are about what you do that's going to show and that's going to help sell your product you're selling yourself as much as you are selling what you are trying to produce and the more you love it the more you know about it the better that's going to come across in your marketing so for me I originally started to I wanted to be a vegetable farmer and then I realized that that wasn't for me when I found livestock and I loved working with animals now I started working with chickens because they're kind of a gateway drug to pasture livestock where if you raise chickens you're gonna raise pigs and if you raise pigs you're gonna realize you're buying a lot of feed in and then you're gonna move to a ruminant and then you're gonna have stuff that eats grass harvest the sunshine and puts carbon back into the soil which is sequestering it taking it out of the sky which is combating global warming which is a great thing so all of that long-chain to do what's better for the environment by chasing down your next best meal now I realize that if I am what I eat and I want to perform better and I want to be healthy and strong I have to eat healthy food now if that healthy food wants to be healthy it has the healthy food and if that healthy food wants to be healthy it wants these healthy foods so if you chase this back we got chickens surrounding us right now I kind of just hanging out on top of the water right now so I want to raise chickens on pasture because I know a diverse diet added into supplemental grain is going to make their the eggs healthier meat healthier more delicious more nutrient-dense now the feed that I get I get as fresh as possible I do feed organic non-gmo here because I believe in that and then I manage my pastures by rotating the birds on a day to day basis where they're getting fresh grass fresh bugs fresh forage every single day and that is healthier for them but chicken manure is high in nitrogen and if you have too much nitrogen in one spot you don't move your birds at all they're not getting that diverse diet and you're putting too much of a non-diverse diet back onto the ground onto the soil chicken manure in the right amounts does great things for the grass chicken manure in the wrong amounts we over applying it will burn the ground out and create too much of a nitrogen rich scenario and then your your ground will be dead so you want the right around right amount of manure to feed the grass and what you're doing by feeding the grass is feeding the microbes in the soil there are more microbes and a handful of healthy soil than there are human beings on earth right now if you think of just one handful has more living organisms in it than the entire planet when it comes to humans and I'm sure that number is just even bigger for you could lump some other species in there but we'll stick with people that when I trace my food chain back no matter what I do when I'm working with the hops when I working with the chickens with the pigs with our small little vegetable garden I am feeding the microbes which is feeding the entire system that the soil the food starts in the soil and the soil is healthy because I am helping out that microbe the population that's hanging out in there and I have that conversation with the customers that I have that talking about chasing the food chain back making it very approachable if you are what you eat you are what you eat eats and then you can get funny with it and be like you are which eats eats eats and then people giggle a little bit and then it comes back around to the fact that you're concentrating on feeding the soil and everything up the food chain is benefiting from it now my third book the pasture poultry packet number two in the back section I have infographics that I've created and one of them on page 188 is all about being a microbe farmer and how a handful of soil has more healthy microbes in it than there are human beings on the planet Earth and these are things that I had those conversations with my customers I print these out or make photocopies of them and then I hang them at my farmers market stand I have them available for people to view so that even if I'm not there I can start that conversation and then when people come and talk to me they're kind of primed with that information already or it starts as a conversation if you want to pick up your own copy of the poultry packet two of my other books you can go to farm marketing solutions comm forward slash store and pick up your copy today thanks for taking the time to stop in and watch this video this week's theme is going to be this packet sitting in this chicken tractor talking about conversations that I have with my customers so that you will be more knowledgeable about chickens and the way you grow them so that you can pass that on and hopefully increase your sales as well all this is tailored to try to help you be a more successful farmer because the more small farms we have the better off we're going to be in the long run thanks for taking time again and it's all next time I'll see you out on the field

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  1. We've just bought your book, chicken tractor o'clock is upon us! Time to start building, applying and growing some health chicken. Thanks for all your efforts, for sharing and encouraging. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿฅ

  2. Organic is definitely the way to go, even though a lot of organic fields are Geoengineering pollution now๐Ÿ˜ก

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