FFXIV 3.0 0686 Gathering Guide Level 58 to 59

FFXIV 3.0 0686 Gathering Guide Level 58 to 59

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be leveling gathering from levels 58 to 59 and as
always hello from me free so we’re getting closer to the end now guys in
terms of leveling you can see we’re flying to level 60 as Gavras it’s really
really easy to level so it is again as with 57 58 more the same keep doing the
collectibles keep doing the dailies for the grand company and do leaves if you
want i don’t find leaves that important for gathering because you love also
insanely fast anyway it seems like a waste of time and as well at level 58
you can do level 58 class quests so go do those go on locks on win and
wonderful new abilities such as magma fishing and whatever else you know that
weird interesting dynamics that they’re running for the expansion and I’m sure
I’ll cover those more later now the thing is as well if you’ve unlocked most
of the map and you get to all areas then when you start doing the collectibles
high level collectibles at 57 plus you start getting blue scripts now one thing
to know the only thing I’ll say about blue scripts right now is remember that
gathering blue scripts and crafting blue scripts are two separate things so you
can’t use your gatherers to get blue scripts with your crafting get you can’t
they’re two separate things so don’t get those confused simply if you gather
scripts for gathering is to buy gathering gear so remember that and as
well if you want to just do the manual way of just grinder grind and grind
until you’re done then watch a movie listen to music keep grinding and you’ll
get there quickly at level 58 if you’re doing it at level 60 nodes you can get
anything from free to 7,000 experience / hit so take advantage of that as well
don’t forget guys that we’ve got our gathering books which we got
a long time ago we got it at in the early level 50 s so now that we’re 58
plus now is the time to use it so what I’m going to quickly do I’m going to run
to my retainer and show you which items I men because I haven’t used them I’ve
been saving them until now because I figured at level 58 plus when we’re
being asked for more than 3 million you know and i think at level 59 to 60 is
even higher actually let me change to my minor see a check ok let’s up minor yeah
and you see here three point eight eight eight eight million so yeah so now is
the time for the last two levels to start using these items so maybe check
my retainer ok so the items I’m talking about are these the commercial survival
manuals and the reason you want to use those is because it says this
comprehensive manual written by a disgruntled former employee of Rowena’s
houses splendors provides a detailed explanation of inhumane techniques
forced upon consortium hired disciples of the land to increase our output it is
known to inspire and fright and all who read it granting a temporary one hundred
of fifty percent boost to experience points and from symphysis you know up to
a maximum of three hundred thousand points i mean i’m sure that’s the type
i’m sure that’s meant to say from gathering but yeah so use those now a
level 58 plus it will increase you now don’t get a confusing oh it says by one
hundred fifty percent but what it really means is that you’ll get the same exp
plus fifty percent so one hundred fifty percent of the normal not 100 plus 150
because that would be insane it’s just fifty percent more exp at of what you
would usually get and that’s it I just grind your way to 59 and the last video
for 59 60 it probably will be pretty much the same thing there isn’t anything
new to introduce before level 60 so once we get to level 60 as well we will
obviously revisit start looking up blue scripts advanced techniques for
collectibles and so on so anyway guys that’s it for this
episode thank you for watching and as always goodbye from me and goodbye from
me free

7 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.0 0686 Gathering Guide Level 58 to 59”

  1. Hey Mithrie, I have found (somewhere on reddit but I can't remember who) a better rotation for gathering collectables:

    Collector's Glove
    Hit the node which contains the item you want [5 gathering attempts remaining]
    Begin Appraisal step
    Single Mind (next appraisal does not use gathering attempt)
    Utmost Caution (next appraisal wear decreased by 50%)
    Impulsive Appraisal [Wear at 5/30]
    Single Mind
    Utmost Caution
    Impulsive Appraisal [Wear at 10/30]
    Impulsive Appraisal [Wear at 20/30] [4 gathering attempts remaining]
    Impulsive Appraisal [Wear at 30/30] [3 gathering attempts remaining]
    Collect [2 gathering attempts remaining]
    Collect [1 gathering attempts remaining]
    Collect [0 gathering attempts remaining]

    This costs 600 GP.
    With this you will get 4 appraisals in with potency of x3.6 to x5.4 (depending on RNG).
    Also, you get 3 gathering attempts to obtain a collectable.

    Hopefully this will help everybody who is having trouble on picking up high level collectables and reaching the 450+ collectability.

    If you have trouble, then I would recommend upgrading gear and melding perception (which determines your rarity increases).

  2. Your video's short to the point i get lost in mister happy videos. He tried to do a whm video and he don't know what he's doing. Mr happy in on my server you guys can have him if you want lol

  3. Hey Mithrie, I have a quick question for you. Doing 10 or so HQ GC turn-ins a day gives an absolutely ridiculous number of GC seals. Do you have something you like to spend them on, or do you just let them cap out? Just wondering because of inventory concerns crafters/gatherers always have.  And as always, thanks for every thing you do for the community:)

  4. You are wrong about manuals., Commercial ones give you +150% xp for a total of 2.5x (With rested bonus it's total of 3x normal xp)

  5. hi mithrie
    my retainer now lvl 50 also gathering is 381 and preception is 386
    it's good to bring the dyes ? like jet black and pure white ?

  6. it would have been good if you actually showed us what you actually do for these levels or at least how to get the higher lvl collectable for the blue scripts

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