FFXIV 3.0 0690 Gathering Guide Level 59 to 60

FFXIV 3.0 0690 Gathering Guide Level 59 to 60

we’re back for another episode in this
episode we’re going to be leveling gathering from level 59 to 60 and as
always hello from me free so we’ll have the last step guys already it was very
quick getting here to be honest and nothing’s changed still grand company
turns every day and do the level 58 quest for all class if you can minor
will require you having access to the drove on e and hinterland fishing will
require you having access to churning myths and so well botanist so you have
to progress is so at least a little bit to do those quests so like in my case
for example I actually haven’t gotten to the divining a hit into lands yet so I
can’t do the 58 or the 60 mining quest yet and you can see my mind has already
hit 60 because it was always a bit ahead and you can still do the collectibles as
well so when we’ve already reached 60 then we will look at the next step which
is doing the high level collectibles in order to start getting blue scripts but
that will come after we’re 60 everything and we can access all the zones so
that’s it guys you know if you’ve been working with me side by side on this
since the expansion launched and you’re almost at level 60 already grand master
of the land and you know good for you you know grats on all the hard work it
did pass really quick i mean the expansions only been out a couple of
weeks so the fact that were already almost done with gathering 260 like
everything is just crazy so anyway guys that’s it for this episode thank you for
watching and as always goodbye from me and goodbye frog me free

4 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.0 0690 Gathering Guide Level 59 to 60”

  1. Also got my miner and botanist to 60 today, any suggestions from now on after i get the 60 gear?

  2. I almost felt as though 50-60 for gathering went a bit too fast. Crafting has a really good pacing, but gathering can be cheesed with collectibles a bit too easily.

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