19 thoughts on “Finance Minister holds town hall discussion in Toronto”

  1. The only jobs they are creating are more government employees. The private sector [which funds inself] are shrinking and being crushed by the Liberal government. Their goal is "Nanny State". Venezuela here we come!!! #TrudeauMustGo

  2. Healthcare is Provincial, not Federal. You might turn all GST taxes over to the Provinces so they can be applied toward Healthcare.

  3. INFRASTRUCTURE – Build Pipelines through Canada. We paid $4.5 Billion to buy it, so build it. Our Pipelines are FAR safer than the train cars that are currently moving fuel from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. You want to create jobs and infrastructure, Build the Pipeline!! Airplanes, Trains, Busses, Transport Trucks, FireEngines, Ambulences, Police Cars, Military Planes, Helicopters all use Fossil Fuels. Stop dealing with the Paris Climate Accord. We're paying huge interest on at th$4.5 Billion dollars you are doing nothing with.

  4. You think the pricing on pollution is the most critical factor – Meanwhile JUSTIN TRUDEAU can't manage to campaign with less than TWO JUMBO JETS. Stop the Hypocritical Virtue Signalling.

  5. "That's what we got elected on". You do not have a majority anymore and you did not win the most votes. Do not think most people like you. They do not.

  6. Carbon Dioxide feeds the planet. It greens the planet. It feed our trees and keeps them green. Our trees make Oxygen. People exhale Carbon Dioxide and Inhale Oxygen. Stop messing around with that reality, or you'll kill the food production systems. Get out of the Paris Climate Accord.

  7. Our Canadian Dollar used to be higher than the US. Our Canadian dollar keeps dropping and dropping. We're now at about 75cent purchasing power. Everything costs a lot more in Canada because of that.

  8. That last question was awesome. Morneau 'rejects the premise of your question' because Morneau's guilty. Mourneau has multiple ETHICS VIOLATIONS. HELLO!! You want PROOF!!! Sadly the Federal Government isn't being investigated for their abuses of power.

  9. He's too busy giving Billions to Quebec [who now have a multi-billion dollar surplus] instead of Alberta who have been totally ignored.

  10. Build Recycling Plants as an Infrastructure Project to REUSE plastics instead of eliminating synthetic material that is used by Seniors, Children, Healthcare, Food safety, etc..

  11. Government IS the Problem, Income tax is the single biggest drain and impediment on a healthy economy and the Carbon TAX will kill any chance of Canada weathering the recession heading our way. "Price on pollution" Carbon the life-blood of the planet is now "pollution" so that Government can still more income from the people.

  12. Well I guess that's it, the plan is to train the entire population of Alberta into Walmart Greeters and have a real career path that is sustainable and marketable.

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