GENDER BOY : Corto Documental Trans /english subtitles/

He is a pretty sure person He did not seem to need so much from other people and what others think. his character, strong She has never had dolls, She never wanted to wear dresses She was not a conventional girl I do not know if at an unconscious level there was something that in my heart I always thought …don’t be transexual There is a world that is what each person personally identifies as a man or woman, and what society indentifies as one thing or another I did not notice anything strange in me, I noticed something strange in those clothes. I noticed that I did not like it, that it was not for me For me, gender is an emotional thing it has been scientifically proven that it is in the head then because of me having one body or another, the fact of having a penis or not having it I am not less nor am I more of a man When I entered high school at the arts school it was a very big change in my life I felt much more free there to express myself in terms of clothes and my way of being It was a time when I delved a lot more on the subject of transexuality watching a video of someone who had made his transition, right? and his Personal process gave me a lot, a lot of happiness I could explain, a very nice feeling to see those videos and see those people get where they wanted My biggest support when it came to discovering my gender identity was Celia it has never really mattered to me I needed to do a mentalization process, He wants to see myself in a way, so I have to make an effort to see him that way I’ve always had thought since that moment that was THAT but I said … how can I be sure? maybe there comes a time when I regret You do not love a person because of the gender they are, you want them for the way they are and this photo? Who is that girl there? Marta tell me something No I’ve been very slow to tell my parents. I needed it, because I needed to make a change already, and because that wouldn’t happen without telling them The first thing that occurred to me to say: but are you sure? It was a feeling of having totally lost my daughter, and of incorporating another new person into the family I could not stop thinking: Do I have to forget? no, do not forget because I will never forget Marta but I have to assume that he’s is no longer Marta That he’s not my daughter I thought that I had a daughter and planned his future as a daughter Hi Mom Hello Beautiful I also felt very sorry that he did not have that confidence or I did not know how to give him that confidence and that I could not support him in that situation It’s not rational at all, because if you think about it, you say …It’s the same person He was called Marta Martín Megías, I liked that game of the three m’s yes, I liked the name, it retained much of my previous name and I felt it as a very big part of me and because he had chosen it Since he gave us the news I have seen a strong change in him In our relationship, before it was quite bad, and since the change it has improved you could see it very much, in his humor, in how he rested, in everything Then you find out as the days go by, that it is not just another phase, that he’s totally sure and that all you want is ease him the way The feeling of loss slowly starts minimizing and, I’m living it as a positive adventure It’s not saying “I’ve lost a girl, I’ve lost a child …” No. I have two children and I had them before All the actions and support that they’re are giving me to go with me to the doctor, to be aware of my process are the things that also show that they love me It is one more experience in life that is making me come into contact with a reality in a way I would have never done otherwise. and it makes me see that I am very lucky and I do not change it now because I would miss everything I’m seeing and everything that I see I have left to learn and to continue living Although it is a complicated situation I have lived from both perspectives and I think that has contributed to my life with things I needed I would not change it if I had the option to do it, nor would I wish to have been born directly as a boy

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