10 thoughts on “Genetic Dieter PVP Guide | Ragnarok M Eternal Love”

  1. Since the video is tooooo long
    Here's the time stamp :

    00:00 Intro
    1:24 Skills
    2:51 Runes
    6:06 Stats
    6:56 Gears
    7:42 PVP
    17:00 End
    17:20 Bonus Video

  2. 1.You forgot to add runes for 3x hell plant, you often forget to set up hell plants when you are walking around in pvp room especially when you don't cast sight, if you get stunned either by bash or backstab or any other skill stun target. (don't say excuse just because you are not so good in pvp…)
    2.Is chemical protection even useful in pvp/woe? I almost never see a creator cast one on oneself lol.
    3.Is howling mandragora has 100% chance in hitting enemies?
    4.If you want to emphasize your Dieter, actually you can use surprise attack by hiding and fly-wing in pvp room.
    5.Don't forget 3X HELLPLANT is very important if you want to maximize your HELLPLANT damage (as well as its rune).
    6.Why don't you use fire expansion instead? It's an OP skill of creators

  3. Hi, i am sure you know that dieters m attack can be buggy sometimes when u auto recast super life psychic and life merge. Do u always double-check your dieter stats to ensure its not bugged? I have 14k m attack on dieter but when its bugged its only 4k xD

  4. Can you do a budget guide for 1/2hko ZipperBear ? ive been wanting to do it but shy away cause it might cost too much for me just for a farming build Dx

  5. awesome stuff ! I have thought of this before but didnt get the chance to play around with it ! this opens up a qhole lot of possibilities!

  6. Rip genetic in EP6.0. Plants and AoE are gone after death. Fire expansion is now forced fire. Hell plants take 5 times longer to plant all 3. Hell plants don't reveal stealth. Magic reduction now reduces IAD damage. Orc lady and zipper spots are gone. They just nerf everything.

    But this build looks cool though. Might be good for defending in WoE.

  7. Liked and subbed, thanks for all well informative videos.. im a fellow gene since the pc days and dieter is always been my fav.. so bad he cant be based on amistr anymore hahahahaha and missing pyroclastic ftw also.. reminds me the good ol days pal 🥃

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