Global Health 50/50 2019 Report: Equality works. Why gender matters for global health organisations

Your gender has a profound impact on your career path As a sector, global health should be protecting the rights and wellbeing of people everywhere and showing the rest of the world how to achieve gender equality. But it is not doing its job. We looked at the policies and practices of the most influential global actors working in health to find out exactly what is going wrong. Less than 30% of organisations have parity in their senior management Around the world women are consistently paid less than men. We can’t fix what we can’t see. And we know there’s a lot that needs fixing. We need policies that promote equality and diversity and support women’s careers policies that clearly define how to tackle sexual harassment and promote gender equality in the workplace, as well as in society at large With accountable leadership, these policies can foster new, inclusive norms and make workplaces work for everyone. Global Health 50/50 is more than a report.

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