Greatest content ever posted – Life of Boris subreddit

Greatest content ever posted – Life of Boris subreddit

100 thoughts on “Greatest content ever posted – Life of Boris subreddit”

  1. Moar pls! Would love to let you have any easy way to keep up content and updates! Even if it is just enjoying our shite memes.

  2. I so want to show your videos to my parents, but they do not like Russian 'maht' (the cussing). The only video I've shown them is you pronouncing US states bc blin is very tame. Russian living in the US btw.

  3. moar pls

    Also made some kotlet a few weeks ago (merged your recipe with one online). 10/10 slav power added to my beard.

  4. Hello boris, I know romania is not slav, but will you ever try making țuică? It is plum moonshine, usually homemade.

  5. 8:58 that's a map of one part of Serbia (southern Slavic country) 😂 and for those who are not familiar with it, nope there's no place called "focus syka" 🤣

  6. Comrade Boris, can you please make a video where you absolutely trash (as in destroy) a large amount of wooden cutting boards?

  7. More boris, all the time, every type of video!! You could honestly do the most mundane household tasks while telling stories and I would watch enthusiastically like always. I'm so glad I found this channel. My husband and I are huge fans and absolutely love all of your content. And let Artyom know his biggest fans are from indiana and send their love to the greatest komrad kat of them all!!

  8. I know some "fans" send ya some food or drinks or some other products like lotions or something like that.
    Do not use anything strangers send you,some youtubers learn that in the hard way.
    Is very easy to inject even canned food with poison or another toxic substances.
    A can for example,especially the ones that have paper labels,you just lift the label make a tiny hole the size of a needle inject the toxin apply a tiny bit of wax to seal the hole glue the label back.
    If anyone wants to send you gifs they can send other things,but if someone send ya consumables just trow it away.

  9. the joy of watch Boris on 12:23 upvote a brazilian meme, from the south state paraná, witch is called russian brazilian state

  10. " Moscow is like a big kompot of dialects and accents" What a Blyatiful phrase! It doesn't matter where Boris is from … no country, even Russia, is big enough to hold all his Slavness.

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