Grey’s Anatomy 15×15 Promo “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (HD) Season 15 Episode 15 Promo

Grey’s Anatomy 15×15 Promo “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (HD) Season 15 Episode 15 Promo

Each of you comes here today hopeful. Wanting in on the game. YOU KNOW THAT OLD SAYING. “IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK…” Pick me. Choose me. Love me. I have five rules. Memorize them. JOIN US… …AS “GREY’S ANATOMY”… …BECOMES THE LONGEST-RUNNING PRIMETIME MEDICAL SHOW ON TELEVISION. Will you marry me? BECAUSE AFTER 332 EPISODES… People love us. That’s cause to celebrate. WE STILL HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY.

100 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy 15×15 Promo “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (HD) Season 15 Episode 15 Promo”

  1. Been a fan since the very beginning. We had our ups and downs but we still here. Congratulation GA! More seasons to come!

  2. WTAF!!! I am screaming smiling and crying all at the same time!! Thank you to all the fans like me who have been to loyal to this groundbreaking, inspiring, resonant and life altering show for 14 years now! This is for all of us ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. This is starting to annoy me because it’s the longest running in the US not ever. In the U.K. alone we have Casualty which is on season 33 and Holly city on season 21.

  4. Did anyone else notice there is definitely more to Betty's story?There was a comment in a previous promo that her parents seemed off in the previous episode, and this episode Betty's boyfriend was talking about how Betty can't tell anyone that the child is not really the drug dealer's, that they won't live near a lake and that they're gonna always have the lights on in their house because Betty doesn't like being alone in the dark..
    I was convinced of the theory that something is definitely up with her parents, but at the end she sees her parents and I thought she'd be scared or something, but she was happy to see them..
    I don't think it discounts abuse, but there is definitely more to Betty, and some secrets we don't know, as her boyfriend was telling Link…

  5. YESSSSS!!!!! I wish for 15 more!!! I can't wait! I hope this show stays uploading more and more! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Honestly Grey's Anatomy is not the longest primary show ever if you think about soap opera like Young and the Restless or general hospital they have been longer than that

  7. I don’t care if it’s cheesy I want an episode full of nostalgia and flashbacks and old jokes and mentions of past characters that are now dead or gone.

  8. Anyone else hoping for a Private Practice cameo or entire episode surrounding those characters? I could die happy if Cooper and Charlotte showed up at the hospital with Mason and the triplets

  9. God, watch this show was the best choice of my lifeeeeeeeee
    I love all the cast, especially merrrrrediiiith

    Come on to bazil please

  10. Been with grey’s since season 12 and watched all of it on Netflix. No matter how stupid the writing gets, no matter how low the ratings get, IM WITH THIS SHIP TILL THE END!

  11. No offence to anyone, but I don't think Jo's "Will you marry me?" should have been in this promo.
    This happened less than 20 episodes ago.
    I love Jolex but this is not something that deserves to be on this epic episode's promo.
    I mean seriously they couldn't find any epic Alex dialouge in their 331 episodes released?

    Also Jolex loft in the promo.. Seriously out of all the memorable places they could have added.

  12. I watched 4 seasons. Then I came across spoilers and the story of why Isaiah Washington was fired. I decided that I'm better off
    Not having watched beyond S4. It doesn't take much for me to bail on a series lol they rarely hold my attention. 😰

  13. Cant there somewehere be like lexies twin? I love chyler leigh in Supergirl but wouldnt mind seeing her again in grey´s anatomy. Or Ellen Pompeo as guest star in Supergirl. The show already had a few guest stars from grey´s anatomy.

  14. I love Greys Anatomy and always have but they really need to lay off preaching their liberal viewpoints. Making it hard to just enjoy the story and the characters. Not everything has to be about politics

  15. Season 16 finale will be the series finale — sometime in May 2020, will be the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy to air on television, most likely.

  16. XD I knew that they wanted to be the longest medical show on television. So with season 16 they have the most seasons, too. I think 16 will be the last season.

  17. When she said "cause after 332 episodes…" i lowkey thought she was gonna say "this is our goodbye" oe something like that😅

  18. I’m really hoping that it’ll be another episode like the one that was basically an alternate universe and everything one is still alive and visiting Sloan Grey

  19. in the next episode they HAVE to mention George, Izzie and Cristina. if there is no mention of MAGIC (+ April, Arizona & Callie) i will DIEEEEE

  20. Their no other drama like Greys Anatomy drama. 👏🏻 I started seeing greys when I was 9 and I am 22, I’ll be here too when I’m 32.

  21. who else feels proud after watching this cause they hve been here since the very first day…

    like if you have ever binge watched GA

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